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Congrats my friend. You don’t need luck with this one :)

Hi, nice work, can i see admin panel?

yeah ofc all new accounts has admin right to check it out

very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

Does not work. The city that appears is far from my position.

793 km

that is pretty accure

Pretty accurate? 10 hours distance by car LOL

If I am not mistaken the location on the index page goes off of IP address location? If so, it can show a city pretty far away depending where your ISP is at.

Question. On the main landing page, there are options to log in. However, you only offer social log in. You should have a standard log in option as not everyone wants to use their social network to log in.

in the top right is located the “login” button, and in the bottom of the page is the regular form registration

Nice! Is it possible to replace with or have the options to switch from Fullscreen Video & Image Background?

What about footer?

I noticed you just released tinder clone and it seems awesome on demo site. With $399 price tag, are you going to setup Q&A forum for customers?

We need more stats on features and Admin area info etc. What about Apps does it comes with price tag of $399? I don’t think you’re going sell it on codecanyon?

You need separate webpage for Tinder clone with info and forum etc.

Very interested.

Hello this section is for Social match if you have question about tinder platform you can wo to our site Premium dating script and live chat with me.

Now it´s working 100% perfect. Congratulations!

So, right now I’m purchased the Geolocated landing theme for SM dating script and I’ll to test it.

Are you goung to leave this project like the others you left behind and people whot bought it coulnt have no more support

its more than a year and looks like the Author left the Project where 9 months ago he said he wont… is the Project still alive to buy…!!

Where is the IOS native app?