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hi, This plugin does not work, have that error

Connection error! Please try again… Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /hermes/bosnaweb22a/b619/ipw.angelro/public_html/wqbsradio/wp-content/plugins/social-auto-post/plugin.class.php on line 369

Versión de PHP 5.5.9

Hi, Please send me your email address or download the newest version. it solves the issue with your php version.

Hello.Do you have a standalone script?

Hi, a standalone script for this type of system is rather complex since we either need to have a universal structure for all posts or we need an API to all cms system to ensure we can pull the links to the page end points. If you have any specific requirements/desires please email so that we can review them and see how we can create the right product for you.


JensL Purchased

Social Media Auto Poster 4.01, 2016-10-24

- NEW FEATURE: Auto reposting of content to your social media channels. Just set the interval from 1 day – 120 days (default is disabled) and your content will be reposted after so many days.

This means also OLD POSTS?


JensL Purchased

I saw you got an new password for my website, so you´ve done everything? The last Facebook Post (3 minutes ago) was without the permalink, but this is importent. Hope you found the issue. Cheers Jens


JensL Purchased

[For Facebook] OK, I delete now the “Content”! Wahy, because the Content send the whole articel and this isn´t a good thing. So what I don´t understand is, why the Post isn´t send like I use a “share button”? So when I share with a button, than I send the feature image, a short content (beginning) an the link to my post!

I hope you understand this and I was clear enough :-) Cheers Jens


please send a direct email to so we can communicate through mail. We need to confirm a few things about your facebook accounts to be able to see what may be happening with your install.

do you have a demo?

Hi, please visit and login using demo/demo for username/password. Then click Social Auto Poster

I am interest Social Media Auto Poster. Is it useful for multi site wordpress?

Hi, currently it is only for non multi site wordpress.

Are the wordpress featured images posted to the social media pages? I dont see images on your facebook page.

Hi, I am not sure I understand what you are asking. If you are asking if the plugin can also post images then yes it does. When you set up the post you can select things like permalink, title, image etc.

Hello, this software have auto bumping post feature?

Hi, currently there is no auto bumping feature. We are reviewing new features and can put that in our roadmap :-).

Hello, one thing is not very clear. When I make a post with a picture/video in the post, not a featured pic, does the picture/video also get posted on facebook and twitter? Thx

Hi currently the supported media are featured pics. Thanks for your inquiry :-).

it’s support woocommerce? Login to the admin section using demo/demo as username/password

we also made a bunch of videos that you can view from the products info page :-)

i see the setting menu for social poster, but how the plugin work, ex : i have woocommerce product and i want to auto post to instagram , can you give me the video how the plugin works, not how to create APP ID


efromdc Purchased

PLEASE make this multisite compatible so I can have different settings per /site/

Example: Subsite based multiste as in

Social media accounts for each subsite as in:
@NewYork >
@London >

So I need different settings for each subsite as in:


Hi, we are looking into this request


efromdc Purchased

Also, I second @ukisyukri – There needs to be videos for

1. How to do a basic post
2. How to create autopost for Instagram
3. How to create autopost for Facebook
4. How to create autopost for Twitter


Hi, sorry for the delayed response. My notifcations were not arriving. We are working on videos for this as well as putting the documentation online.


efromdc Purchased

What is in 4.0.2? There is no changelog!


Hi Sorry gI was not aware that the version was approved. I will update the changelog. In this update we improved the facebook submission of permalinks so that it is like a normal facebook link share with preview.

It will perfect if you add pinterest..

Hi, thanks for the feedback

Hello Guys, Let me know if is working well with fan pages and Instagram and if I can add just messages with quotes and images but not is in a post.

Hi, I am not sure I understand all of your request but the plugin works with instagram and facebook pages plus facebook groups. I am not sure if y Fan pages you mean a business page, or music group type page but if so then yes it works with those page types. The plugin is desinged to take any type of post/content type (image based, text based…) and push it to your social media channel. If you are asking whether or not you can take a spreadsheet of text quotes and set them up as scheduled facebook posts then that is currently not possible.

Can this post to LinkedIn groups I have joined?

When I set a GIF as a featured image, it is not shared on facebook as a GIF. It is just a static image. Can anything be done about it? It is shared fine on Twitter though.

Hi, thanks for your message. Can you please email your websites login to so that we can take a look at the problem you are having?

hey , Thank you for used our plugin , facebook dont support post gif image via api , graph api . you only post gif image if put url gif image , it not support for share article .

Nice plugin. I have a pre-sale question. Is there a setting to have the plugin delay posting content to my social media pages 48 hours after I post something?

Hi, thank you for your question. Currently there is no such delay feature. But we do have auto reposting which takes old posts and reposts them to your social media channel after your designated timeframe.

Okay, but I don’t want the plugin to repost old post tho. I just want it to post newer post. Anytime I publish a new post to my WordPress account, it should automatically post that to my various social media pages. Is that possible?

Hi, in the settings for each social media account there is one setting that allows you to enter the ID where the autoposting should start from. If you go to this online documentation here and scroll down to the 4th image you will see the first field is “start run with post id”. Here is where you can put in the list post id from your current website where the plugin should begin the autoposting. So if you posted something yesterday and the post id is 1189 and you want all future posts to be published to that social emedia channel (say facebook page A) then in the “start run with post id” settings field for facebook page A enter 1189 :-).

Hi, I bought the plugin. I have set up twitter as test. I can’t set up cron job and do not want publish the post automatically, Just I want post to twitter when I publish one post manually on my website. Is it possible?

Hi and thanks for your question. this plugin is specifically designed and therefore named after its ability to automatically publish to social media channels. Therefore there is no way to manually submit to social media channels. it is automatic and requires cron jobs. You can use to set up a cron job in less than 2 minutes once you account is activated with their service.

does it allow you to create a custom template for autoposted post for example: TITLE [DATE]

Hashtags #good #awesome #super #plugin

{TITLE} , {DATE} , {URL} , and custom text so you can easily add hashtags and others this to the post when autoposted!

Hi, yes All avaliable wordpress shortcodes related to the specified content types can be used for creating your post. For example (TITLE) (PERMALINK) or (TITLE) (IMAGE) (PERMALINK ….