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This is bad author and bad services. I bought this plugin, it not working as description and i contact to the author to resolve it but all the thing i got is the silent. U guys please don’t buy it. Just wasted time and money.

Hi, Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our plugin. Please contact us. We will try to fix any problem you encountered.

The plugin does not work properly: sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t work. And i do not understand how to use VK subscribe button i put the url of VK group but nothing appears in the windows. Could you please provide with more detailed instructions. The page:

And when user visit website and tries to like page on Facebook, the frame opens up to confirm that i want to like the page, but when i confirm it, nothing happens and content does not unlock. I should make several iteractions – like unlike like to open it.

So the problem exists in several similar plugins but some of them have fixed the bug. So waiting for your update.

Hi, Send me request by email and i help you to set this plugin.

I install the plugin and it not working correctly. After unlock the content, if i press reload the page, it will be locked again, no way to unlock just 1 time for all ? I also sent an email to you, hope you will reply it soon


You need set settings on the plugin option page (Social Locker / Options / Locker options / Session duration) for example set session for one year (31536000 in seconds).

I already set it, here: but it not working as you say, check this url: After subscribed, the content was unlocked but if i close the window reload the page, it will be locked and i must unsubscribe then re-subscribe again to unlock it again, it is too annoying

What should i do now MegaPress ?

Hello, First of all i think your products are great. I bought your product which i think is great, however i have a couple of questions. I have problems trying to activate license i have this error message “No se puede conectar al servidor de licenciasEl servidor de licencias no se encuentra ni está ocupado en este momento.Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener ayuda.” And finally i want to know how i can activate “social share buttons”, because there is only one zip archive to download.

Many thanks

Hello! You need to unzip the archive and install the plugin on your wordpress site. To activate the license, use the Envato data, if not works, send me an email for a support and I will help you. Thank you

Holo I want to buy your plugins but I need it for my web page that is not wordpress, I need it in the form of a script, I would like to know if you can modify it and I’ll buy it, I just need youtube and facebook, which you say?

Hello! Wordpress only

Hi, I bought the plug-in but I can’t use it. When I want to create a new “locker” I get the following error so it’s impossible to use the plug-in.

Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function wpdb::prepare(), 1 passed in /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-content/plugins/sociallocker-megapress/includes/add.php on line 24 and exactly 2 expected in /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-includes/wp-db.php:1222 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-content/plugins/sociallocker-megapress/includes/add.php(24): wpdb->prepare(‘SELECT * FROM f…’) #1 /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-content/plugins/sociallocker-megapress/sociallocker-megapress.php(1347): require_once(’/homepages/37/d…’) #2 /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): sociallocker_megapress_new_sociallocker_pro_add(’’) #3 /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) in /homepages/37/d592725685/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AltayDagistanGraphiste/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1222

Please, can this plugin’s social locker TRULY do: 1) User can unlock through tweet, fb like, and g+ (now g share)

2) The locker is fully responsive incl. on mobiles

3) The locker can be hidden for logged-in users

4) The locked content gets unlocked only after tweet, fb like, or g+ (now g share)

5) The unlocked cookie allows for a new forced social share after a week the latest

Again, if all 5 points work reliably, I will happily buy this locker too. All “lockers” I have checked out so far on codecanyon are mediocre at best, most in fact are garbage, Your answers to the above 5 points (please to all 5) will allow me and everyone else to decide if purchasing this locker is sensible. Thank you again.

Should we all assume that you no longer want this plugin to be purchased, hence why you remain so ueber silent? Maybe you know it no longer works, after the recent API updates? Please note that we HAVE to speculate here because codecanyon write at the top: “This author’s response time can be up to 1 business day.”

Well, that was 6 days ago, you know?

I would love to buy your plugin if only I can have confidence that if it doesn’t work as advertized then you will refund in full?

Let’s say, by tomorrow I’ll take your silence as conduct implying intent. I will order it and will require a full refund like I informed you here I would if it doesn’t work as advertized.


Hello! You can look how works this plugin on the Live Preview

23 days too late. Returned your plugin, refunded. You need to learn customer service. Particularly if you seek to sell.

I had Purchased your Product will i be Able to use this on my new website.? i don’t have my old website.

kindly provide me license key i just bought a new domain.

thanks my problem already solved

Hello When I Tried to upload it said it caused a fatal error. I deleted and tried again and the same thing happened. I then tried with a different site and the same thing happened. Can you please tell me how to fix this.

Hello, Were you able to resolve the problem? I have not heard back from you, can you please respond I was looking to use the plugin today for cyber monday. Please respond. I do not want to leave any bad feedback.

Hello, Send me request by email, please

I can resolve this problem

Hello were you able to solve the issue and get me a log in that allows the plugin to activate. Currently the purchase code from envato is not being accepted to activate the plugin. PLEASE respond it has been several days now.

Hello, Send me request by email, please. I can resolve this problem.

i need this plugin but i want to know hot to set youtube subscribe button & hot it is work. if you have any video tutorial please show me. Thanks.

Hello! You can view demo on our website

I have problems when the person is already subscribed to the YouTube channel, because it generates the error and does not show the hidden content. Any solution ?

set more time for session duration in options

Hello! I need a Lock Share solution in popup. I need you to block the whole page until the user shares. Like this example:

is it possible with your plugin?


Hello! I need a Lock Share solution in popup. I need you to block the whole page until the user shares. Like this example:

is it possible with your plugin?


Hello. Test this plugin on the demo page –

I need to popup locker all the page. This popup just would not have close button, the close action would be done after the share. Did you take my need? thankful

The amount of time I wasted trying to work with this plugin is priceless. smh. Refund me please!

Man stop selling this crap to innocent buyers! You are scamming peoples money and you know it. You know the plugin is buggy yet you continue to sell it. You will be reported and your making Envato look bad.

Hi there, whats up with the new updates? Last one is may 2017

Ok, will no buy it. No good arguments or responding.

I purchased the plugin but where is the bonus plugin ? I don’t see it yet

Bonus plugin included to the social locker plugin, it going together.

There is a problem it says all the time: Sorry. But you have not access to hidden content. Please try again. It is possible for the following reasons: You have closed the window without sharing or subscribe; If the window in which you do repost, does not open automatically, you have to do it yourself; There was a technical error.

if this error with a youtube then you need to add youtube api key to the social locker options.

I’m interested in buying this plugin but I want to know: Does the plugin allow lock code within lock code? Also, I didn’t see the twitter follow button in the demo, is there a twitter follow button?

Is the plugin on or do i have to purchase, download the plugin and upload the plugin to my site? I would love to test the plugin.