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Ceasar, Could I hire you to develop a project similiar to this?

Sorry, I don’t do any custom jobs

when testing i get only news 13 weeks ago. the new one`s not shown – download the newest version – http://central.sorkosys.de/news.php

ok, in which file?

This is a php class file. All the settings are described and set in the index.php example


I’ve many photo galleries in facebook and lot of photos in each gallery, will it able to download all to locally? Or it just link from facebook??

Just a link to the photos

Hi, how do I get the script to include fb posts that have been shared? https://www.facebook.com/Clapham-Plumbers-240411489660729/

That is not possible. Facebook policy

Thanks, will you be building ebay into anytime soon

does it work with groups

Sorry, no. Only public pages. Just check the facebook api


I was wondering if you have other themes or can make other themes?



This not really a theme based item, but you can change anything you like. Here an example with another bootstrap theme, http://www.template-responsive.nl/facebook-new/

for a new project i want only to display the news postings. is it easy to show only these?

If you know youre way in htlm and php yes, else buy my facebook posts php class.

Hi Ceasar! Firstly, want to say Thank You for this awesome script :-) Now the questions: 1) the youtube videos doesn’t apears if I run website via ‘https’ 2) the comments and icon doesn’t apears even $showcomments = true; Thanks!

Looks like you made a mistake then, can you post a live url ?

just sent you the link on messenger CFConsultanscy webdesign



Is this a Saas model? Can I have users register to me to use this?

If I need multiple users to use this, how do I do that? Also, where is the page published?

I really don’t know what you mean, there are no users, it fetches the data from a single facebook account, and published on your own domain after setting up

Oh got it! :) What I meant was could this be used as a Saas or reseller model. Meaning I would be the admin, and other users would have to register accounts in order to use this service.

But this seems like for single user :)


The demo doesn’t seem to work

Hold on.. My bad. It’s cause I had adblock on!.

haha sorry. Also I think you should do something about it to work with adblock

That’s exactly how it should look like

What to say :-)

Can I customize the page? I know html and css. Thanks

Yup, you can change it to everything you want, if you have some basic skills

Some updates there? I can see “An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.” almost every time. It’s ok after page refresh. Think that’s because of FB App. I’ve deleted the script for now and waiting for updates, don’t want to use something else ‘cause I like it. Thanks! )) P.S. Check your demo’s, you will see tha same problem on some of them.

I think this is an issue with FB at this moment, I will have a look’

update. everything looks normal now so just a facebook hickup


mawmawz Purchased

I cannot install this item. Requires more knowledge than I have. Been trying for months. Don’t want to waste such a worthwhile script. I notice that you don’t install as part of support. Any way you could direct me where I could learn how to install a script such as yours? Thanks.

Sent me a private email with a link to your facebook account, your app ID and token en ftp and I will set it up for you