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Can I install this script on shared servers?

Yes, you can. But some functions cannot be utilized in shared servers. For example- video editing, video watermarking etc will not work in shared servers. Basic script will still work perfectly. You can create and manage schedules, upload files and folders in shared servers as you do in VPS.

How to fix invalid scope “user_groups” error in facebook login?

user_groups scope was added for earlier version of facebook apps to extract a list of groups the facebook id owner has joined. However it was removed by facebook later.

In most of the cases, if you click the “OK” button on the error dialog, social ninja should automatically redirect you with a fresh new login URL that won’t trigger this error. But in some servers, it causes a 403 forbidden error.

In this case, go to admin panel and find fb_scope settings. In fb_scope, remove ”user_groups” from the comma separated scope list and save it. Then it should work.

My server does not allow running a cron every minute. What can I do in this case?

I have a version of the script that can still post when the cron task does not run every minute. Any cron interval is acceptable with that. Contact me if you need this.

I do not have ffmpeg installed in my server. Can I still use this script?

Yes. The basic script does not require ffmpeg installed. However, if you do not have ffmpeg, you will miss some features related to video editing, video watermarking and video thumbnail in files.

What type of server do I need?

If you are planning to use this script for yourself and your team only then absolutely no special server requirements are there. But for commercial usage like selling service to your customers, a server must be chosen carefully so that it can handle many users.

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