Reviews for Belloo - Complete Social Dating Software

Reviews for Belloo - Complete Social Dating Software

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for Feature Availability

I like the site, it is what I was looking for to work with a relationship site with updates that is what we need and I recognize the work of the developer he is a little nervous but he works well in the code and I would like to thank him for the excellent work. I expect more resources and a new theme for the site kkk thanks

for Feature Availability

a deceitful content that removes previous features and tries to sell new features for extra money, I definitely do not recommend it, I want a refund.

I bought 20,000 fake users when I first bought it, and it wants extra money in the new system.

for Code Quality

After 45 days of trying to make this code work, I gave up, even though I bought the extended license. Unfortunately, the code quality is very bad, and fixing it is very hard and costly and comes with no guarantee that something else doesn't break along the way

- The mobile site is made in Ionic 1.3.2 from 2014 and nobody knows how it works or fix its bugs. It often goes into reloading loops and just keeps reloading. It doesn't support all of the functions the web version does, like story albums. It will not let anyone enter a profile of an online user, even if that option is deactivated
- Paid stories are blurred (not very), but the thumbnails are plainly visible
- Paid video-calls discount credits on initiation, even if it's not picked up. Imagine how pissed would your users be. The developer doesn't know how to fix it
- Referrals don't work
- Transferring Credits between users is glitchy, unreliable
- Low security - password requirements are any 4 chars and there is no brute force prevention. Additionally, passwords are stored both encrypted (for the system) and unencrypted (for the admin - according to the developer)
- Profile questions break when you use multilanguage, they show different responses to different questions
- There are 6 paid features for users, unclear what each does, one doesn't show anywhere, and another works only on the web, but not on mobile, its a mess
- Spotlight function can be activated (clicked) multiple times and it keeps discounting credits without adding time or showing expiration time anywhere
- You can set profile photos to paid, but it doesn't work
- In the panel, there are references to functions that are not there anymore
- The support is the dev himself and he is very resistant to be of help. He told me he was responding only because I bought the Extended License, so normal licenses probably have no support at all
- I could keep on, but there is a 2000-char limit
- I lost $600 + what I paid for trying to fix it

Author response


Remember that when you purchase the software you get what you see in the demo and we are very transparent about that i will be answering one by one in order from top to bottom

1- Yes we didnt added the feature of stories album to the mobile site and we dont plan to do it becaue honestly this is the first time i read someone asking for it i thougth people didnt actually like that feature i might consider it for the future
2- Thats the idea in my mind the thumb must be visible to insitate the person to really want it to see the big picture, and its more effective if its a video, that is how i saw in my mind and what i wanted to put into the code
3- What do you mean with reffereals dont work, i will review again but it should be working, it uses php cookies make sure your php system is ok
4- I said several times that transfering credits between account with the same ip is banned, the sender lost the credits and the reciever dont get nothing because the reason of using same ip
5- That feature was requested by clients that wanted to see the clients password for security reason i dont know some people likes it others dont, i might do something about it not something im interested in
6- There might be a real problem with the multilanguage and the answer defintly something im looking right now
I belive all the rest dont even worth to answer because are not relevant or not make much sense, you shouldnt hire anyone to work in my code and you could come to me always at and describe something like you did here and we could work it together

for Flexibility

Installation went without any problems! At the same time, the support service in the chat explained the essence of some of my difficulties, after which I easily completed the installation and configuration.
I really liked the functionality and customization options.
There are a number of things that I'm still learning. For example, the algorithm of the plug-in of fake users.

for Customizability

I have a problem, i cannot update from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 because the green update button does nothing. Overall a really nice piece of software.

And dont worry, im technical not a beginner.

Author response

Hey thanks for the review if you need assistance go to answer the bot questions and provide us cpanel access and admin account

for Code Quality

If you want the best dating script in the market, buy this script. It is tested and proven. Don't go wasting your money on others and get stuck! Buy a script that works and is also beautiful. Both design and code is perfect. Great job guys!

for Feature Availability

Today June 3 Makes Its 1 month I launch my dating website and Mobile App on Playstore.

My experience : This script is an excellent script. It’s very very okay. I have 518 people real users so far and I can say. I have no regrets at all. I am very happy I brought the extended version notwithstanding the high cost to me its worth it.

The only thing I will tell the author is that he should add onesignal notification or improved the pusher notifications so that it’s send website notifications to the browser when user chat.

There should be browser notifications like IN APP NOTIFICATION .


for Code Quality

I have been using this software for a year and I really like it.
I'm really happy with all the new updates that have happened lately.
I thank the customer support that is always available for anything I ask and always ready to solve my problems.
As for the software it's great and you can easily modify it to your needs, clean code is easy if you know a little bit about the programming language.

for Customer Support

Thank you so much for your fast support.

for Customer Support

Thank you brother, you are a good person and the service is excellent

for Design Quality

Much admired for the applied technology, this is the Best social networking software, innovative and advanced features, 10-point support accompanied by the system standard.

Do not buy it gus he will ask you for money just to fix bugs that he created he will ask 1000$ in crypto I want my money back refund me

for Customer Support

I had asked him to build me the site with a nice template, he asked me for money and never did! And yes it's been a year and more than I expected. Today I am working with another...


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