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unable to login from twitter

Hello, sorry for replying so late, check that your Twitter app is well configured

now is working

Hi, sorry for not being able to help you, I’m glad you have solved

something is wrong with htaccess sample is not working

now is working

Hi, sorry for not being able to help you, I’m glad you have solved


I have a problem with ligin with facebook. I have a white site

what was the problem?

I sent you an email problem was in FacebookRedirectLoginHelper.php file in 189 line

Ok I’ll check



Where to get API pages text?

Hello, what do you mean with API pages?

I try to sign up but i dont receive email verification.. how to solve this problem?

Hi, what was the problem?

Email probs.. hehe.. but.. its okay now.. oya.. can you add gender and date birth at register forms and user profile.. please..Thx..

Ok I’ll keep in mind.

Thank you

I am interested in the script, but prior purchasing. Can users have trends on tickers or hashtags that are following?

how can I manage Catergories for post’s?

ticker or a predefined recommended hastags?

At this moment no one of your requests is available

Also, can the post have social share plugin?

Hi, do you mean to share in other social networks?


exactly… thank you

You’re welcome!

Will you update or improve this script ? Or is a dead project ??

I must make some adjustments, but I do not have an estimated date

Please, add a Google Maps API key to the settings. At the moment maps is not working, because of the missing key.

Hi, I’m working as fast as I can to catch up, please have a little patience.

Thank you

No problem. I add the Maps key manually. It was only a suggestion for an update.

Ok I’m working on that. Thank you


I need help.. i still dont receive any email verification and request forgot pass at email.. please how to solve this problem..

Hello, I had not solved this problem yet? what happened now

Its my new website.. hehe.. please tell me how to solved it

Hello, as soon as I can check what happens, I’ve been busy

Hello, Installed your script. cannot login to admin ‘as I have noticed so many others with this issue. It won’t even let me go to an admin login area. Where is the admin folder, there is none. Using Firefox. Using InMotion Hosting. I want to get this running, can I get help today !!!!!!

I ahve purchased many things from Envato and have issues with ‘every one of them’. Many I’ve stopped trying and gave up. please don’t do this to me too as many other developers ignore people. Thanks, Scott

Send me the address of your website in a message from my profile

When will the update come?

Hi, there is no estimated date

hello , i want to ask before i buy it , do you use any framework ? like codeignater or laravel ?


claxme Purchased

Looks like this project is dead now. When are new features coming?