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All images fb comments count is zero on mobile. Check your demo please ? Is it not for mobile or demo is not updated ? Thanks

Hi – the comments bubble shows 0 you’re right. Thanks for reporting this.

The plugin still works for mobile (comments and shares still work) however it looks like the bubble count has been stopped being supported by Facebook.

I’ll update the mobile add on however this doesn’t mean the plugin doesn’t work for mobile (the actual comment count when you click the comment link is still fine)

From the demo the images lightbox didn’t have their own unique url, is that not possible?

They have their own Social Page URL which all the likes, comments etc are assigned to

Hi, I’ve checked your demo page. Your plugin almost perfect to me.

1. I noticed that the contents don’t display at the same time on load. For example, social buttons and facebook comment box will load at last.This doesn’t look good. Maybe you can have spinning at first and then display everything at the same time at last. You can see in rtMedia about what I am talking about. That looks really good on load.

2. I use BuddyPress. It would be great if I can display username with profile picture in the Social Header section, rather than those links.

Do you think it will be possible in the future update?

One more thing. As I used BuddyPress. Users can post one image or more. If users post more than one images, it’s okay for the previous/next navigation to do the job. However, when a user posts only one image, your previous/next navigation still be there even there’s only one image displayed. And when clicked, it navigates to spinning, and it stays there, never stops. Because there’s no more image to display.


1.) They load in using the facebook comment box via ajax once the image has loaded. They can’t load exactly the same time. It’s a facebook thing.

2.) This isn’t something I plan to add, sorry.

3.) This will be your images mode. I suspect you’ve got it on all images or something and there’s other images hidden on the page or something (like logos, or footer images). If you use specific images mode and tell Social Gallery exactly what to open this won’t happen


We’re looking for a solution that works with Essential Grid. Can we just use your lighbox with the Essential Grid plugin?

Also, can the social information that appears on the right be removed so that it just uses the image?

Hi – yes it works with Essential Grid: http://www.socialgalleryplugin.com/social-gallery-essential-grid-example/

The social information is kind of the whole point of having a social lightbox. You can disable the sharing though if you want (and just have the title etc)

You’re also free to modify the plugin (and you can remove the right hand side white area (socials etc) with custom CSS

Will it be updated to wordpress 4.8.2 or does it work with it ? and if update will come..then .when ..

Best regards Ray

It works with 4.8.2 yes


The tag photo feature isn’t working properly. Screenshot: https://goo.gl/bLtgyV

can you tell me what to do?


Hello! we haven’t received any answer. Thanks!


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The latest release of Essential Grid, ver2.1.6.22, appears to remove the ability to display AdSense ads when you click images. Social Gallery Mode: Essential Grid Compatibility is still selected and Adverts still displays my Google DFP code. Aside from updating to WP 4.9 and this update there have been no other updates to the website.

Any responses appreciated.


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Is this plugin still being supported?

It is, but your support expired

“marvc had support for this item until 25/04/2016”

Hi! I just got the bundle from your site epicplugins.com, but without licence keys.I’d need 27 keys for 27 plugins. (#24325 November 25, 2017 Completed $29.99 for 1 item) Please check support ticket I’ve sent to epicplugins.com. Thanks.


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We are trying the plugin on our website: www.Autosocial247.com

But for some reason, the plugin dosent seem to work. I had changed some settings, and suddenly it dosent shown correct. Even if I delete it from our system and download it as new again, it still has the same old settings.

Futhermore, the pictures we have opens up both in the standard Wordpress gallery, and the Social Gallery behind. Try to test it here in the gallery below: https://autosocial247.com/2017/12/mercedes-c63-amg-wheels-stolen-copenhagen/

What can we do, to make it work?

Best regards

my share buttons shows only up under other image how can i solve that

Hi – please send support request to support@epicplugins.com

Can I use other ads network other than Adsense and DFP? Does it work to just copy&paste the HTML tags from the ads provider in ‘advertisement settings’?

Hi – no because the lightbox loads in via AJAX and google DFP supports that.

Can you disable the facebook comments part and just have a basic lightbox with this plugin?

Hi, you can disable FB comments and use Disqus, but the purpose of the plugin is to be able to comment and like images