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Great and very useful script for OpenCart! :)

Hi. Trying it out, but admin pw or username doesn’t work. Best Regards, Alexandra
You are using this info right?
Username: demo
Password: demotest

Works now. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Let me know if there is any confusion/question. :)

Opps. never mind. Awesome plugin!

Glad you like it. Don’t hesitate to post a message if you face any issue.

I have a problem, I have installed the plugin but when I go on product page receive this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /web/htdocs/ on line 730

Please Help!

Hi, Can you please tell me which OpenCart version are you using? Also did you replace the /admin/model/catalog/product.php file with the one in plugin or copy-pasted the code segment?

Hello again! We have found the issue and fixed it. Also emailed you a copy of the latest version of files. Sorry for your trouble.

Thank you, solved! Great support and very fast!

I bought another one of your pluginI tried to install the plugin, but the admin product page doesn’t work anymore…I tried all the way that you describe on the documentation… The Version of this Opencart is

Can you please email ( info[at] ) me some more details about the issue? Maybe a screenshot of the problem you are facing?

Hi there, Just bought your plugin, everything works, except one thing : the product image is not displayed. Only a blank white spot, no image thumbnail. Can you give me a hint what could be the problem ?


Ahh..and another thing. The product url is posted without url rewrite format.

Hi. Thanks for the purchase. Let me look into the issues. I’ll get back about it asap.

Hello again. I’ve reviewed the issues you mentioned. It looks like Facebook acts weird when the image name has some special characters (- or ?). If that’s the case there is nothing we can do from our end. It will be solved if you rename the image.

About URL encoding, that is not necessary while using the API. Using the urlencode() function here will post the message by replacing space with plus (+) and the URLs (link and image) will not work as well.

Thanks for your quick reply. Well.. the url is not a big issue, but the image problem is. Opencart automatically shrinks and rename the uploaded images , adding : -320×320_0.

For my wp blog i use “NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster” and it can post images on FB that contain ”-” or ”_” so there is no problem from FB side.. but it is from your script. Kindly ask you to look over your code since in actual state it’s worthless to me and for sure to many other users.

Thanks again.

Best Regards, Sebastian.

Hi, Can you give me the image url for testing? Please email me the link to info [at] if you don’t want to show the url in public forum.


email sent

Found the bug. I’ve emailed you a copy of the fix. Also the fix will be available with downloaded package after review. Thanks for you help in fixing the issue. :)

hi guys, i have buy and installed in oc2 this modul but not function correctly, the modul not appear in correctly system. First, the style of the module is faulty, in addition when I insert bees pass and he replies that the code is not correct. Please help, thanks.

please look the image thank

img folder correctly

Hello, Thank you for purchasing the plugin. From your screenshot it looks like you have installed the wrong version on OC 2. Inside the downloaded archive there is a zip file “”. You should use that for OpenCart 2+ versions.

About the error, I think what happening is you are not saving the App ID and App Secret before clicking the ‘Connect’ link. Please follow the screenshot of “Step 1” under “Setting up options” section in the documentation. First you need to provide App ID and Secret and “Save” so that database has those values. Then you should click the “Connect to Facebook” link.

hi, how are you? have this problem /gk_social_media_share.tpl on line 54 please take help

Hi, have send the email whit screenshot. I’m wait the solutions, thank a lot.

All perfect. The software is functionality in all parameters, auto share in facebook, is automatically, the support is very excellence. I recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for your kind comments. :)

All perfect. The software is functionality in all parameters, auto share in facebook, is automatically, the support is very excellence. I recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for your kind comments. :)

Hi, I am interested in your product, but I would like to know if post can be placed on a schedule and for specific categories and product?

Hello, Thanks for your interest. Posts cannot be scheduled using this plugin or cannot be restricted by category. You can only set restriction to post on FB only when new product is added, product edited or both.

hi i have problem message : Impossible de charger cette URL: Le domaine de cette URL n’est pas inscrit dans ceux de l’application. Pour pouvoir importer cette URL, ajoutez tous les domaines et sous-domaines de votre application au champ Domaines des paramètres de l’application.

Hello, It looks like a problem with your Facebook App. The website URL does not match with the “App domain” set on the Facebook application. Please check this image to see how to set “App domain”:

Feel free to email me if you couldn’t resolve the issue. :)

Nice design!

Thank you :)