xohan does not currently provide support for this item.

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ty @The_Mentalist But why ? !! It’s amazing after such a great success, anyone knows the fix for Facebook signup please?

whats my profile button

Hi pre-sales question does your script support Stripe payments thanks

Why is no shown the demo ??? I would like to buy but i need to see first

Hi, I am interested to buy this. But before this, Is it possible to add custom profile fields? Additions filter people based of custom profile fields and distance?

Thanks, Sam

Getting 404 errors litespeed on settings page and the admin settings Please HELP !

Demo goes to some other site.

How much will you charge to add Street Chat to it? https://www.chameleonsocial.com/chameleon_street_chat.php Thanks.

The most powerful dating script with this rating – 3.45 average based on 38 ratings – and no support, seriously????

No support usually means full of bugs the author can’t fix because they don’t know what they’re doing. But they expect you to pay $69 for a bug infested script. Great scam!

Do not buy products lindoo script with this seller, he cheated on me.

this is a brilliant script. but these days native mobil apps are kings as you know. i think implementing a mobile app for this script will boost your sale for sure.

Xohan Xohan is a big con man, bought a $ 100 script, said he was installing it 5 months ago, did not install the script, and did not give me the money back. David Lopes Lisboa Portugal

This project is dead. Even the Websites are all down.

Source code app?

Hi, theres option to add new user custom fields & filters? for example: religion, eating (vegan, vegetarian) etc?

It’s very different from the demo

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Is this dead or what? Sad it looks awesome. Hope it becomes alive up and running as I’m very much interested in it.