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Very impressive! Puchased, adapted to new file structure, works perfectly. Well done!

Thanks !

Simply fantastic..Works like a charm..Bang for the buck!

I’m happy you like it ! Thanks !

Amazing script.

Im trying it in Chrome and Safari


But in Safari I dont see the right text

Do you see the text in Safari? Maybe is a problem of my Safari explorer.

How can solve it? THANKS!

Hi Pegasus,

Thank you for buying and appreciating my work!

I’ve tested it on Chrome,FF and Opera on Windows and it works properly.

I don’t have any Apple devices so I can’t personally test it on iOS Safari, but according to:


there shouldn’t be any problems.

I guess it could be a bizarre iOS Safari bug… Try updating to the latest browser version (if you haven’t already)


Could you tell me how to use it with different icons. I want to use more modern “flat” images.


Thanks for buying my item ! If you are seeking to make something with the flat/modern look, I would suggest using an iconic font. Or even better, an iconic font generator, like fontello or icomoon.

What are the buttons meant to do? Are these sharing buttons like on Addthis? I need sharing buttons that don’t slow my loading speed down. I just removed Addthis cause it makes my site twice as slow. Is this what I need?

Hi, These are just images on anchor tags and the href attribute of your anchor tag will take the user to the URL you want (for example your facebook page, twitter account, etc.).

Could you please give me instructions on how to get this to work in wordpress? thanks

Hi, replied to you by email.

Got it thanks !!