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Hi, I have some pre-purchase questions… Can I lock the entire web page before the visitor like my fan page? And can I ask the visitor to like and share, only then the web page will be unlocked?


Thank you for your interest in the Social Locker plugin.

Sure, you can lock any content, including an entire page.

And can I ask the visitor to like and share, only then the web page will be unlocked?

Only one action is required by default to unlock the content. But you can create several lockers and put them into each other (nested lockers).

Please let me know if you have more questions.



rakcal Purchased seems to be very old. can u send me the updated doc? i am not able to see these steps now on fb


Sure, please see the plugin documentation in the folder:



I want to put a and buttons in this script. how can i do ?


I upload the Js and css files and add in header

but how I can use it with vbulletin forum?

for example in wordpress plugin I can use shortcode

but vbulletin I don’t know how to use it?


Please see the документация and examples which come with the plugin.

You need to add a css class (for example, ‘to-lock’) to the content you wish to lock.


I have noticed the following things for this plugin that I already bought!

1) In mobile and tablets, only like button works 100%. At all other buttons when you close the pop up window, it reveals the content without liking,followin or subscribing.

2) At twitter when you close the pop up window without following or tweet, the content will be unlocked also.

Will you ever fix that?


I purchased this and tried using in my Drupal blog. I get an error saying $ is undefined. Pls. suggest what to do?


Hi, for the first time in 5 years of buying scripts via CodeCanyon, I made the stupid mistake of purchasing a normal jquery script rather than the WordPress script.
Entirely my fault, but I can’t be the first person to do this
I have requested that I return my unwanted script for the Word Press version.
I’ve done this via a support ticket
I haven’t heard back
I’ve done this via the CodeCanyon refund mechanism
I haven’t heard back
At this point in time I have run out of time and need to purchase the script to meet a deadline
I’m very very unimpressed with the support that your team offer customers.

Seven days since I wrote this…....NO response
10 days since I logged support ticket….....NO response
12 days since I requested refund from CodeCanyon…..... NO response

Still on support, response or acknowledgement


I’m extremely sorry for the delayed reply. That’s done. I have just provided the refund for you.

Please let me know if you need any my further assistance.