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Hi, I just installed this item and the comments are overflowing the comments box. Also I’ve added my facebook app id and admin id but I’m not able to moderate the comments on the facebook developer tools page.

Hi, I created an account, but I cant seem to create a new topic in the forum. I can reply to existing topics, but there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to create a new help topic in the forum.

It should let you. Drop me an email mike@epicplugins.com

if your having issues with it saying your not logged in, try refreshing the page first.

Is this product still being supported. I’ve sent two support request -one via this page and another on the support forum, but still no response. Can someone please get back to me regarding the issues I’m facing?


Yes it’s supported. Turnaround times are 24-48 hours. Please keep support requests to the forum

I have a Question:
I need to make a web site for copyright registration of visual arts, thats mean artist do that steps:
1- register on the website
2- upload they own made images/videos in specific category (they are few category like 2D Arts, 3D Arts etc …)
3- web master check that image if confirmed will published on his/her own page artist gallery 4- this upload have limitation like upload how many uploads per month by user level (Normal, Golden, Diamond …)
5- this levels and limitation by point that user can gain or buy also could be free for basic option

Are you asking us to assist you in creating the website? If so you can go to http://epicplugins.com/epic-freelance and submit a request there. If your asking if social gallery will do those things then no, that is not what it’s designed for. It is purely an enhanced lightbox with Social settings

When i click on the photo, it opens then close down. help please

Hi Manishz

Your support has expired for this item.


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In Mobile how can I download the photos, the screen is blocked does not allow you to download photos

Your support is expired I’m afraid.

i love this plugin, 5 stars…thx a lot. im using it on www.janina-johnson.com and i really love it. but pls update, that i can disable the plugin from each galleries. i have fb stream on menu “privat” and there the plugin works ,too, but it shouldnt…:-( but really nice nice nice plugin <3 thx so much

Support requests are handled on the forums here: http://epicplugins.com/help .. Do you have an exclude selector set? check out the documentation here: http://epicplugins.com/help/doc/social-gallery-plugin/

Hello, when commenting on facebook, is there any chance to preseed “Also post on Facebook” automatically ?

Can you explain a bit more as to what you are trying to accomplish? Are you saying that you want to have a checkbox pre-checked for everyone who posts comments? The Facebook sharing is done through another plugin which we do not have control over.

can your plugin make the image slider at my post here, https://goo.gl/8GJtMq appear like your function right now?

Hi. It’s a gallery viewer. A slider isn’t supported I’m afraid.

Purchased it yesterday and so far it works but how do you use the auto-open option? could you elaborate a bit more where to add the term please? “Social Gallery has the ability to auto open an image by adding the id ‘social-auto’ to your image link for example”

Hi. please email support@epicplugins.com for support.

Hi there, there seems to be an issue at mobiles. The image and the comments section are not responsive. Could you give me a solution with this? Thanks in advance.


Hi please send support requests to support@epicplugins.com

i have, plz check it. Thank you

I just want to warn future buyers that this plugin DOES NOT SUPPORT MOBILES. You have to pay extra for the mobile version… (REMINDER… We have 2016… ‘17 coming soon) Sorry guys but this is unacceptable… this is milking…

Also… REMOVE the responsive tag… this fraud… this is going to Themeforest too.

Have a nice day

Just to be clear..

The plugin is “mobile ready” the decision to separate the mobile add on into an add on is to give people the option of using the Social Gallery Mobile Add on or a different mobile add on (many gallery plugins have options for how to display on mobile, with Social Gallery being one of them)

Social Gallery gives you the option to turn off Social Gallery on devices and use your gallery lightbox instead OR you can use the separate add on.

It was split out to keep the price of this plugin down rather than increasing the price for everyone up to $44.

It’s not fraud, it’s giving more options to users. Which would you prefer a $24 plugin + an optional $15.

Or a $40+ plugin which has the mobile version built in.

Hope this makes the split out clear.

responsiveness is not an option… it is standard… i saw many comments complaining about it too… i would prefer to pay 40 and take a fully working plugin! anyways, have it your way…

We will take your feedback on board, we’ve had opposite feedback that people didn’t want the mobile option included when it was in (as it was too pricey)

It’s not the reason for a 1* review, but given your strong views please check the support ticket you’ve opened.

Hi there,

I just bought your plugin and seemed to be faced with a few issues while using with Justified image Grid, which I bought your plugin solely for the purpose to integrate both images loaded from Facebook and to load the Facebook likes stats onto my website:

(1) Logo doesn’t load when page is loaded.

(2) Even though photos are Liked on Facebook, it doesn’t show up on the lightbox Likes on my website.

(3) Images only seem to load a thumbnail image and not the full size image.

(4) There seem to be an extension of space on the white box on the right and is scrollable when there is no content at all, which makes the layout looking quite ugly.

(5) Justified Image Grid seems to only display a max of 25 photos for one album, I have usually more than 100 images, is there other alternative ways I can fully utilize your plugin to do that plus retrieving the related Likes from Facebook?

Please do help me to rectify urgently. Thank you.

URL: http://bit.ly/2gXCpfU


Please send any support requests to support@epicplugins.com

Support isn’t handled via the CodeCanyon comment system

Pre sale question: I have the free version and did a test but, dont appear the image into facebook page, on my feed… is possible to appear the same image than into the website?

Hi – you’ll need to run the Pro version for Social Gallery pages to be created and the image to be displayed on the Facebook wall.

As for the comments, they are comments on your website, not on facebook – they don’t transfer over since they are different URLS and domains.

about comments, maybe you understood wrong… sorry. I know that show only one comment, about this, its ok I will purchase your plugin, Tks

(sorry my english also…)



chodhry Purchased

is there any problem with the tagging system. I am not able to tag any photo on your demo site.

Hi, the tagging works fine for me.

It’s probably what you’re expecting to see vs what Facebook actually show.

When listing your friends to tag, Facebook only list the friends that are also signed up to use your app.

They don’t list all your friends, just those who have logged in via Facebook to your app / website (i.e. if you have a Facebook Login system on your site).

Facebook presumably do this to prevent people spamming friends lists.

If using this feature you’ll also need an independent way of getting users to sign up to using your app / website with their Facebook account.

Hopefully this makes sense

I can not save the changes, and I am shown blank nextgen gallery where should go the social gallery plugin

Please send an email to support@epicplugins.com with details of any errors your getting and screenshots if possible. One of our support reps with assist you as soon as possible.

comment not pulling

Can I customize the left area of the lightbox as I see fit? For example, I need to place text and photos there – is this real?

Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?


Hi – you’re free to modify the plugin but the plugin is sold as advertised

hi. love the plugin. use it to stream a facebook-stream via jig. but if i share a photo on facebook i don’t see the picture that i share. what i do wrong? best regards.


Hi – support isn’t via CC comments I’m afraid. Please send through to support@epicplugins.com

Hi, stupid question, but the link in the plugin doesn’t show the userguide anymore. Where can I find it now? Cheers, Eric

Updated the change log

Tag Photo: Invalid Scopes: read_friendlists. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions

Is it still showing?? It shouldn’t be


Updated now