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hello sir can I use it for one locker under another locker means 1st user choose one option to unlock then again it will show for another locker option to unlock it. if yes then please help me and tell me solution.

I just recently purchased from codecayon.

from another account

hello any progress on google + button fix? it doesn’t show counts also i don’t get any more new google+ likes.

Waiting this update!

i purchase this plugin :)

Hi there, I very like your this plugin and realy need it. I am using Publisher theme and Premium SEO Pack. Your plugin can used with them perfect? I am afraid have debug. Thanks so much! And i hope it will good.


buddinh Purchased

I want to change my license key domain. How can i do?

@buddinh just message OnePress directly. I’m thinking how much we should wait for this update.. Free plugins got their updates faster..

Hi ,can I resell the system?


ayron Purchased

Hi, Support is inactive? I’ve had a ticket open for 6 days. No answer. In the share option, no image is displayed. I have no control over the title and description of the content of the publication. Can you help me? Thanks

you can delete the key from your Previous domain in the WP dashboard


IS THERE anyone having problem with google + share ? it doesn’t work anymore ! does NOT unlock after sharing . CAN you fix pleas , thanks

@abufahad5050 Yes We are also Facing the same problem with Google +1 and Share Buttons. Both dosnt work anymore. Waiting for Update from Author


Please wait a bit. Tomorrow we will update the plugin.


My 1st question—

A prospect gives email address and subscribes. She comes to thank-you page.

On the thank-you page, the Social Locker overlay immediately comes. She is promised a free gift if she tweets or posts (on FB) the first item she subscribed to. It’s a different URL than the thank-you page.

Is it possible to include a different URL than the thank-you page for tweet, and can I have a custom tweet for that?

My 2nd question—

After she tweets or posts on the thank you page, can I bring her to a second thank-you page which again is overlayed with Social Locker with a different gift if she tweeted or posted a different URL.

In short, there will be 2 back-to-back bribe offers.

Is this possible?

Hi, I installed but it not working. I put the tags in the post and after it shows the same all content… What is the solution?

Hello,I would like to know on how much domains can I use this plugin or it is just for one domain? Best regards.

hi, im getting a lot of users complaining that they are sharing but the lockers doesnt unlock, particularly on this page ... any ideas why? thanks


Please wait a bit. Tomorrow we will update the plugin.


ok, thanks.

actually all my lockers are no longer showing at all…. is this an issue with the plugin or my installation? and many more thanks