Social SEO responsive landing page facebook

Social SEO responsive landing page facebook

Social SEO responsive landing page based on the content from a facebook page ( supplemented with twitter and youtube )

A one page SEO responsive solution for a small business or event website or a replacement for a mobile website completely based on facebook data with twitter, youtube playlists and Bootstrap

All the data (including header image’s ect.) printed comes from facebook (graph API json), twitter (widget) and youtube (playlist player). Based on the cover picture the colors will be set automatically. Also included a lang file so you can easy change the language to your needs. The graph API json data will be cached by default for 12 hours ( you can set a different cache time in the config )

Check out this video to find your username, check if it is a business page, and how to create a App ID and App Secret (token)

NEW version 3.0

It now shows your reactions on comments. Great for your page visitor to see your responds

Wordpress version available here

Some reviews:

Version 2.0 now available

With some html knowledge you can easily add some more content since the core page is just one html file. To adjust the php you need some basic skills !

At this moment Dutch, French, German, Swedish and English are added to the lang file

This app comes with my youtube responsive playlist player !

For a demo visit this page and resize your browser. You will see the responsive effect. I have set up five demo’s so you get the picture how it looks like

It is also easy to change the layout if you have some knowledge of html, css and php

If you have the skills you can also strip the html and use the facebook posts as a snippet into an existing website as news items

Also be sure to check out the documentation first before buying

check out a small video how to get an APP ID and secret ( )

Key Features:

  • Colors are automatic (headers and links) set based on the facebook Cover photo
  • Quickly set up a website and let the client use Facebook (twitter and youtube) as there cms to set the content
  • Great if you have more then one domain name for your business or quickly want a website for an event or a replacement for a mobile website
  • Remove the html and include parts into your exsisting website
  • The content will be indexed by Google

Combine with FLATCMS

I added some custom blocks so the content will be filled with facebook data but the user can add some extra text in those blocks with my FLATCMS. See Custom Text headers From there you can click to see the admin ( login admin – 1 ).

Real clients:

Pride & Proud PR en Communicatie
Bedrijfsfoto 360
Nijkerk on Ice
De Parketzaak
Leonie Meijer (officieel) Musician/band pop/singer songwriter. This one has a custom youtube player and extra widgets like Instagram and spotify
Studio Editing
Restaurant De Knip
Webshop Scootplaza
Pianostemmer Amersfoort
Carolina Dijkhuizen, Music artist


This app needs a facebook APP ID and APP secret (not an access token).
For the twitter plugin the default twitter widget is used and for youtube you can choose between playlist, user_uploads, custom or search (max. 20 video’s).

More info can be found on the documentation page

Also remember that the content depends on how the facebook page is filled in. So always make sure you fill in the right info on facebook


Social SEO responsive landing page facebook


3.0 - Since in API 2.11 (November 7, 2019) I cannot retrieve the name form the comments, so I removed the name from the comments if API 2.11 is used (but still will get the message from the comments), also I made all profile images rounded the same way facebook does (nov 19 2017)
3.0 - Updated to facebook API 2.10 (sept 11 2017)
3.0 - Updated to facebook API 2.9 (jun 6 2017)
3.0 - fixed https problem youtube (may 26 2017)
3.0 - Image fix and added pagespeed_module to the htaccess for more speed (if available on your server)  (apr 16 2017)
3.0 - Improved play stop buttons for the youtube player (apr 04 2017)
3.0 - Updated to API 2.8 and added play stop buttons for the youtube player (jan 31 2017)
3.0 - Updated to API 2.7 and twitter ID removed (aug 26 2016)
3.0 - Updated to API 2.6 and added reactions on comments (apr 15 2016)
Fixed title video's (mrt 3 2016)
Fixed start stop youtube video's (settings.js) (feb 23 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.5 (nov 16 2015)
Updated to facebook API 2.4 (jul 30 2015)
Fix if image in shared post does not exists (may 03 2015)
Check if there are RTL characters (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) then set dir="rtl" (apr 29 2015)
Small style updates and added more share options (apr 26 2015)
Updated to API 2.3. Added facebook embedded video player. Added soundcloud support. Small bug fix created by the facebook API for double posts (apr 24 2015)
Small comments fix (apr 8 2015)
Fixed loading highres images from facebook video's (mar 09 2015)
Added parameter .since(today) for the events and now uses API 2.2 (feb 14 2015)
Added swedish language (thanks to hanz0n) (nov 14 2014)
Added google maps business view (oct 18 2014) see example
2.0. Added facebook video in posts (sep 21 2014)
New version 2.0. It now saves and caches the cover photo (sep 08 2014)
1.5 Changed social icons and added LinkedIn  (aug 25 2014)
1.5 Updated the Facebook API to version 2.1  (aug 10 2014)
1.5 Added exlude photo alubum config.  (aug 05 2014)
1.5 Added more config options. You can now disable the widgets and show full posts  (jul 30 2014)
1.4 Added count comments + likes and small updates (may 26 2014)
1.3 Added option to show comments beneath the posts, added rel nofollow to links in the posts and comments (for better SEO) and added uploaded facebook video's (see demo 1) which play in flash on desktops and a mp4 link on other devices (jan 12 2014)
1.2 Added option to use highres pictures in posts and fixed url 
1.1 Added more functions and some fixes (jan 02 2014)
1.0 First release (dec 30 2013)