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I would love to see the ability for users to change/update their image. It would also be nice to set your sex and interest so girls seeking boys would get connected with boys, etc.

Anyways, the script is pretty nice how it is. I may purchase it and add in my ideas myself.

Hello, a lot of buyers changed the script how they wanted to. It’s quite easy :). Regards, Alexandru.

hi, if i delete permissions read_stream, publish_stream, user_birthday, user_location, user_work_history, user_hometown, user_photos from UserModel.php, script will be ok ?. my facebook app only accept email, public_profile and user_friends. And i want to everybody can chat without login ( anonymous ), where i can edit on script ?

Hi, if you delete that it should still work. About the anonymous part… a lot of users asked for that but like I said before it’s a Social Random Chat… If you still have problems please email me :). Regards, Alexandru.

ok, i will deleted some permissions on UserModel.php because my Facebook app not approved . some body want talk without private information. please help me edit, you can send me guide to email . thanks my Alex!

Check your inbox.

How to make comments to the page also updated as chat and it was obvious that someone had written without reloading the page?

If it is not very difficult, I ask you to add this feature. And tell where and what changes need to be made. This allows you to get on a page for each user a personal chat. Thank you for your work.

For a small fee will modify the chat? 1. Updating comments (what is described above). 2. Ability to delete a comment author and master pages. Please to email:

Hi, for a couple of days I’m quite busy with a project. I will email you. Thanks!

Aren’t you updating this anymore? It’s been like 3 months already.

Hi, currently working on a new project. Sorry!

But you can’t simply abondend your previous script, right?

I really don’t want to be mean but for 13$ (only 6.5$ for me) I’m not owned by you. On CodeCanyon you can offer support or not for your scripts and I was a nice guy offering it. Regards, Alexandru.

Salut. Crezi ca ar fii posibil sa faci chatul putin mai independent? adica sa importi mai multe informatii la profil, cum ar fi varsta, dexul si locatia, de asemenea si o poza mai mare la profil? in rest e misto. as fi interesat sa il cumpar daca ai putea realiza aceste mici cerinte.

OK. cand le ai anunta-ma ;)


Salut, scuze ca nu am mai spus nimic dar am fost plecat. Weekendul asta o sa fac modificarile si o sa te anunt :). Mersi!

Where you need to correct references to the profile were instead of as now Would not that be a bad influence on the job site?

Hi, that can be changed. But the users will not be able to use an username like ‘register, login…’. I will email you in 10h with the things you have to change :).

Hi I just bought the script and it works fine, I present my case, as the script continues to create a general chat room, all my users I have told them to come in and write the “interest” “Atizapan” but only lets two people, ie do not enter more than two people with the word “Atizapan” no way to fix this ???

for the sale of your script does not mention that and really rude are the answer, I would like me dijieras where to move him to make him want to work like me and I went with the idea that it was a chat generates since you do not I mentioned at the outset

Ok, sorry for being rude but please translate your message to english because I don’t understand anything from it. Also I think the script description is very clear and I suggest you to ask CodeCanyon for a refund. Alexandru

Facebook login just goes to blank page and twitter auth wont redirect back to the site…

I have set the API up correctly

Hi MegaDesigns, Please give me your email. I will be more than happy to help you with that. Also thank you for buying the script! Regards, Alexandru

hi, nice script btw, but i can’t view profile user , always not found

and i can’t login admin, when i’m login , i’m always get blank page,

how to fix it?

thanks before

Check your email! :)

its work now.. thanks for your support,, nice script :)

Thank you! :)

Have planned feature for user online list?

Hello, I have in plan to launch another script very soon which will include that feature! I will keep you updated and also thanks for buying the script! Regards, Alexandru.

i’ll be waiting

I would like to add a translation bar… is that possible and how much would you charge me for doing it for me? thank for your time

Well… a lot of users translated the script without any problems :).

Testing your demo and there is a bugs. The moment someone write comment on profile page and then click on the commenter profile id, it show undefined.

Hi, please be more explicit. Thanks!

I will send the details of my site to your email

Does this still work, where is the demo?

Hi, in profile page at social link, the facebook profile id is different with my facebook profile id from facebook, as a result the social link to facebook not match. How to fix it?

demo not work..please update..

Does this work yet?