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Hello Ceasar, could you check this page please http://stereobar.co.uk/term-and-conditions/, looks like that there is a conflict between code or theme. Thanks.

If you have a chance to have look at that, it will be great. If not, then well, some day then :) thanks anyway.

Sorry, like I said, there is no way I can solve this, the best thing you can do is hire a wp proffesional

ok, thanks :)

I have a social network, I wanted to put this script so that if my User join my social network via the facebook data he could see the team on his facebook line without leaving my social network, this along with the online team my social network, it would be possible?

Sorry this is not possible with this script

How do I change the size of the text for the author? At the moment, it says ‘xx weeks ago by’ small, but then the name of the author is huge

Use goorgle to learn some css, is basic neded to use a class like this. There is a div called timeline-post, so use .timeline-post h5 as node to add anything you want like padding or size

as far as I can tell, the only instance of timeline-post is in timeline.js and facebook_feed.php – not in the css??

Just add that to your own css stylesheet


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Hi, since update lost my date format for facebook posts ie just the date, looking at old instructions and file structure now it seems to have changed, where can I edit the format? d/m/y

I did not changed anything about the date format


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I didn’t say you changed the format, never mind, found the file ie wp-content/plugins/seofacebookfeed/packages/facebook/lib/facebookTimeline.php

Hi there – I am having trouble with the feed showing up on Safari, mobile, and chrome. It shows up some of the photos but the profile picture doesn’t show up. It seems to work right in Firefox. http://www.perkinscustomhomes.com/fbfeed

Also, how long does it usually take for new content to show up on the feed?

You can set the cache time yourself. The other problem is a plugin you installed, like a cdn or something, the path to your picture is http://i2.wp.com/ and should be like this https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/

Ah – it was Jetpack that was causing the problem. Thanks for the response. Its working right now.


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Hi I am not able to get the plugin to work. Keep getting this errors

The user Depfaceb2011 does not exists ! Social Facebook Feed plugin – JSON is empty !


wildme Purchased

whats your private email please?

Just go to my profile and see the form


wildme Purchased

Hi I have sent site details

This comment is currently being reviewed.


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I believe I have set up the feed correctly as the “NEWS” icon is displaying, however no posts are showing. I’m pulling from a Group rather than a page. It worked in the graph, can you help? Thank you!

http://eliteskiing.com/join-the-group/ FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627711514109344

Set debug to true, and if you type posts in the node graph you will see that posts are not supported

It would be interesting if the feed ran for facebook group and not only page. Another thing, infinite loading like those buttons LOAD MORE

Groups needs a different API feed and total different nodes. Infinity doesn’t help for any SEO purpose

Hello Ceasar, great plugin. I just purchase and installed in the site http://landparksoftball.com and it seems to not display the cover fb image. On the mobile device does not display any images at all. Do you have any fix to this what can be causing the issue?

You have some cdn i2.wp.com installed on your wp website, so it cannot find the images. Example https://i2.wp.com/scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/p50x50/14359050_347851998880466_54331602611996554_n.png?resize=50%2C50&ssl=1

Thank you! that was the solution. :)

great :-)

fmss.edu.pk We’re facing problem

Error message is: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/fmssedup/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seofacebookfeed/lib/class/class.shortcode.php on line 48

To old php version, please search the comments section here

Dear Still no reply, we bought this plugin but unable to find it working: our website: fmss.edu.pk

pl resolve this asap. our purchase code: 55afffa6-d766-4555-9e8c-34f18a36e529

If I look at this shortcode [arrow_fb_feed id=’2065′] that doesn’t belong to my plugin. And without more info I cannot help. Like used shortcode, link to the business facebook page and used App ID and App secret.

Also please stay on the same thread.

Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to set a fixed height and have the posts scroll within that to see more?

Everything is possible, but not easy to do, it is not a default feature

Also is it possible to assign a maximum excerpt length?

If you set a fixt length on the outer div you will get scrollbars, so it will look like an iframe. Use chrome or ff dev tools to experiment with the css

HI Ceadar,

get this Message for the first time.

Only this Page doesn’t work. Perhaps you know what to do?!

{ “error”: { “message”: “Unsupported get request. Object with ID ‘holzem.bedachung’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api", “type”: “GraphMethodException”, “code”: 100, “fbtrace_id”: “C3dzihNhDz2” } }

Probally not a business page or wrong name.

Do you know how I see if it is a Business Page?

I think at the info tab on youre facebookpage, or post the link to youre facebook page so I can have a look

Is it possible to only load the plugin’s .js and .css on the page required rather than on every page of the site?

Only if you know how to program that in wordpress. Something like this ? https://contactform7.com/loading-javascript-and-stylesheet-only-when-it-is-necessary/ or google for yourself

Will there be future changes to the layout ? It would be nice to have a half/half layout. Image one half text other half. At the moment the Images are very big. If you deactivate HR Images they are too small….

Sorry, not on the todo list

Can I remove the News title? If so, where do i do this. I’ve managed to remove the gray box, but the title News still exists. Thanks.

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks.


xzyla Purchased

Hello—I purchased this, installed plugin, acquired App ID and Secret. On my page at http://theoriginaldogwalkingco.com/facebook it is stating that the user does not exist; however, this is what I copied from facebook

{   ”id”: “996308560413575”,   ”name”: “Michael Powers” }

code I am using on the page is

[facebook_timeline_feed username=”Michael Powers” token_id=”996308560413575” token_secret=”6b921b3ab51cf80209e369c2e3066a4a” max_items=30 news_type=”posts” news_filter=true show_images=true hr_images=true show_comments=true max_comments=10 cache_life=186400 lang_title=”NEWS” show_bullets=true show_timeline=true]

Please, please help me. Thank you

Show me the link to youre facebook page since the used user name is wrong.

Example my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cfconsultancy , then the username is cfconsultancy , and cache to 0 for testing

On that page ( http://theoriginaldogwalkingco.com/facebook ) you retrieve https://www.facebook.com/COMPANY/ and that username is COMPANY

and another example https://www.facebook.com/Christmasfairtrade-1442399509336624 then 1442399509336624 is the username

Check out this video to find youre username, check if it is a business page, and how to create a App ID and App Secret (token) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYMtjI_sZmE

Check out this video to find youre username, check if it is a business page, and how to create a App ID and App Secret (token) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYMtjI_sZmE