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Hi, I am a YouTuber I make videos related to WordPress, I want to make a video about your Plugin, So I want it for Free, I make more than 40 sales per month on envato.

My YouTube Channel Link:

Hi ! I sent you a support request 4 days ago and I still have to receive a reply. It seems the “Button Title” doesn’t work on the Facebook Share tab. I tried re-uploading few times the entire plugin package via ftp. Still not working. Could you please tell me if there’s a solution for that?

Hey as you can see in the comments this is not working for many of my users… any ideas what is happening as it looks kind of bad for my site and am thinking to remove altogether

Hello I need a solution for a Squeezepage: I Need 2 Plugins. First a plugin to force the visitor to share the site, to download. Second a plugin to force the visitor to enter his email and look at his inbox and confirm his email to download. I want to give the user the possibilty to chose, which kind of unlock he wants to use.

Important: Both Plugins must work together on the same site. Both Plugins must work in at least in VC Theme. DIVI 3 Would be better, but that seems not to work if i read the last comment.

Do you have a solution for me ?

Greets from Germany AgentSmith

I can’t find any information about how users that already liked your facebook page in the past will be handled. Will they never see the locker?


mpuddu Purchased


I purchased the Social locker plugin few days ago.

It is great: i just converted several leads.

Unfortunately, the facebook like button does NOT work properly. :cry: :cry:

Instead of the youtube and facebook share button: they are OK (indeed i guess the facebook app id is correctly configured).

You can find here the locker error:

And here the app configuration:

Obviously, adblock is off and the app is open.

- This is the page with the locker:

Could You give me a solution?

Thanks in advance, Matteo


mankoff Purchased

I wrote in support, I’m waiting for an answer for two days, I can not activate the plug-in, I do not activate it either manually


makthrow Purchased

Can you update the google+ API enable article. It is outdated as google API’s website is changed. I’m having trouble following the tutorial for enabling and setting up google+ API

edit: nevermind I think it is updated, just looks slightly different and hard to follow but instructions are accurate


makthrow Purchased

is this necessary? domain verification in google client oauth id area

Hello, im having the same issue as mpuddu but with share button. 90% of my traffic comes from facebook and people browse it using facebook browser but the share button isnt working with this browser, how can i fix it?

My website is spread over 3 wordpress installs, will a single license cover my whole site?


cjcn Purchased

Good evening. Since the 11th of this month I have tried to ask for help on a problem, but until today I did not have any answer. It is to be regretted

Recently, due to technical issues, I had to change the domain. (From to I tried adding my key in the new domain, but now when I add the key. the license manager is saying.

“The request was rejected by the Licensing server The license key allows you to use the plugin in domain 1. You have already activated the key in domain 1 (s). the key to the domains you are using now. “Please solve this problem asap