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In the new update, can you integrate more users with their own social accounts?

It already has

I am not able to get any response from you and instagram doesn’t seem to work either. It says it cannot login.

What do you mean that you can’t get any response from me? If Instagram show error that means you put wrong login details.

Facebook Fan Massage Send Only 25…........... how can possible 500/1000 fan bulk Massage ?

If you try to send message huge amount of people then sometimes facebook detect it as spamming and it may ban your account. So for the security reason, we developed it so that your account not get banned. But in the next version, there will be the option to send to thousand at once.

We from RU and we needed full automation for popular russian social network - auto bots, work with groups, invite in group, auto post in group, ads in group, sheduller for posts, sheduller for ads, mass operations, mass delete blocked fake users from group, invaiting, likes, friending, messages with frending, auto comments to all posts in group, multiaccounting for fake dispute

On your video, you show how to connect to pusher and slack bot.. and, are there free or, we have to pay it to run that integration..?

If we have to pay.. so I guest this app only a bridge communication to premium service like pusher and slack…?


Slack and Pusher both are free but they have also premium service. It depends on what you need. We add those features for those who use it and need it.

I’m exited to purchase the extended license and modify it as needed for my own uses, but before I start going down that path there’s two things I would like to know:

1) You had previously stated that an update could be expected this month. Is there an ETA on this? I will be version managing through git but waiting for the next update before modding any code would be ideal.

2) Can you provide a rough changelog of things to come in the next version? Doesn’t need to be completely accurate, but I would like to know what is in the pipeline and what I’m waiting on :)

Thanks for all your hard work, this looks like a great tool and I can’t wait to use it!

Hi there, Thanks for your comment, We are trying to publish the next version in the end of this month but not sure. We are trying to make “Optimus Prime” a platform for unlimited social media marking features that have no bound and this is also the exciting things for us in the next version. Best regards.

can this support groups of people? Also when it says multiple users does that mean that i could user this as a saas products?

Yes, you can use it as SaaS but remember you must buy the extended license to use it as service.

Dear Trinolabbd , I have a small agency where i manage 3 facebook clients accounts and instagram, seen to me your system can not handle with more then 1 account correct? Like there is no way to have users with differents accounts?

You can manage unlimited accounts if you want. Just create new account for each social account and then you can manage them.


louism74 Purchased

At the moment i’m very frustrated whit the way the optimus prime Dev is handling support, this an expensive tool that is not delivering they claimed, and on top of that been ignore by support…

  • It don’t support images or rich link
  • Can’t post to closed groups
  • Can only post to my own group and not to groups i’m a member off ?
  • Mass messaging is giving errors, and there is no way to find what is going wrong “there is no log on the all post section “

INSTAGRAM Can’t post images as it give a error that the image format is wrong try all format and size and still giving the same error…

” i know whats coming NEXT contact support !!! “

I have posted a open streamline suggestion for the tool i wanted to help and give feedback so the tool would grow … again the answer was ” contact support… “* i did that 2 email detailing the problems, suggestions, questions and pointers from a user prospective that could streamline this tools and make it 90% more deficient

But my email have been ignored and i have a tool that only send text… !!! really i can do that by email to all the groups on face book !!

“this author’s response time can be up to 2 business days.” is been 20 days and no responds

I think is time for a refund !!!! if this request is ignore i will escalate it to code canyon! this is ridiculous

Hi there
We are sorry for having bad experience with our support . We provide support to our clients who purchased our script. If you already sent mail to support and our support member didn’t response then please send another mail , maybe your mail archived by mistake

Are there any plans to segment campaigns into their own objects, separate from user accounts? Ideally we’d prefer one account per user, and then that user can create/own multiple campaigns. Each campaign would have different social accounts under them, as follows:

Hypothetical Optimus Setup

In this example there are 5 separate campaigns. A single user is managing campaigns 1-3, and another user is managing campaigns 4 and 5.

Current System:

A single user is required to manage separate accounts for each of their campaigns
  • Account 1.1
    • Campaign 1
  • Account 1.2
    • Campaign 2
  • Account 1.3
    • Campaign 3
  • Account 2.1
    • Campaign 4
  • Account 2.2
    • Campaign 5

Ideal System:

A single user can manage all of their campaigns from one account
  • Account 1
    • Campaign 1
    • Campaign 2
    • Campaign 3
  • Account 2
    • Campaign 4
    • Campaign 5

This would open the door to a lot of other cool things as well… I really hope this is already a development goal! :grin:

Are there plans to add an API?

A simple API with endpoints for user account management (C.R.U.D.) is really all I need, but it could be extended outwards to also include module management (post to account, send message to page followers, etc).

Will this work behind SSL (https://)? I don’t think passing login credentials and/or API secret keys over an unencrypted connection is good practice…

Your demo is being served over HTTP :(

Is sensitive information encrypted at the DB layer, or is it left in plaintext?

How are remote posts to WP authenticated?

Is user/pass sent for every request (ie basic auth: ) or are you utilizing proper authentication techniques ( )?

Hi, I have problem with This Script If i clik log-in show whoops looks like’ something went wrong

Please contact support with purchase key

I have a question regarding the fb bot, from your youtube video guide, it need to be added manually, when will there be a predefined basic conversation? And also, is it CAP size sensitive? Lets say we configure “Hello” for “Hi”, but if on messenger, a visitor type “hi” , will the answer be “Hello” ? Other bot script are having the same problem, do you?

This is not CAP sensitve

Pre-sale question. Is there a way to keep posts in a “library” then schedule them for different times?