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Thank you for taking time to help me with this…

After i copied the “PHPBackend” folder into my html_public directory, then i typed http://www.convictclique.com/PHPBackend/install to attempt to install the backend script, all i receive is the message “Can’t Connect The Server” ... is that something i can fix on my end? do you know what i may be doing wrong? thank you again for your time.

this error means that the db information is not correct

ahh thank you so much!! that brought me to my next question (hopefully my last :) thanks again in advance!) when the server page loaded, i got the SN header across the top and this message below in the body, am i not editing something correct? if so, which file(s) need my attention…

SELECT * FROM `sn_posts` WHERE `privacy` = 1

Table ‘theclique.sn_posts’ doesn’t exist

there is a bug, when i upload an image with size > 2 MB, the image is not displayed in the app, although the image is uploaded to the hosting. can you help me with this…


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Hello, we re trying to make the app work but have a lot of errors of missing link, texture, etc Do you have any updated version that we can use?

Code has to many errors


Can you create applications for PhpSound to Android and IOS


Is the iOS version coming out?