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I don’t like it but good luck with sales :)

Thx i think :/ lol :)

Could you implement also a “reload” features for the grid of cities? To give to the users the impression that is random… And what about the customization? How could I translate it? How could I change the list of cities?


The list of Cities is generated of a single file it be a case of editing the list,

We have taken your suggestions on board, and i can confirm that we are now busy trying to get version 1.1 ready this will include a simple tempting and the ability to change the list, and other speech with a translation option.

was wrong when i tried it 5 times

Mind sending an email via my profile?

After further tests we can not see how it could be wrong..

I took me two tries before figuring how it works :) GLWS

:) Many thanks

Tried it 7 times and it was wrong every time , feel bad for the people that bought this lol..

Well thats a shame….. Mind explaining to everyone the number that you used, especialy if it failed seven times!

The thing is that the magic behind this script is just basic math. so i very much dout that it was wrong seven times ;)

maybe try again but this time use a calculator

Anyway thanks for the comment. lol

I don’t get it!!!???

well sorry about that. what dont you get?

live preview not working

Thanks for pointing this out I will update you in a little while as to when its back online

This is actually a really cool script, Great Job :)

Many thanks

I’d like to see the demo, however, it’s currently down.

looks cool, but no demo to check out first, and the link to the Charactor file is also 404

the demo is back online sorry for the delay

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

demo please??

live preview still not working