xohan does not currently provide support for this item.

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If I will buy script I will have a Lindoo script?

This is script is DEAD, seller will not respond.

Correct! A week ago I send an email but never received an answer. That is not a hallmark of a person taking his business serious. Then again, at least he states that “xohan does not support this item,” which speaks for itself. I believe his interest is more with the costly Lindoo scrip. To me it is not just the price of the script, but the time one spends just to get an answer, and in the end time is always more valuable. And folks, if you seek to succeed in this business…don’t go and pay for fake profiles, and rather purchase active profiles.


lcs1984 Purchased

Hi, I’ve just bought and installed this product and I’m having trouble logging in.

Still no answer on why the country doesn’t work and users can’t register?

A lot bugs, after 25k registered users started to work slow. My biggest problem i to turn off lame like system, because it is not possible to make video calls. and after that there is no button inside profile to like you can only like person if you will get it in encounters and this is REALLY RARE. After that search system is not good, you get only few filters. Report users inside admin panel is worthless because you can only delete them, there is no function to write message for what you report that user.

I both basically all dating scripts from codecanyon this is worst investment. Developer not making updates, he even not answer, but yes he is making tinder theme for 500 usd and offers. :DDD

We should get our money back for this POS script….took the money and ran

Wescravm.. I think to look before one leaps would be better, just like prevention is better than healing.

Especially when there are 2 places where xohan mentions that he does not support this item. Expecting that xohan will change his mind is wishful thinking, as he is involved with a much more expensive project.

That is the reason I never bought the script, because a script without support is useless. God look to anyone bying this script and expecting support!

IOs and Android app?

Hi, for 69 $ everything or need pay 300,400 $?

@Radecanyon – Dont buy this script! Waste of money. You can get this script for free via Google, nulled script. The mobile apps aren’t real apps, just a responsive site in an app, and they cost 399 EACH.(You can make your one within a day by following tutorials on youtube) And on top of that you dont get support. And when you do get it, its very poor. Its like he comes back every year with a ziggy update and collects some money and then disappears for months.

Well i won’t be buying that more expensive script, it might be abandoned.

Does datoo have a fake users system where admin can reply to user messages ?

I think the best thing to do is hire a coder from one of the freelancer sites and have them to fix whatever errors are on the script.
Think of this as an open source script now.
This is still a great script for the money of course, and I think if the script starts slowing down when you get massive users its not the script it is probably your server hosting?
I wont be buying this script but I may buy the Lindoo script because other scripts out there do not have the features that this script has that are really Great for starting a dating site and app.
Video Chat (PRICELESS)
Fake Users
Fake User reply manager (PRICELESS)
I have looked at many dating scripts and I haven’t found any with video chat that are reasonably priced.
I think what we need to do is band together and make a list of all errors on this script instead of complaining about it and then find a coder on freelancer to fix them.

anyone kno how to add fake users to this script?

this guy Xohan just made a new script Lindoo looks great but he was charging $799 for everything now its marked down to $199. However I tried to contact him several times with no response, I think he is a serial scammer. He codes these scripts and then abandons all of them after he has made a little money. The mobile apps dont even work or look like they do on the preview images at all. Why is this guy still on codecanyon? We may have to report him ASAP!!!

Xohan is not a scammer i have been working with him for a couple of years now and he helped me alot + he has alot of ideas to add more features into the script.

Una consulta viene incluido las apps?

Hello, I have a problem with the Facebook connection. Can you help me please ?

Where is support or help ?

@psycoscool There is no support and help. The author doesn’t want to support this anymore :D