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sent email need help

Thanks will get to you shortly :)

is there an option for admin to make it where users only can use YOUTUBE url, but “admin” can upload actual video files? this way, site is not overloaded with users uploading many large video files?

Hi Pahrill,

Currently it’s not possible to do this.

Great job, a simple project and to the point. Do you have a market module?


Currently we don’t have a market module at the moment. Thanks for your kind comments :)

Is it possible to update your script so that we can send files through the chat messenger?


Currently it doesn’t have this functionality. I can add your suggestion to our user feedback so it can be considered for future updates though :)

Will you be updating your script with the ability to purchase subscriptions?


It is something we are considering for the future for sure :)

I just installed your script and I am not able to LOGIN into admin. I checked the “user” tables in the mysql and the fields are empty. The installation did not record the entered username and password. Can you help?


Did you run the setup file that creates the admin account? You can follow the documentation also which shows you how to do this:

Hi, I need a third-party script to use the chat and messages or another service with your theme? Thanks!

Whenever I try, this keeps coming up: The application has already been installed. A new admin account cannot be recreated. If you need to recreate the admin account, try a fresh installation (drop the database).

Sorry, I could install it manually and I can access my administrator account. Thank you!

Hi Uziel,

Glad you got it sorted :)

I installed your script and I am not able to login to the admin panel. Are you able to assist me. I sent you an email last week in regards to this.. I need help!


What was your email? You might want to try again at

is there groups and events planned here?


We use our Page system for groups and events. Pages can be made private and invite-only (like groups) and also have an event section too.

Yes, I saw it This bothers a lot and also prevents you from buying furthermore, only individual pictures are possible and the location shows in the post card not s.die sin improvements possible I see how it develops but too early for the current purchase

Okay thanks for your feedback :)

Do you think in make anything some a advertising system similiar from the facebook, where user define type(image, text), select public of reach, region for example?


That’s definitely something we can consider for the future for sure. Right now we have a simple advertising system that reaches all users, but specifying region seems like a good idea.

Yes, I believe that. Other suggestion would by gender. Example: Male, Female, All.

Please help me solve this problem

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/chatyournet/public_html/application/controllers/Login.php:283)

Filename: core/Common.php

Line Number: 564



Thanks for contacting me. What version of PHP are you using? Can you send me an email with a link to your site so I can help you with this issue?


Greetings, is there any way to add the share button to share the publications? Thank you!


Do you mean to be able to share other user’s posts on your own profile/wall area?

Yes, and if it is possible to share them on other social networks as well. Thank you!

hi i add youtube and soundcloud links and not play on site and add some sites link not shown sites pictures just link shown .. and do you entegrate forum .. like smf or mybb or like that.. i think script nice but do lots of work to do..


Soundcloud currently isn’t supported. To add a YouTube video you would need to use the Video icon in the post editor to insert the YouTube URL.

Right now no forum is integrated into the system.