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Thanks TylerQuinn , Just what I was looking for. awesome it works like a charm!!

I will give u now 5stars

Great, glad you like it!

Thanks again :)

Hi there, I just want to ask if this works with photoswipe, I{ll buy itstantly…

Not really meant to be used on something like that so I cant tell you for sure.

not responsive. :(

It is responsive, you just have to check the responsive box when inserting your image.

Is there a demo or documentation of the different image hover effects? I’m looking for one that isn’t as obtrusive as the demo – the share buttons show in the corner, smaller, and don’t block out the entire image. Is there that option?

The overlay can be changed to whatever you want but the hover information is the same regardless.

So I can specify no overlay, but the icon position is not configurable, correct? Do I need to know jQuery to change the position or is it done with CSS?

You would have to tweak the JS and CSS if you wanted to modify them.

I got problems with the code. I read creafully the instalation guide and check the template.html and nothing happends. I see that one customer got the same problem. Could you please post the solution?

Solved. But I can’t control the width of the images by css. If I set the with with CSS the plugin didn’t work. That’s a problem because the design I was doing is liquid and the images use to get resized. How I set the width by css¿

Why the HTML version is no responsive! 2014! Could you please update the code to a responsive one?

Yes the stand alone version will be getting a responsive update. To be fair no where in the description is this a stated feature, and the plugin is working 100%.

Social Image hovers for jQuery: does the social icons are sprite or individual images, what is the size of the .js file, can I use it in drupal based website, and after purchase if find any difficulty, whether you provide support?

1. Images for icons are a sprite.

2. Not sure off the top of the dome.

3. I dont use drupal so I am unsure of how JS code is added to a site but if you can include the code and resources there should be no issues.

3. yes, I have a free support forum!

Thanks again, Tyler.

HI Tyler, Looking to install this but I have a question about small images. I have a large image library but many are quite small. I am not sure what happens when image is say 20×20px? Thanks

You will most likely run into problems at 20×20 using a lot of buttons. This plugin is really for larger images.

quick question before i purchase your plugin. does it require any php scripts? my server is running .net.

many thanks

No PHP is not required.


I just purchased this, but I can’t seem to get it to share correctly :/

It keeps showing your example image (not the one I’m trying to share)

Any suggestions?


Have you set your options in the template JS code? Please read the docs and if you are still having trouble open a ticket.

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Hi Tyler I’ve read above that it’s responsive when one clicks the option but I assume that’s for Wordpress. I’m using the jQuery version on a standard html site with images that are meant to be responsive and not aligned in any way (inside

  • tags where their position will adjust according to screen with.

    The images are displayed as they are, no lightbox.

    I’d really appreciate your help.

  • (inside < l i > tags), images as list items.

    Documentation included kinda sucks for newbies, very vague information. I will try to figure it out myself i guess. If i cant, or cant get it to work i will be looking for a refund

    Sir is it working in Simple HTML Sites or not?