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i still dont get the use of this.. can i use it to trend on twitter?? as in does it work like i add 700 twitter spam accounts and i automatically control all at oncen to trend??

Nope, and this is not a spam tool

demo is not working ? (for example facebook mass group feature) or it’s limited ?

Hello, I’m interested in this product and following this app for a long time, waited till the new update but it seems it got too many issues, many pages are not working, reflecting errors on the demo site. Please revert, when it would get fixed.


Don’t work? Didn’t you test it before purchasing?We made a demo where you can check everything. If you can’t configure everything well then how can it work? Our support member told you to send your skype ID so that he can communicate with you when you online and would try to help via TeamViewer and we only use skype for live support. If you don’t have any skype ID is that our problem? How could we know when you are online?

That´s a wrong statement. I call them 3 times, that i don´t use Skype or any like this. I told him every time, they can send it per eMail like other autors also. If you want – send me back my money and i delete my review.

If you buy a car and it´s don´t work – you bring it back also – i think!

We don’t care about your review if you delete or keep it.We always try to help our clients with our best. Check the reviews what our other clients said about our customer support. Every time our support member ask you for skype and the reason we described so many times before because we need to check where you installed our script. If you send us your cPnale / SSH access we don’t take it for security related issue and that’s why our support member every time asked for skype so that when both will be online then our support member will ask for TeamViewer to access your PC. Via your PC he will access your cPanel to check what wrong going on. If you don’t use skype we have nothing to do. And this is how we support our clients.And our script working 100% but have few little bugs that we are going to fix soon and those bugs not affected on main features.And of course we will return money if our script not work but it works.

Can you do an image post to linkedin or link only?

anyone know if you can do an image post to LinkedIn or is it just text and link post only to LinkedIn?

Only text

any demo or video for facebook and twitter scrapper?

why on old? and can this scrap result export on newest version? maybe can add by uid fb automatic?

In Old version, we configured and connected it with our social media to test but in the new version, we didn’t but we made scope so that everyone can use their own social media account to test. This is why I gave you old version’s link.You can test it also in the new version with your account.

have a copy followers in instagram? No hastag, by user.

Don’t understand, Please make it clear.

I need a tool to copy followers of another instagram accounts

out tool can’t copy from another accounts.

Hi, when can you have the demo working? Want to show a customer the messenger bot. Thanks!

You can test messenger bot here

Hi bro.. Why my Chat Bots not working.?

Hi there, Didn’t you receive any message from our support ?

Your message me and promise will support within 2 day.. But now is day 4 still not support yet..

Ok, Please send email again hopefully, they will response you now.

Hi! Very cool. Excellent work but errors in the demo.

This is not the error. Someone put the wrong information on the settings panel and this is why it’s showing error. This is just a demo version we didn’t provide any settings but we provided documentation. Create an account and set up settings with our own social information and test it.

Hi, pre-sales questions: – does it support multiple accounts for each social platform? does it also support Instagram?

You can create unlimited users and every user can use their own one particular social account.

Does it supports scheduled posting? also, can this be setup with another level of administors who can create postings on behalf of users?


Your Demo is shocking, maybe you tell me why I would want to buy this if you can’t even be bothered to fix it

Our demo is open and anyone can change any settings to test it so by changing settings that are not correct may show error but it doesn’t mean it’s demo’s problem. Our script also has system you can create a new account to test our system.


fatihmurat Purchased

Hello friend, after I upload the script to the server, “status ok” I click on “login” and gives this error ”Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” :(

Contact support

Hi there, Couple of presale questions. 1. Can I send messages to multiple accounts like facebook,Twitter,Instagram on scheduled date and time? 2. Can I manage more than one campaign? Like I have four clients and need to post content for them on daily basis on set time. I want to write content for all my four clients at once and schedule certain date and time for posting for all my four clients, does this script post content automatically on set date and time? 3. Can I get report of posted content?



May i request for Skype, before i use have skype.

bro, i have problem with Twitter Page.. Its appear this

Contact support, They will help you even in delay.

Yes already send it..