Social Media Sharing App, Angular Admin, Laravel(PHP)| Newsfeed Chatting App| Complete App| WeShare

Social Media Sharing App, Angular Admin, Laravel(PHP)| Newsfeed Chatting App| Complete App| WeShare

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WeShare is a bright and stylish social media app where user can share their pictures and text with others. And another user can like, share, and comment as well on the post. WeShare also known as the Android social app, chat app with emojis, complete app, media sharing chat app, messenger app, picture sharing, post sharing, real-time chat app, social media app with chatting.

WeShare can be used for the following clones: Telegram Clone, WeChat clone, WhatsApp clone, Facebook clone, Instagram clone etc.

Changelog & Update History

Version 4.2
16 July 2022

Fix: Social Login
Fix: Post pictures, something went wrong
Fix: Story not added
Fix: Comments posting
Fix: Saved post sorting
Fix: Profile visibility
Fix: Profile picture update
Fix: Chat unread indicator
Fix: Reported crashes
Fix: Wrong story view
Fix: Firebase URL shortening
Fix: Graphs on dashboard
Fix: Other minor features
Update: Removed Title from posts
Update: UI/UX
Update: Other minor features
Update: Notification on click
Update: Chat notification on click
Update: Removed Title from posts
New: Videos on story
New: Other minor features
New: Report Post

Version 4.1
11 March 2022

New: Lamba expressions adoption
Update: Android 13 support added
Update: Dependencies update
Update: Languages update
Fix: Null pointer Exception on firebase user
Fix: Like and dislike bug
Fix: Like and dislike Notification Settings
Fix: Image picker fix for Android 11
Fix: Reposting own/self posts issues
Fix: Keyboard height adjustment on add comments screen
Fix: Other minor bug

Version 4.0
23 June 2020

New: German Language Added
New: Italian Language Added
New: Russian Language Added
New: Swedish Language Added
New: Uzbek Language Added
New: Hebrew Language Added
New: Dutch Language Added
New: Irish Language Added
New: Swedish Language Added
New: Norwegian Language Added
New: Thai Language Added

Version 3.5
29 April 2020

Update: Android 11 Compatibility 

Version 3.4
28 April 2020

Update: Chat UI Improve
Fix: Android 10 Permission Fix
Fix: User Profile Double PostFix
Update: Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.3
22 April 2020

Update: Chat Notifications bug fix
Update: Void multiple clicks on post
Update: Disable My posts in feeds section
Update: Remove gender selection
Update: Hide "Play all" option when no stories 
Update: Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.2
10 April 2020

New: Firebase Dynamic Links Integration
Update: Delete Post bug Fix
Update: Time Stamp bug Fix
Update: Gradel Build Tools Upgrade to 3.6.2
Update: Google Service Upgrade to 4.3.3
Update: Firebase Crashlytics Integration
Update: Language File Improved
Update: RTL Improvements
Update: Code Cleanup
Update: Unused Imports Removed
Update: Unused Resources Removed
Update: Junk Code Cleanup
Update: Multi-Lingual Improvements
Update: Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.1
18 December 2019

Update: Story Improvements
Update: UI Improvements
Update: Other Bug Fixes

Version 3.0
09 December 2019

New: Report User and Post
New: Block User
New: Private Accounts feature added
Update: Sign-In/Sign-up error reporting enhanced
Update: Gradle Update
Update: Google Services Update
Update: targetSdkVersion Update
Update: Firebase Librabry Update
Update: androidX Librabry Adaption
Update: Improved Chat Architecture
Update: Code cleanup - Reduce app size by 10mb
Update: OneSignal usage instead for improved Push notifications delivery and statistics
Update: Feeds UI improvements
Update: Chats Update: UI improvements improvements
Update: Notifications Update: UI improvements
Update: UX improvements 
Update: Story Improvements
Update: API request/response optimized
Update: User reporting sheet behavior improvements
Update: Profile click actions unified
Update: Followers/Following count refresh 
Update: Other Bug Fixes

Version 2.1
18 December 2018

New: SQL File updated.

Version 2.0
08 August 2018

New: Chat Integration with multiple Features
New: Video Uploading 
New: Post Delete option 
New: Design Changes
New: GIF Upload feature in Profile Picture
New: Story Delete after 24 hours
New: Video Upload option
New: Video Thumbnail Support
New: Placeholders Added at multiple places 
New: Private Account till the user has not followed
New: Deep-linking Integration with 
New: Follow and following list visibility 
New: URL click support in Feed 
Fix: Feed refresh bug fix.
Fix: Feed refresh on follow
Fix: Design Fixes


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