Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18)

Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18)

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Kontackt: Mobile-Friendly | Desktop Version

Kontackt offers the possibility to migrate WoWonder users & followers to Kontackt..
Before buying a license, please read the rules.

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  • Please read the item description and check live demo for all our available features before purchase. We DO NOT offer REFUND if the item has been DOWNLOADED.
  • Help us improve the item : We’ve tested this item using several devices, but there is still a slim chance we did not find all the bugs. If you encounter any bugs while using this script please inform us about it (clearly stating the nature of the bug and the device used). This will be highly appreciated and will help us to enhance this item for an overall best user experience.
  • Requests about modification (or customization) of the item is NOT Included, but we are ready to give support and answer all your questions.
  • Be polite and describable when asking a question or making comments about this item. This will make it easier for other buyers to follow through with the conversation.
  • Please make sure you run on a hosting with minimum requirements for this app. Before you drop a bad review or rating about this item, please make sure that the issue is actually from our script and not your hosting.
  • We ONLY take responsibility for features we have. You are fully accountable for ANY added or new features.
  • Features


  • Activity Feed
  • Photos; photo albums
  • Profile cover
  • Reposition cover
  • Slideshow instead a simple cover
  • Tracks
  • About, interests
  • Groups follow
  • Private photo albums
  • Current status (post)
  • Shared videos
  • Friends
  • Send, receive gifts
  • Ability to indicate relative friends
  • Profile Privacy Settings
  • Profile Cover Picture
  • Profile Search
  • Searchable Custom Profile Fields
  • Friendly Profile URL
  • Block User
  • Bookmark User
  • Report User

  • Activity Feed
  • Community Photos, Videos, Posts
  • Photo albums
  • Video album
  • Share community
  • Invitation System
  • Privacy Options
  • Group Search & Category
  • Membership privilegies
  • Location on live map

  • Easily Share Youtube/Vimeo Videos
  • Comments & Likes
  • Tags
  • Videos Search & Category
  • Related Videos
  • Similar Videos
  • Fullsize

  • Amazing slide & touch content
  • Comments & Likes & Rates & Dislike
  • Tags People
  • Zoom picture
  • Set as profile default
  • Get Link
  • Fullsize
  • Rotate picture
  • Delete picture
  • Restore deleted picture
  • Bookmark picture
  • Picture description
  • Details about picture

  • Upload pictures in album or in personal photos
  • Upload unlimited pictures as one request
  • Uploading status bar
  • Describe picture
  • Uploading in background mode, the user can navigate on site while the pictures are in process upload

  • Move pictures to another photo albums
  • GIF picture, play/pause gifs
  • Change pictures order
  • Album Settings
  • Set album cover
  • Add/delete/restore pictures
  • Privilegies for each album
  • Automatically create an album with deleted photos, so the user can restore pictures
  • AWS S3 CLOUD STORAGE (added in v1.1.1)

  • Ability to enable / disable the module. Check the link
  • Upload / delete media files from s3 cloud.
  • Once you enable this module all the files are uploaded to amazaon s3. This module can be disabled or enabled anytime from admin panel. If the module is disabled then automatically all the media files are uploaded on local server, and don’t worry all the files are uploaded on s3 are available on site.
  • Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18) - 3


  • Add comment
  • Emojis
  • Smilies
  • Stickers
  • Edit comments
  • Send gifs in comments
  • Send attachments in comments like tracks, pictures, gifs
  • Like comment
  • Reply to a comment
  • Load more comments
  • WALL

  • Hide item from wall
  • Comment directly
  • Filter wall by favorite user, by a certain friend or community
  • Create favorite list
  • Justify content like pictures and videos

  • Filter search result
  • Searching for people, music, videos
  • Filter people by location,gender,age,online…
  • Filter videos by duration
  • Filter tracks by artist, album name or song name
  • Pagination
  • Suggestions
  • Search history

  • Delete/Restore post
  • Set as active post
  • Fetch URL like news or video links
  • Add tracks
  • Live map, checkin
  • Upload videos
  • Upload pictures
  • Use in post emoji, smilies, stickers
  • Poll
  • Tag friends by starting typing a friends name
  • Like/dislike post
  • Share post
  • Comment to post
  • Bookmark post

  • Buy and surprise a friend with a gift
  • Gifts life time
  • Gifts by category
  • Send private, anonymous or public gifts
  • Wish something to friend

  • Add/remove/upload/restore tracks
  • View friend’s playlist & tracks list
  • Create/delete/add playlists
  • Search a track by artist name, song title or album name
  • Post track as status
  • Change the playlist order
  • Change the tracks order
  • Edit playlist
  • Edit track, change cover ..
  • Listen music in background
  • Radio
  • Buy tracks
  • Control volume
  • Seek tracks
  • Sort tracks by genre
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat on/off
  • Search friends
  • Listen history
  • APPS

  • Play App
  • Sort apps by category
  • Invite friends to play apps
  • Top apps
  • My apps

  • View guests on your profile
  • Delete guest
  • Lock profile for foreign people

  • Notify when someone liked your picture, post, video
  • Notify when someone rated your pictures
  • Load more notifications

  • Send, receive message text, gifs, tracks, videos, pictures, and shared contents
  • Blacklist
  • Sound on/off
  • Hide conversations
  • Seek conversations
  • Delete conversations
  • Edit last message
  • Delete messages
  • Notify when recipient typing a text
  • Search for people
  • Load more conversations
  • CHAT

  • Minimize/maximize chat tab
  • Send attachments, share contents
  • Seen notification
  • Keep the chat tabs while the page is reloading
  • Awesome design

  • Open old created themes
  • Choose original themes
  • Create custom themes
  • Upload custom cover
  • Create a slideshow theme and manage all the efects

  • Languages
  • Notifications center
  • Reports
  • Responsive
  • Comments tab, useful to comment an item without wait to open it
  • Friends suggestions
  • Friends Birthday notification
  • Communities suggestions
  • People you may know
  • URL & Video Parsing in Activity Feed
  • Friends request
  • Friend relationship
  • Search friends by letters
  • Admin panel

  • Site statistic designed in highcharts
  • Search items
  • General settings
  • Site settings
  • Edit users
  • Manage videos
  • Edit tracks
  • Add/remove apps
  • Manage posts
  • Themes Manager
  • Add/remove gifts
  • View reports by users
  • Language Manager
  • ADS Manager
  • Terms/Policy update
  • Mailing List
  • Admin control panel

  • Got to admin
  • Demo account

  • Email:
  • Password: demouser

    v1.18 26.12.2018
    New Features
    1. Moved to nodeJS, now the fully script run in real time (the user receive instantly notifications & messages).
    2. Implemented professional messenger and chat shortcuts (with powerfull options).
    3. Now the locations are stored for free from leaflet and now its not required a premium Google API key. (very good and useful)
    4. Now the admin have the option to enable or disable whole system to real-time or simple ajax. (very useful option for customers who use shared hosting and not VPS).
    5. In feed, modified collage for 2 images.
    6. Music Player was redesigned to dark.
    7. Redesign a little bit improved.
    8. Implemented Audio/Video calls, the users can call each other. (the admin of site is not required to buy a service, it can provide audio/video calls for free for their users).
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug in sharing content
    • Fixed bug for display attachments from AWS S3.
    • Remove Pace.js (the loading bar from top header) this improve system speed.
    • Fixed phone numbers format.
    • Fixed map containers.
    • Fixed editing users in admin panel.
    • Fixed design in admin panel.
    • Now in feed you can see pause button for currently playing track.
    • And more little bugs.
    v1.1.7 – 31.10.2018
    New Features
    1. Powerfull stories stickers module, (draw, write, sticker, add pictures or videos)
    2. Market page, with all features include. (professional market)
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug for replies in comments.
    • Comments widget is much modern.
    • Redesign Profile page
    • Fixed search result in friends page.
    • Fixed bug in notifications friends relationship ( red “unknown” bug)
    • Fixed right sidebar while user scrolling, now the the sidebar is a good friend with the window scrollbar.
    • Fixed bug in video popup; now the script read videos which contain emoji in title.
    • Fixed bug in post popup, now the user’s location is found. (was unknown);
    • Fixed bug for leaving status message.
    • Fixed bug for feed, now the deleted pictures are deleted from feed.
    • Fixed bug for videos, the deleted videos now is moved to trash album and can be restored anytime.
    • Fixed bugs in search page.
    • Fixed bugs for delete/restore, (now the restored items not lose the likes and comments);
    • Fixed bug for shared videos from communities.
    v1.1.5 – v1.1.6 – 26.09.2018
    No new features. Just adapted to the mobile version.
    v1.1.4 – 15.04.2018
    New Features
    1. Added google translate for text,posts,messages. Script automatically check for the text language and for user language, for example if the text is in russian and user navigate by english then the text is available for translating.
    Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18) - 4
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug in communities page at uploading cover.
    • Posts with background color now look normally, (no code, fixed).
    • At creating new background color post are disabled media files.
    • Database SQL file fixed.
    • Optimized SQL query for wall, now the wall loading much fast.
    • Language files updated.
    • Now the users can create Russian profiles (Name, family support any language).
    • Fixed bug in friends page (while loading more friends).
    • Fixed friend requests in notification box. (in previous versions was a bug, sometime friends requests was hidden)
    • Fixed bug for russian charachter at sharing a link.
    • Fixed gap in css feed block, where the wall is empty.
    v1.1.3 – 12.04.2018
    New Features
    1. Ability to create background posts.
    2. Now the users can be checked-in on a community page. Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18) - 5
    3. Ability to minimize videos when playing, the videos are played from current duration.
    4. Added a window popup box for select profile image, from albums or upload new. Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform (v1.18) - 6
    5. Implemented page “Friends on map” that allow to see your friends on live map.
    6. Embera, easy to share media links in comments, posts or messages.( Disable/enable from profile settings. )
    7. + Russian Language.
    Bugs fixed
    • Many many bugs fixed and changes, like folders&files renamed, moved to another directories etc.
    • Now the template can be easy modified, all files about design are moved in ”/template/original/” directory, here you all find html,css,js files.
    • Upgraded to php7
    v1.1.2 – 04.03.2018
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed conflict with buckets title, now has been added namespace for each bucket. Go to amdmin panel > Site settings > S3 configuration and complete the input Buckets Namespace.
    • Fixed s3 deleting videos for communities.
    • Fixed username in toggle chat in messenger window.
    v1.1.1 – 02.03.2018
    New Features
    1. Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
    2. Ability to enable/ disable the module.
    v1.1 – 20.02.2018
    New Features
    1. Ability to tag users in comments. (the mentioned user will be notified)
    Bugs fixed
    • In online hook from the right fixed the bug for showing live online status
    • Fixed bug with slashes in registration page.