Social Login magento2 extension

Social Login magento2 extension

Extension Overview

The Social Login extension can be used as an external authentication system, allowing users to login/register to your site using an increasing number of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. We offer a simple and trusted external login service and follow all the guidelines that are required by the various platforms.


When user login or register to your site, he is offered to authenticate using either Social Login or your existing site Login/Register form. Each of these two options lead to a separate logic flow.

The following are features of this extension

  • One click user account registration.
  • Customers don’t need to remember another username and password.
  • Reduce friction for repeat social login – customers typically stay signed into social networks, which means they sign back into your site with one click.
  • Improve security and increase trust by using social sign-on.
  • Ability to send newly created account details to the user’s email.
  • Ability to set custom redirect URL on which user will get redirected after they login with social media.
  • Admin can enable/disable social networks buttons and icons from admin panel.

General instruction:

This following instruction must be same while entering the redirect url in Social App & Admin Settings for this extension

For Facebook:

For Twitter:

For GooglePlus:


Fronted Demo Link:

For Backend demo request send us email on :