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I have some pre buy query…

1. Will this App post in all the Groups I am member or only in I am admin?

Will it repost after timeframe given?

Will it repost after timeframe given?

Hi, yes you can set posts to have the system repost after set periods of time.

so many issues from comments , before buys anyone have this working on WP 4.8 , facebook and twitter posting ?

Hi, I am not sure i understand the first part of your comment but we have tested this plugin thoroughly on all current versions of WP including 4.8

Hi, pre-sales question. Can I just clarify that if I purchase this I am able to post on multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts at once? I have a small team and would like to share our website content through each of our social accounts.

Hi, that is exactly how this works. Each facebook age has its own settings but you can set each facebook to receive the same content and then through the cron jobs schedule them all to run at the same time.

Presale question: This says last update was “27 April 17”, but version update text says 11/5/2016, which is correct? When was last actual update, and how often is it updated?

HI, the last update was done in April :-)

Gone through demo…

Can’t I use as shortner??

Hi Currently no. There are many requests for different features and we are working on them as we can but do not want to develop a bloatware with too many features :-).

Ok… Will it Post all Posts since starting… or only some??

Also… Can we exclude categories?

Will it repost pages too?

hi there,
1. Can I share custom post types? I don’t have any blog posts.
2. Does it share on social networks recently published or old as well?
3. Twitter > can it post large image + meta description?
4. Facebook > can it post image + description?
5. What’s the delay between auto posting? Can I set some intervals?

Doesnt work for linked in or instagram. I cannot setup an account on your site to get support.

Hi, please send your websites url and login details to so that we can take a look at your installation to see what is going on.


I just bought the plugin now

But I can not set something up

A normal facebook post is thus formatted: title (in a separate line), content (separate line, full text) link (in a separate line) and image.

SMAP is all in one and there is a link missing at the end of the long text.

Can this be improved?


Hi, I’ve sent it long ago, but I did not get an answer.

HI we sent an email letting you know that we cannot access the sites admin using the username/password from your email on August 21. Please reset that for us so we can get this ticket finished for you.

Now try again. Thanks

The plugin doesn’t seem to work. Support doesn’t work either it seems.

Hi, please send your websites login details to along with what you feel is not working so that we can see what is going on with your installation.

Still not working, support doesn’t seem to do anything. After 1 Month it’s not working. I even bought 12 months support. Does that mean you guys will need 12 months to get it running???

any way i can add a hashtag to all my instagram post ?

Hello, we are interested in plugin but we see there has been no updates in months. Do you plan to release any updates soon? If yes, what are some new features you will be adding?

Also, is it possible to schedule when things post to the social media channels? Thanks!

HI, it is always hard to fix something that is NOT broken :-). We are currently not implementing any new features so an update will not be in the works for the next few months. It is currently possible to make simple schedules through the cron job (for example setting the cron to post every 4 hours starting at 9 AM) as well as saying to repost previous post every X hours/days)

Cannot create user in the support website because of the recaptcha image that is not shown. I would like to get help to setup. Many thanks!

Hi, please send a support request to with your website url along with login details os we can help you :-).

Still no scheduler? Im not talking about cron: I mean “I want post nnnnn to send to facebook at 12:00, instagram at 13:00 and twitter at 14:00”

All these requests for a scheduler like hootsuite or buffer and still no scheduling option in a YEAR?


Presale question

My server not supporting cronjob at this stage. I don’t need scheduling for now I’m doing Instant POSTING to facebook and Twitter, meaning if I write out a post on my website will this plugin SEND it to my business Pages and GROUPS plus Twitter instantly. And does it Support permalinks

Okay I bought the plugin and activate my facebook account try to post something but it’s not working

HI, can you please email with your website and login details along with a description of exactly what is not working for you? Thanks.

Hi author I already put in a request for a refund please I need it to do something else

Pre sale q: does it support other post formats?

Hi author,

After adding all App ID & Secret, it keep showing <Can’t load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and sub-domains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings. >

any plan to support woocommerce to autopost and autorepost product to social media?