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Hi How can I register a user can do with the phone

Where is the download for the new version ? Do we have to buy it again ?

So where is the update to this current non functioning app? You said you were working on an update a few months back, but only to post a link to another app we have to purchase.

Since I already owned the app, where is the FREE UPDATE?

sir u will not find in the whole web an app like that with 22$ or even 100$, this app deserve more than 500$ and ur talking about spending more money, you can go to any freelancing website and ask them an app like that and u’ll see how much it will cost, and just to let u know, from the 22$ i get only 11$

You’re missing the POINT, but good luck with sales. Now, I have to spend a total of $40 to get the fully effect of you app… $18 +$22 = $40… Just remember, an UPGRADE PATH is always good with SOFTWARE!!! Good luck again!

thanks for ur understanding sir

Temos que pagar o Update? As atualizações deveriam ser gratuitas pois o app foi comprado.

can you implement this in crea8

no sir crea8 has different api

hi there, im trying this apps and successfull for register, when login from apps, show error message “unfortunatelly stop…”, can you help me? i’m using LG G3 and android studio for mac. thx

hi sir can u please send me ur backend url via email

Hi. Is this script will be updated ? Last time we spoke the “pro” features were told to be available soon as an update and just saw it is sold separately ?

this will not be updated anymore please check the advanced one

There are not much screenshots and you dont have a demo. Can I get some more screenshots or at least a video demo?

Is it possible to add comment for each post? Do we have that feature?

I want the new version… Can I get a refund for it?

Hi sir… I dont have the ability to send u a refund… u need to send a ticket to envato team


i312 Purchased

Can you send to Android eclipse project instead of studio ? I do not use studio. vision312@hanmail.net

hi sir sorry for the late response, no sir u have to use android studio, it’s the official IDE for android and by the end of this year google will not support eclipse any more

use ionic? or jquery mobile

hi sir it’s a native app built with java

do you help with integrating this app into an existing application. How much do you charge. thanks

hi sir i’m so sorry about the late response i had some personal problem, please let me now if u need any help

What if i want the source code of the app. and i have my own backend. i just need the android application code. Can you tell me do you do that. and how will be done that ?

Is there clear documentation provided with this app? Im looking to purchase soon

yes for sure there’s, and this monday update will change the documentation to make things more clear for you


djsero Purchased

when the next update is coming?

I can run this app useing localhost ?

can i add it in my existing app to introduce chat in my app?