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Hey there, If I can not see it in action, I don’t purchase.

Just so you know… videos don’t really cut it.

Hi Is it possible to delete Pictures in case you do not want to display all your feeds? I have a hashtag for my brand which is other languages can dupe for something different. Thanks

will you reply me

Hello BeautyBizz, sorry for the delay in response. Our team has been on vacation! There is no possibility to delete pictures from a feed at the current moment.

Is it possible to have multiple hashtags supported? I doubt that is hard to implement.


Hello Glo, sorry for the delay in response. Our team has been on vacation! You can have only use 1 hashtag per a single page. You can not use multiple hashtags per a single page.

I try again, third time I ask. Before purchase I want to know following.

I am am able to delete nay Picture which I do not want to show on my webesite (wordpress) my brand name in other languages features Picture which I do not wnat to allow on my website.

Am I able to delete any pictures?

Hello BeautyBizz, sorry for the delay in response. Our team has been on vacation! There is no possibility to delete pictures from a feed at the current moment.

I really like this plugin but I had to deactivate it because it was causing my website not to load in safari on an iPhone or iPad properly and in Safari on a Mac it wasn’t allowing my animated slider to function. Really wish it would have worked out.

I hope that there is something that can be done. I hate to feel as though I wasted money. Please advise.

Hello Adrie99, sorry you are having issues. Please open a support ticket on our support site. Thanks :)

I really like this plugin but it’s missing a significant feature I don’t know whether is available.

The plugin I want to purchase needs to drive traffic back from the blog to my instagram account. So I want when someone clicks on an instagram image on the blog, instead of showing that same image but larger on the blog, I want the user to go directly to the image on instagram.

Will that be possible?

This plugin continues to be supported and updated? ‘Cause it’s very nice and useful, but the latest update is from 2013. O.o

I want to buy… but I need some honesty about what’s going on.

Hi A problem with the plugin.

After clicking on the icon ones and then browsing to another page, when going back to front page where it is published it do not work second time.

Check here: http://raphael.let.nu/

Think the easy solution is to prepend the social_roll_plugin div to the header div instead of body.

Anyway, could you please look into this. Cheers Michael

is there a way to modify this to also display twitter and facebook?

Can i populate this gallery with global instagram/facebook hastags alone. i’m looking for a solution to duplicate the function at the bottom of this page. http://blackmilkclothing.com/products/batman-cape-swimsuit

where they’re customers Tag photos using #bmbatmancapesuit on they’re own Facebook or Instagram

I would like to have a refund as this plugin made my site Super slow and just crappy!


Can we activate this plugin only on few page, and deactivate it on other?


I try it it doesn’t work and you don’t answer in the support forum


Can we have some help on the support forum please?

I see that hasn’t been an update to this plugin for some time. Is it compatible to the current version of wordpress? This is a relevance to my purchasing decision.


I bought this plugin months ago, still waiting for support.

just letting you know your demo doesn’t work so i won’t be buying it

Hello! I’m looking to integrate a plugin that will generate an Instagram grid utilizing a hashtag — BUT, I need to know if there is a moderator interface on the backend to approve hashtagged posts before they are displayed on the grid. Is that possible with this plugin? Thank you!