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I was gonna buy this so thank god I read the comments first! Things like this should be taken straight off CodeCanyon!!!!

script is damaged

A true disappointment

This look like the same script bought this one was a total waste of money is this the same if is beware would like to purchase but sick of being burned

when can we expect an update? is this developer still alive ?

Hi good morning, how I can change plans as I remove functionality?

For example in the free plan, as I limit chat function that user?

I tried the demo, its seems slow and buggy. Needs re-coding.

1. Registration is buggy (if you enter same username as another account, there is no alert that username is taken).

2. Slow to detect users online

3. Messages are slow to send (can’t click return on keyword, it just shows loading gif for long time, then sends duplicates messages).

I was excited to buy but now very disappointed, its a shame, had so much potential.

I don’ t see slide images and ads images. Any solutions? I see only Profile images

Are there any updates to this software?

Hi, Demo Link is not working, I wanted to purchase it

Looks like he got some hosting problems DB not connect maby bad host?? u can always try my hosting we help u get your site online and fix the problems so if u stil got script not online for small price