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Social Ninja - Facebook Twitter Youtube Campaigner

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Social Ninja – Facebook Twitter Youtube Campaigner

Social Ninja is an app that can be used to schedule campaigns and create contents for your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. It offers a tool to upload contents in bulk in an organized fashion and schedule them to be posted later on your social profiles. Content creator will help you to create rich contents, edit photos and videos, download images and videos from internet to be used in your campaigns. Social Ninja is also capable of sorting out posts with negative feedbacks from your fans and automatically delete them based on your preferences.

Features at a Glance

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Features list

Features list

Now let’s have a detailed look at the features Social Ninja will offer-

General features

  • Social Ninja comes with an installer that will ease your installation process.
  • Installation guide and user guide.
  • 15+ built in themes to change site look.
  • Multilingual. Easily translate into different language.
  • User friendly interface and admin panel.
  • Rich and Powerful campaign manager and content creator (Read details below).
  • Constantly updating the app and adding new features on request.
  • Social Ninja uses official and latest version of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube api

Supported Social Sites

  • Facebook (Personal profile, Fan page, Groups, Events)
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
** Note: This script only supports posting to the groups you manage yourself.

Campaign Manager

  • You can add as many social accounts as you wish within the limit set by admins.
  • Organize your contents in different folders according to your choice. Photo, video and text status uploads are allowed.
  • Easy drag and drop upload, bulk captioning, quick caption editor.
  • Bulk text status upload as csv format
  • Create schedule groups. Choose your preferred folder; choose target social accounts/pages/profiles/groups/events. Choose posting interval and save schedules.
  • While making schedules, you can choose when a post should be deleted or hidden from you profile after posting. You can also choose if the contents are posted randomly/as upload sequence/as a specific sequence.
  • Watermark your images and videos before posting them on profile.
  • Comment bumping for Facebook groups and events.
  • Option to delete posts when they get too much dislikes/negative feedback or fail to get enough likes/comments.
  • Instead of using uploaded folders for campaign, you can choose to schedule RSS feeds.
  • You can set title, description, tags, category to global or individual video for Youtube/Facebook video upload.
  • Turn a folder full of images into video slideshow and post the new video to profile. You can choose slide duration, transition effect for slideshow.
  • Post a folder full of images as album to Facebook pages, profiles and twitter. For twitter only 4 images are allowed.
  • Facebook notification or email alert when a schedule is complete.
  • Posting history and analytics of each post under a single campaign.
  • Supports spintax and nested spintax in comments, status and captions.
  • Import facebook groups and events in bulk. Social Ninja supports two way import of facebook groups – using html source code from your facebook Groups menu and manual numeric ID import. On the other hand events can only be imported using manually collected numeric ID.
  • [new] Add facebook accounts by adding your own app or by access token without using any app
  • [new] Organize your pages, groups & profiles into categories for quick & repeated use while making new campaigns
  • [new] Options to mass select all of your pages, groups, events and profiles while making new campaigns. Option to mass select groups by OPEN/CLOSED/SECRET privacy
  • [new] Add custom link title, image & description in facebook posts
  • [new] Add dynamic variables and greetings messages in posts
  • [new] Repeat campaign, end at specific time
  • [new] Post a file only once in whole campaign so two different page do not publish same post under a single campaign OR post all files in all pages under a single campaign
  • [new] Post files synchronously to selected pages without overlapping posting times
  • [new] Post now function can be used to post a file immediately without adding schedule. You can set delay, add watermark and scheduled deletion time with each post
  • [new] You can change the automatically set schedule execution time to a suitable time manually
  • [new] Post from 5 minutes to 5 years delay. Choose any delay between 5 to 59 minutes, 1 to 23 hours, 1 to 52 weeks, 1 to 36 months and 1 to 5 years

Feed Cleanup

If your profile is full of posts that you do not want anymore and you are getting tired by deleting them one by one then this tool will be very useful to you. It fetches last 100 posts from your selected social account/page/group/event, you can select them in bulk and choose to hide/delete them. In case of Facebook, you can only delete or hide posts made by the app.

Content Creation

Social Ninja has a very powerful and rich content creator tool that will help you to create rich content for your social profiles. Lets have a look ?

  • Media editor tool helps you edit your images and videos. You can crop, resize, add watermark, add special effects to your images. Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, vignette etc. Using the video editor, you can cut/join chunks from video, take screenshots of video at particular time, create pile of screenshots.
  • Social Ninja has a meme generator tool that can be used to create meme from cartoons. Upload an image and add texts as much as you need, reposition the text by drag-drop to your desired location.
  • Social Ninja has an HTML to image generator tool that can transfer HTML codes to image.
  • Slideshow creator tool can be used to turn a folder full of images into video slideshow and import to your folders.
  • Social Ninja offers a downloader tool which can be used to download images (using direct image link) and videos (Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo Supported).
  • Our video downloader tools support 4 video hosts ? Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo

Admin panel

  • You can manage the whole site using admin panel. Enable/disable each module/social site. Manage users, manage schedules, view/delete folders and files.
  • Monitor all schedules, folders, files, posts from admin panel.
  • Admins can create membership plans defining how much resource a membership plan can use. Each and every feature of the site can be controlled from membership plans. Users can easily be switched from one membership plan to another.
  • Monitor cron task status right from the admin panel.
  • [new] Easily integrate your payment modules and set prices for membership plans.
  • [new] Set membership expiry time. After this time users automatically downgrades to free plan.
  • [new] Admin option to add different post limits per social site basis.
  • [new] Admin option to search facebook pages, groups & events and ban/unban them from scheduling.
  • [new] Admin option to replace site logo.

Paypal Payment Module for Extended License Holders

If you have purchased an extended license to Social Ninja, you might be looking for a payment module to sell service to your customers. Because extended license is meant for selling service, we have developed a paypal payment module for free for you. After purchasing your extended license go to the url mentioned below. Enter your purchase code and website url to download the module. After download, copy the module into your existing social ninja folder.

URL to download payment module:
The demo site for testing payment module and paypal sandbox account login are mentioned in the download page. Give it a try before installing the module.

Features list

Server Requirements

  • Apache web server
  • PHP version must be at least 5.2 or higher
  • Mysql Database engine with php mysqli extension
  • curl and mysqli enabled
  • Upload max size and post max size at least 10MB for file uploads
  • ffmpeg installed (optional for using video watermarking & editing)


A documentation guide can be found here :


Login as admin:
Login as normal user:


To get a clear overview of how the system works, please check the videos listed here- View playlist

Or browser one from the videos listed below-

Setup guide
Creating apps, adding profiles & schedules
Getting started with admin panel
Getting started with user panel
Facebook app setup process
Twitter app setup process
Youtube app setup process
Creating categories
Using variables in post
Adding custom link parameters
Adding RSS feeds
Adding watermark
Creating watermark from text
Using image editor
Using video editor
HTML to image creation
Meme generation
Using video downloader tool
Comment bumping
Bulk group import


To get help and support please contact us via Email on our codecanyon profile page. We do not provide support via comments section of item page. If you have presales question or feature requests, you can post on comments section.

Change Log

Update instructions with a list of updated scripts can be found in ReadMe.txt file included with the latest download

22nd June 2018
Release of version 3.1

* Fix: Facebook pages were not being automatically fetched while login
* Fix: Updated video downloader
* Fix: Fixed group importer
* Updated: New Facebook token generators added and updated old token generators
15th April 2017
Release of version 3.0

* Fix: Updated facebook and dailymotion downloaders
* New: Added new 3rd party tokens for group posting
* Change: Removed permission check while facebook login. This way you can use 3rd party tokens that do not support manage_pages. But beware that those tokens will not be able to post on your pages as page admin. 
02nd April 2017
Release of version 2.9

* Fix: An issue while saving new facebook apps
29th January 2017
Release of version 2.8

* Fix: Issue with youtube description length when spintax is used
* Fix: A javascript issue that was preventing the file description modal to open
18th January 2017
Release of version 2.7

* Update: PHPMailer security update
12nd January 2017
Release of version 2.6

* Fix: A bug that was causing multiple posts made at a time in some cases
* Change: The script will now mark posts with failure when facebook api triggers error instead of queuing it for the next try.
28th October 2016
Release of version 2.5

* Fix: A bug that was preventing user from refreshing token when they added maximum number of profiles to their account
* Fix: Bug with posting times when token is refreshed
* Change: The script will now mark posts with failure when a user exceeds his posting limit per day instead of queuing it for the next day.
7th September 2016
Release of version 2.4

* Fix: Posting limits in memebership plans were not working for facebook and also not working when set to zero
* Changed: Schedule times are now reassessed when user refreshes expired token
* Changed: Schedule times are now reassessed when user exceeds post limits
* Added: Button to resync account from accounts tab in dashboard
1st September 2016

* Improvement: MySQL optimization in cron script
8th August 2016
Release of version 2.3

* Fixed: HTC token generator (firefox supported)
* Added: iPhoto token generator
* Fixed: Bug fixed that caused pending schedules being posted all at a time when schedule is stopped and activated again. From now after reactivation, posting time will be reassessed.
* Fixed: Facebook video downloader fix
* Fixed: Facebook stats scraper was not working for old version of apps.
24th June 2016
Release of version 2.2

* Added: Custom token generator
* Changed: Reuse of comments bumping when schedule is restarted or reset
* Fixed: Facebook video downloader fix
27th May 2016
Release of version 2.1

* Fix: Bug fix with schedule update
* Improvements: Some improvements with schedule poster
14th March 2016
Release of version 2.0

* Update: Workaround of no caption problem in facebook group photos
* Change: Schedule and schedule groups display in descending order of adding time
* Update: Some other minor change
09th March 2016

* Changed: Minor change in mysql table structure

View the full list of updates here


* The script does not post anything automatically without the knowledge of the user. It only posts what a user schedules. Facebook bans accounts based on the content posted or reports received on the posted contents. We do not take responsibility of the user’s posted contents nor we take the responsibility if any user is banned because of their content. The purpose of this script is to schedule posting, not to avoid ban resulting from negative feedback or reports received from posted contents. Please note that, posting ads on non admin groups or personal profiles is always risky and results in quick ban from facebook. Always maintain facebook standards while posting. Do not post unwanted contents on profiles, pages or groups and keep your accounts safe from ban.

* This script will not publish to closed facebook groups unless you use a facebook app that supports v2.0 to v2.3. You can also use separately generated HTC or graph api token to add facebook account to the script and post to closed group with that.

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