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Congrats!! Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you :)

support rtl?

Currently, the feature is not available. We will discuss it with our developer team and try to give rtl support in the future update.

Live view isn’t working.

Thanks for pointing out. It live now.

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)


WOW, Exactly what i’m looking for my current site. Is this plugin will work regarding the theme that means can i use it with any thems? I will purchase multiple license if needed to for each of my site.

I really like the items quality and support provided by you.I check all of your items and pretty much interested to buy them in the future.


Thanks for your appreciation. And yes our plugin will work with any themes. For further information do check our documentation.

Good work! Glws!


Hi there, if I use this plugin on my Wordpress site and then use Facebook login. If I click the login button, does it check the “login status of mobile Facebook app” and log me in automatically? Or does it only check the “login status of the browser Facebook login cookie?”

Let me know. Thanks.

Hello, It will check the login status of the browser. For facebook app it only works with another app, but not with the website. Thanks


elyera Purchased

You have some example of how I can use the verification of purchase of envato, because I enable it but there is no way I can get out. regards

Hi elyera,
Will you please contact about your issues with our support agent in our support portal
Then our support agent/developer can contact with you directly.

Thanks for your understanding.

RedQ Team

Nice product ;)


Hi Redqteam !

Your plugin looks like what I need. I have three pre-purchase questions :

1 — When I log in with Facebook/Twitter/Google account , does your plugin import the profile image?

2 — When I’m connected, does the wordpress top-bar appear? (I do not want to let the user think that the site is a wordpress)

3 — Does the plugin offers a page to modify their personal information, after registering?

Thanks in advance for your answer !

Best regards and Happy new year’

Hi James_Clark,
Happy New year to you too. :) :) Now, according to your inquires here is the information,
1> No this plugin won’t take the profile picture.
2>Appearing of topbar will be dependent on the user role you are letting the user to register. If the user is a `subscriber` then topbar wont be found otherwise your default login topbar will be shown.
3>user can modify their info from default wordpress accounts page.
Hope this information will help you.
Thanks RedQ Team

Hello, I need a social register plugin for buddypress. I mean when user will register with linkedin/twitter for example, his linkedin/twitter profile photo will appear … is this possible ?

Will push the changes this week. thanks

thanks a lot.

Thank you for being with us.


I would like to ask if the plugin sends any e-mails after the user logged in with a social network and if yes are these e-mails customizable?

Thank you in advance.


Greetings from RedqTeam,

hope you are doing well,

yes if your WordPress is properly setup for the mail settings an email will me sent to that emails.

but sorry this is not up to our plugin that mail is customizable or not. customizing WordPress emails it’s totally different concept from our plugin.

Our plugin only aims to make sure that the social login works for the customer.


Thanks for you reply, I hope you are doing well as well. I really need this customizable e-mails because custom e-mails from my woocommerce e-mails and only the social e-mails is not customizable and they look really ugly too. I hope you consider adding this feauture. It would really benefit woocommerce users.

as our plugin uses WordPress default mail so if you can manage to customize WordPress default mail I think your problem is solved. there are lots of free plugins which will give you the facility to change or customize WordPress default mail. but as i have mention erlier customizing mail is not a function you will get from a social login plugin. Thanks

Is it compatible with Visual Composer?

it is compatible with Visual Composer


Cybarian Purchased

Hi, I just purchased the plugin but I cannot find what I was looking for in the settings panel, can you please tell me:

1) What does this plugin imports from Facebook, Twitter and Gmail when you sign up? 2) How to create a login / signup form the one in your screenshots? – That was the reason I bought this plugin.

Please follow the documentation in this link You will get everything in details there. If you can’t understand anything then please follow the link to open a ticket in the following link

When you singup with any social provider it will fetch displayname, profile photo and email from there and some other public info.


RedQ Team


Cybarian Purchased

Hi, you did not answer to my 2nd question, how do I create the form like you did in the screenshots, also when I signup via twitter etc I see the form provided by the plugin, how do I customize it? I want my logo on top of it, there are no options, please advise!

Hi Cybarian,
Will you please report your issues to our support portal
You can contact with the dev guy directly via our support.

will this work with WooCommerce 3.0+?

Thank you for your queries.
Yes, It is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+.
RedQ Team

Hi RedQTeam,
This is a Pre-Sale Query Regarding this Plugin. Now, I’m Currently Working with the Listify Theme which Heavily Depends Upon the WooCommerce Plugin for the Customer Log-In / Sign-Up. I want to know if this Plugin of Yours can Help Me Achieve the Following Points :

1. Grab the Facebook, Google and Twitter E-Mail Id & Automatically Integrate them with MailChimp : So after a User Signs-Up through this Plugin, Will the Plugin Automatically Associate the E-Mail Ids with MailChimp ? Also, Once the Plugin is Set-Up, is there any amount of Manual Intervention Required regarding the MailChimp Integration ?

2. Seamless Integration with WooCommerce : The Listify Theme that I’m working with, Requires the Customers to Sign-In through WooCommerce’s “MyAccount” Page. I want Google, FB and Twitter Login Buttons to be Present on the “MyAccount” Page of WooComerce. Will this Plugin do that for Me ?

Kindly Revert,

Thank you for your queries.
1) Yes, you will get all of those features and also you will get social login buttons on your checkout page.
2)Yes, through woocommerce checkout page.
RedQ Team

Hi i’ve purchased this plugin and they’re working great on my site. However when i view my site from my mobile, its showing ‘Sign in With’ in different coloured boxes based on the social login colour. How do i configure the buttons to show ‘Sign in with Facebook’, ‘Sign in with Twitter’, ‘Sign in with Google’ to make them show up on my mobile?

Please open a ticket in the support forum and give us some screenshots of your issue. Our support guys will help you to solve your problems.
RedQ Team