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Another doubt: did you test your plugin on facebook built-in browsser? Does it work there?

Not yet

You can test the social locker plugin in action on the live preview


domackb Purchased

Awesome plugin! I was using a different social locker before and the updates were slow and the support was non-existent. This plugin works. Simple as that. No problems with freezing, could use a little more documentation, but the support is fast.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m still waiting an answer about if this plugin works on mobile enviroment, specially on Facebook mobile app built-in browser and AMP versions of posts…

As soon as I get an answer, I will make my mind…

You can test the social locker plugin in action on the live preview

Hi, I already tested your plugin. What I am asking could not be evaluated on your demo page because you don’t have an AMP version of it. So, If you have a demo on an AMP page, I will gladly go there to check…


Eavigal Purchased

Hello! Is the plugin will work with RTL Theme? Is there a translation files? Thanks!

Hello! Should work, but I have not tested it yet with RTL themes. My plugin have translation files. What language do you need?


Eavigal Purchased

Never mind…i just bought it I’ll let you know how its work with RTL Thanks

Great Tool, but it doesn’t work with Facebook mobile app browser, specially on iPhone.

Thank you for your comment. I regular update and improve this plugin.

Hi, just a quick question do i need to buy a separate license to put the locker on different sites?...Does the extended license support unlimited websites?


Regular License: Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

Extended License: Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.


When I enter my license, the following message appears: The request has been rejected by the Licensing Server

The license key is not found. Please check the key correctness.

What can I do?

Best regards,


Hello, send me request by email and I will solve this issue!

how to know what is new on the new update, there is no Change Log

Hello! I will add Change Log in the near future


dungha Purchased

Can’t send to email ???

Hello! Try again or send request by envato feefback to me.

hello ,

please let me know where is documentation ? its not included its not same as you shown in images ?

Hope to hear from you asap.


Hi! documentation is included in readme.txt and in help menu. If you have any questions feedback me by email. Thank you!


klewan Purchased

Hi, purchased this, but it doesn’t work on mobile. 90% of users are on mobile now….? Is there a fix for this? Even your demo doesn’t work on mobile. Its asking for URL.

Hi! Some social buttons may not works on some mobile devices. I’m working on this for new plug-in updates.


klewan Purchased

Is there a way to not store to cookie, so the locker is always active when someone revisits the page after sharing? Thanks.

Hi, The cookies is required for a plugin works. Try set session time for coocies more longer in plugin option page.

can we set background data as transparent, this is amust feature

Hello! I gonna add feature of background data as transparent in the next plugin update. Thank you!

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work with wordpress 4.8 and WhatsApp button and Viber button ?

Hi, it is working

WhatsApp button and Viber button ?


I just purchased the plugin, and I would like to know if there is any option for when the user updates the page, the locker again appears

Hello! Set the option “Session duration” on option page (Social Locker / Options / Locker options). For example set session for one year (31536000 in seconds).

messenger button

3 most powerful buttons messenger viber WhatsApp to unlock content ?

Hi, viber and WhatsApp buttons for a share only. Look on the demo page how it works


craiu Purchased

This plugin is a waste of money. It is a total crap!!!! It does not work, just after many refresh of the page, a normal user will close your page and never get back!

Hi, friend! The plug-in needs a little tweaking. Send to me by E-mail what problems you have with the plugin and I’ll help you.

How do I disable the VK like button? Whenever I create a new lock it adds facebook, google and vk as default. I can disable fb and google but I have to “set VK App ID to use this button”. I don’t want to use VK but I have to create a developer app ID to disable this option in the plugin.

Hi! You can disable VK button in the options page. Try set any text in VK app ID and disable the VK like button.