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anyone know how to add more stuff people can buy with the funds credits or instead of pages tab left side maybe a games tab etc

my chromebook there much darker even youtube videos but you go to like firefox and there clearer


Can you send me an email with a link to your site? It sounds like an issue with your computer as images work fine on my end and I don’t notice a difference between them.

i sent you the link for the issue

1, is this gdpr compliant? 2, where is the seo section? 3, does this come with mobile app?


1) Nope, you’ll have to do this yourself.

2) It doesn’t have one

3) Nope

hi, great scripts, and i have a question if possible set the site for inviters member only in setup? e the mebers invite your friend for register in site? thanks for reply


Currently it’s not possible to do this at the moment, but I’ll take your suggestion on board for future updates :)

Is it possible to change the language?


Yep it is :) We have files you can translate into your own language for all text strings.

Hi, is it possible to make newsfeed system public for all registered members on the site.


What newsfeed system?

hi is it possible when update status on the network everyone can see and see other members statues with having to be there friend? and it be nice when typed message and click return button to send


You can put pinned messages so everyone sees them.

Good afternoon,

I would like to be warned by mail when you the author put this option, style Album of photos, however: Album of applications / softwares, so my visitors or friends can download zip files with option that I can include printscreen image of software direct from social site. thanks!

I still have no interest in buying because you do not have this option album apps!!!


Okay no problem. If I ever add it, I’ll comment here for you to be alerted :)

Hi, how many MySQL connections makes the script on the home page? How can I connect with you? I have some questions before I buy.


You can send me an email at for questions if you like :)

Just purchased your framework yesterday, got it up and running in less than 15 minutes. So far I love it. Great admin section, and the Micro-transaction system is fantastic. Do you plan on making it possible to custom add either digital / services or physical items to be able to purchase with the points system?

Keep up the great work, 10/10 would buy from you again!


Thanks for your comments!

I definitely plan on adding more to the micro-transaction side of this product. Haven’t got any concrete plans but I like your thinking so far :)

Will you make adjustments to support GDPR?


What adjustments do you need? If you can send me an email with the adjustments needed I can take a look for you :)


any login with facebook account?


Yep if you setup the API Keys for Facebook Dev you can allow users to login with their facebook accounts.

Hi, i’m super new to PHP scripts. But i would like to know, how difficult would it be to replace the current UI with another Social Network UI, keeping all the features same? :)


I would assume it would take quite a bit of work. Most of the HTML is found in the view files application/views/ which you can change there. Then you have CSS files for styling found here: styles/

Okay, thanks mate. Looks like, i have to hire someone for this. :)

any plants to add an albul of all users that will change everytime someone uploads a foto? or a video album? Will also like to see online users at a link


No plans for this at the moment.

Hi, your demo link isn’t working. Where can we find it?


Apologies, can you try now? Our server ran out of memory, should be fine now :)

Hello, thank you for this update. Unfortunately, I am unable to login with both the admin account and the isabel account. Also, I have sent you an email a day ago, but have not seen a reply. Can you please check your inbox? I have a few pre-purchase questions. Thank you.


It works fine for me. Let me reply to your email and I’ll see if I can figure out the issue for you.

Have you developed android/ios apps?

Nope :)