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all my post on instagram is only Picture, and my instagram ID, and Product title.

how to add product short description, and Price?

Hello there,

I need your response.

already 3 days, the auto post features only post 9 Product. said success. but there nothing new post on my Instagram, facebook, and tweeter.

Please replay ASAP

Will I be able to post on facebook closed and secret group if I’m a member ?

HI, sorry for the delayed reply. This product only supports posting to a profile or a page. Private Groups are not supported.


Is there a way to plan randomly (or not) post or repost content?

For example, I have a website with a lot of articles/pages… I would like to automatically post on Facebook/Twitter 2 or 3 old articles (or pages) each week.

Hi, up to this point it has been difficult to implement such specific use cases so our reposting feature is generic on or off. You can achieve what you want though. Using the settings that current exist you can set how often the plugin runs and at what post id you want to start. So for the facebook/twitter pages that you want only 2-3 old articles per week, just set the cron to run every 2-3 days and set the article ID to start with to 0 or some low old number where you want to start (since your 0 article might be from 2003 who knows :-(o ). If you need help setting this up after purchasing just let us know.

What about my problem with Instagram autopost, it’s not working at all?

Sorry I thought that was taken care of. When I change the id I can see the cron is running just fine and no errors or thrown from your corn url. Are you sure the username/password for instagram are entered in correctly? For further debugging please email us at

Hello, this plugin looks great, but it would be perfect if you added Google+ in your next updates. Anyway, I’m waiting.

Since 27.01.17 the Twitter Account send nothing to Twitter. The cronjob says “succesful” but nothing is on my account? This is strange, because before it works great? Could be anything with the new wordpress version 4.7.2 ? So I hope you can check this! Thanks

Hi, can You email with your url and admin login info so we can take a look? Thanks.

I send you anything and ask also via email but I git no answer?

hmmm. Please check your email. We responded to your mails.

Am I misunderstanding this plugin but in order to get it to post to facebook do you have to have it run as a chron job? I posted and it doesn’t post to facebook but when I run the chron job link it does.

Hi, that is correct. The cron job is what does the posting. Due to the multitude of usecases this was the logical method for allowing many different use cases to incorporate our product. For example reposting old posts.

Is there a way to post to groups you belong but don’t perhaps admin. I belong to several groups that I would like to auto post to? Right now the only groups and pages showing up are the ones I admin however maybe I set wrong.

Hi, thanks for your question. Sorry but that is currently not possible. This is often requested but the facebook api still does not allow that.

Hi, Geshu. I am interested in getting this. I just want to confirm that this is still currently working. I have a public facebook page and a public instagram account.

I want to be able to make Wordpress Post articles with an image and some word contents (Title and Body)

If I make a post from the wordpress Dashboard and configure my social accounts correctly, will this automatically create these posts on the social accounts? How will they appear? Will they include a URL/Link back to the page, as the goal of this is to get traffic from social on my website.

Hi and thanks fro your message. That is exactly how it works but instagram has recently made a change so we are working to try to get the instagram part to work again. If not then we will need to remove the instagram section. instagram does not provide an API for making these types of posts so we have had to use another method which breaks every time instagram makes an update to their system.

Hi, after multi attempts, the post to twitter doesnt work. Help please

Hi, please email with your websites login details so that we can see the issue you are having.

Regards, Support Team


beavachk Purchased

hi, im still waiting for a fix

Hi, we do not see any email from you to Without being able to see how you set it up we cannot help you debug your issue. Please email your website url as well as an account with admin rights to so that we can help you.

Regards, The Support Team

this plugin (or other you had) post content in facebook fanpages in automatic? The code has hooks? i want set my own url shortener and will need modify code. Has some video with the full suite working? Thanks

HI, this plugin does post to social media automatically but currently does not have hooks for you to add your own url shortener.


tshwanom Purchased

Changelog please

Hi, the changelog is always submitted as a text file with the new product zip file. We had to implement 2 instagram changes. Instagram changed their submission policy which required we change our submission logic so posts to instagram will continue to work. We also needed to implement an image onverter to convert all png images to jpg because instagram has apparantly decided to stop accepting png files.


simplit Purchased

Does instagram work yet?

Hi, this version has fixed all of our instagram accounts and the ones from our lead users so with this update it should now be working for everyone.

Hello Can I write any status even if is not a wordpress post? Like! Hello people here working (picture or other link) adictionally it has a schedule? thanks

Hi, as long as it is a wordpress content type, it can be configured in our plugin to post to your social media channels. The schedule for posting is something you designate within the settings of the plugin.


I was wondering if your software has the ability to post in a calendar for automated posting. I do not mean WordPress publishing of posts but to make scheduled posts to social media like buffer or Hootsuite.

My and I are having children soon and we will be busy so we wanted to be able to post social media content from a familiar interface like WordPress. If not then I assume it would be an adaptation of your current software using social media apps but in a scheduled format.

Please let me know if your software can do this or if it is something you would potentially look into as I am definitely interested.




First off congratulations ☺. If you are asking whether or not the plugin can post your wordpress content to social media then yes that is exactly what the Social Media Autoposter does. You create content in wordpress (for example your family blog with stories/images of the family) and setup our plugin to automatically submit that content to your different social media channels (facebook, twitter, Instagram…). You can even set up different content to be posted to different channels or different accounts within one channel. For example image only posts go to Instagram and diary blog posts goes to facebook.

If you need any further help either more information about how it works or during setup, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes but is there a way to do this more efficiently. For example my wife is a wedding planner and sh wants to schedule on twitter and facebook 1 different quote about love per week. We dont want to make 100 post pages on our site. Does that make sense? We dont want to keep making social media posts that link back to the site but rather scheduled content that could also be repeated to fill p our social media calendar.


I have installed the plugin and connect to Instagram , everything works fine , but the post on Instagram are just one picture without text and without Link to the Website Post, How I can set that post publish on Instagram get a small text of the post and a back Link to our Website ?


I have installed the plugin and connect to Instagram , everything works fine , but the post on Instagram are just one picture without text and without Link to the Website Post, How I can set that post publish on Instagram get a small text of the post and a back Link to our Website ?


I have installed the plugin and connect to Instagram , everything works fine , but the post on Instagram are just one picture without text and without Link to the Website Post, How I can set that post publish on Instagram get a small text of the post and a back Link to our Website ?

Hi, within the plugin instagram settings did you add permalink tag to the posted info? please email your website and login details for an admin to so that we can review your issue.

Hallo, I am waiting for a answer, allready two days , or just refund the money.

You got an answer 2 days ago. read above.