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Can we add a viral script to frontt end of this script like babbel script

Hello, you mean that if you can embed a script in mine?

whats wrong with the htaccess file? i want to buy this script but it needs to be working without problems can you give us the correct htaccess file or any updates about this?

Send me your license number to my email


facebook login php kodu ?

What happens when a new design update?

Hello, I do not understand your questions can be a little clearer.

Thank you

twitter problems ?? www.e-itiraf.tk

why not add more feature and updates?

Do you plan an app for this? This has lots of potential!

Hello I am not a developer of mobile app

Hashtags not working? Its not searching anything. What could this be?

Hello, you can send the address of your website to check my email.


is this script still supported? been over a year since last update. Also, does it support oAuth? We would like to integrate our own oAuth api. Thanks.

Oauth support and 2 factor authentication for better security. Are these supported?

When you talk about Oauth you mean Facebook? or what exactly

We have our own oauth api that allows us to use 1 login for our service. If your script allows oauth to facebook, it should allow us to create our oauth module in your script. I would assume this would be supported.

Any plans for updates? This app seems abandoned…Not gonna waste money if its done for.

Hello, for now there are no updates on the way, but if I am supporting my clients with any problems that are presented.

Thank you

Thats a shame. This thing needs a serious update…

Glad to hear you are still supporting this! But 17 months without an update and none planned…does not make for a stable or secured script! Have shelved this script until updated! Purchased this thinking it was updated Aug. 2016…only to discover that it was last updated Aug. 2015, the misunderstanding was my fault clearly, but any script or code not being updated in 17 months is just scary…imho!

I understand your opinion, but I still support users who have problems with the script

Understood! But my problem is PHP 5.4 & 5.5 have reached End Of Life, and are NO longer supported as well! Therefore as I stated earlier and will emphasize….This Makes Your Script Unsecured & Outdated (Like Playing With Fire In A Hay Barn)! It is a great script that could have great potential….but not until there is some critical internal updating! Many Blessings!

Thanks for your suggestions I will keep in mind.


Is the script is still being developed? I want to buy it

Hello, so far there is no update in progress

please update script the latest version of php, because there is no normal in php which runs the latest version 4.5

Hi, the version that uses the script is 5.4 not 4.5


flammar Purchased

There is an error in password recovery. Script doesn’t recognize that registered email exists in the database.

Hello, sorry that I did not respond I have been sick in the last few days, send me the url of your website to my email and I will review it as soon as possible.

Thank you