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metteogobbi, I’m having issues with registering and logging in. I debugged it, apparently when i click on sign in in the register page, it writes the information to the database. I check the database on the server from phpAdmin and found that all requests are saved. However, I do not get any response back from responseDict. It is always null. Also, when logging in, a session log is created in the database. But the responseDict is null and nothing happens in the app when you click on sign in. Could you please help?? Also does this support iOS7 ?

Also there are no errors from server and I have disabled error logging in php.ini just incase.

To clear one thing, On server: responseDict = Message On iPhone: repsoneDict = Null

Hi, you have to set DISPLAY ERROR to OFF on php.ini

How would I implement this to storyboard is it possible.

yes it’s possible…copy, paste and reconfigure the view in storyboard. I done this on my project startMe: https://www.facebook.com/startmeproject

Bought your code….how would i include the “photo upload” form on the UItab once logged in?

I am interested. However, would like to know if it can work with www.parse.com ? please advise. Thanks

This guy does not exist anymore…. I guess

it’s support IOS7? I’ve interesting your project


Do you intend to create one for android?

Hi, I get the following error message : 2014-07-31 10:54:00.712 SocialLogin[418:90b] Error: HTTP status code: 400

we have a lot of bugs in this code…;-(



Is this using RESTful web service? JSON or XML?

Is this still an active project?

Is this still an active project?

the project still active? is possible to connect a script based crea8social site

Nothing its working , its full errors , what i suppose to do? I am using Iphone 6+ and i have xcode7.

click and see ; http://i.imgur.com/dOniL5h.png

its optimise for iphone 5, and IOS 6.0

Im having a few problems with this, im getting 32 issues when i build the file and try to run in after doing all the backend things