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I have 24 more days support left and you haven’t helped with MOST of the issues your script has. IS THAT FAIR TO YOUR PURCHASERS!?

Hi, I can not access your cPanel

I have sent you the cPanel details in 3 different emails

No, the problem is continuing. How to disable more or less location codes in the message content. Keep it open all the time. (See more) option cancellation. What should I do.

> http://dipnot.web.tr/media/1-3.64/full > http://dipnot.web.tr/media/2-3.65/full > http://dipnot.web.tr/media/3-3.66/full

hi i purchased your original script. Do I get access to this one?

Also, can you update functions of your script to work like curiouscat.me?

Hello, I do not understand what you mean, because the label does not appear PURCHASED

fc034536-50e6-4269-b058-fc9dd1c9221e – 26 May 2017

This says that I need to renew support, that it has expired. Nothing that I have asked help for, has been fixed. The issues are within the operations of the coding of your script! Support should be for things that I did wrong or things that I want to change, not for simply getting the original script that I purchased to operate correctly in the first place. It has never worked correctly and I need help with that. I shouldn’t have to renew support to get help to have the script work as it should have from initial install. And, why should I have to renew support when I have not had even (1) thing fixed the whole time that I did have support!? Yes, we have emailed a few times, and I appreciate that. Although I am still waiting on solutions, because I want to get my website running on the internet. I gave to you my login credentials several times, and they do work. I am sorry to you if you are having some life problems, I care about all humanity! I have many health issues myself. Please, have you been able to help with any of the concerns that I have asked you about? Thanks much, Kind regards, Scott

Hello, I sent you an email.

sorry for the inconvenience

Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if you’ve found any solution to 1. being able to enter your location, without getting an error – 2. uploading and avatar or cover pic without always getting an error? If so, please post it here in the comments. My support that I purchased ran out and I never got support the whole time I supposedly had it! Thanks everyone! My profile is Myisland56

Hello, I sent you an email.

sorry for the inconvenience


iamtwigga Purchased

Please, How can one fix the Location Issue? and again, when you sign in with your mobile phone, there’s no place to logout in the mobile view… Please, I need an urgent response

Hello, I’m going to get to work on that (location issue), about the exit, from which phone the error occurs?

Please, how soon would you fix the location issue, or do we have to wait till you update/upgrade? Probably I should send you my login details for you to fix it for me

Can i upgrade php social microbloggin to this version ?? Purcased the other script 2 weeks ago, but There are some features in this i like better

I recommend that you buy Social Microblogging PRO if you have any problem in migrating tell me

You’re welcome!