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Hi, I just bought the Social Gallery plugin. I am using JIG to dislay galleries from Next Gen. I can get the facebook type light box to appear which is great.

What i cannot get to work however is get the add to favourites button to appear.

Also, even by using just the wordpress gallery, the add to favourites appears but i cannot remove from the wordpress backend section even when from the frontend they have been selected.

Abit disappointed in the sense that the plugin says its compatible with both Next Gen and JIG, yet the add to favourites feature doesn’t work.

Thanks this shortcode work [nggsocial ID = ””] works. This shortcode however only displays the basic next gen gallery. Next Gen have also changed the shortcode structure after their 2.0 version and takes the form of [ngg_images gallery_ids=”1”display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow”]. Is there a way for it to work with this?

It doesn’t with slide shows. The compatibility is with you image useage. Nextgen has it’s own display of the photos. Or you can use the same photos but display them with social gallery and not have to re upload them etc


Hi, not showing numbers of likes or comments on the image in Windows Explorer and Firefox. Only in Google Chrome is working. Can i fix it?

It works fine on my FireFox, the numbers are in RED though so you may want to tweak your theme CSS

No, i purchase Social Gallery plugin,actually twice :) But iam asking here in shortcodes because that function does not work corectly for me.. it works so it’s okay, problem on my side. What about explorer??

My guess is if they show up on one browser they should on any others as the code doesn’t change.

Try opening internet explorer developer tools, (F12) and see if it gives you any specific errors

hey man…

a few months ago i asked you about some updates… specially if can i could create albums just like facebook… did you remember??

well… i saw you put a big effort in your plugin… and… is it done this update? can i really create albums just like in facebook?? i’m asking this because i couldn’t saw in any of demos….

thanks! =)

No. This is a gallery display plugin. Not gallery management.

but… can i use an another plugin together to display many albums as i want?

Yeah NextGen works well

I’ve got the plugin working and I’ve I’m using NexGen Gallery to render the images. However when I click the ‘facebook thumbs up’ or ‘comment’ nothing happens. Does this feature only work when you have Social Gallery installed?

Never mind. The problem was my Facebook app wasn’t active yet, all good now.

Awesome :) this does integrate exceptionally well with the Social Gallery Photo Viewer too :)

When displaying a users favourited images using [ sgfavourites] is there a way to display the post title as a link on top of it?

I’ve tried placing this code in the for loop and it only brings back the page URL.

foreach ($al as $picture) { $thumburl = $picture->p_id; $perma = get_permalink(); $title = get_the_title(); echo "<div class="sg-item social-gallery-item">"; echo "<a href="$perma" target="_blank">$title</a>"; </div>


Doesn’t the admin page do this already? I thought it output the post it was liked from under the photo??

Check the “your favourites” on the admin page (go to users-> then there’s a column showing “favourites” click that and it takes you to ones you’ve favourited) which is where the link is I think

Social shortcode doesn’t load social gallery! Yes, I bought shortcode plugin as well, but it doesn’t work. When the page loads, suddenly the images appear but after 2 seconds they desappear and the only thing I see is loading…, loading…and loading images without anything appear…I don’t understand what happens. The social plugin itself works but the shortcode does not with my theme’s built in gallery (Averta Lotus Theme) and not even with NextGen Gallery which I installed only for this. Here you can see the forever loading galleries: http://radiohungara.com.br/galeria-hungria/mulher-hungara/

Other point is that I bought mobile plugin as well which also does not work. Social image box is not responsive. So, let’s fix it please! I am frustrated because all day long tried to resolve this without any success.

Can you help me, please? Thank you very much in advance,


Answered on the forum


I am getting this error. Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv() in /home/sitename/public_html/wp-content/plugins/socialshortcodes 2/socialshortcodes.php on line 910

I have tried TwentyFifteen and TwentyFouteen themes. Can I fix this?

Hello Jenninfinch,

Please direct your technical questions to our support forums: http://epicplugins.com/help/forums

Have a good day.

the favourites shortcode does not display anything.

Still no reply btw. But you replied here fast enough…

That’s because support is handled via the forum this is pre-sale questions (not technical support), partly due to being on a mobile device.

I’ll be checking in on the forum tonight and picking up any unresolved posts that Karim cannot answer.

Make sure you have posted in the “Social Gallery” forum: http://epicplugins.com/help/

I appreciate that, thank you.

The favourites shortcode still doesnt do anything, having tried it on a basic ‘2015’ theme and with no other plugins active. I have waited several days for support and am still waiting for a resolution or explanation as to why this is the case. I am unhappy with the slow pace of support for such a basic issue.


Sorry that you feel this way, rating the plugin 1 star isn’t the answer though.

The shortcode does work, when I looked you had it set up on a complex site with allsorts going on

The rating reflects my experience with the quality of your product and service.

As far as I’m aware your issue is with the speed of technical support

Karim does his best and mike will answer anything he can that Karim can not but this will take a little time (ie you need to be patient)

Your initial support request didn’t include enough information for mike to be able to answer

He’s due on the forum tonight so will be picking up any replies them

Finally it’s worth keeping in mind support from authors isn’t required it is optional

Either way the rating isn’t fair due to resolution taking time to sort your issue

Please kindly change your rating while we work with you to correct your issue

as I said I tested it on 2015 with no plugins.

Hi. When I use the plugin with the shortcake it does not work. It shows a loading progress but nothing more. Hopefully you guys could help me. http://unmaskcurves.com/kata-with-love/


Please direct your technical questions to our support forums: http://epicplugins.com/help/forums

Please note that typical turnaround time is between 24-48 hours. Thank you for your patience and I’m so sorry for the delay in response.

Have a good day.

Hi, I like this plugin very much. I just need to know whether the users that register an account can upload images too?

Is it also possible to have a sidebar with categories, so that visitors can filter the images that they want to see.


The plugin runs from the [gallery] shortcode – it’s a display plugin (rather than an upload plugin)


Thinking of purchasing this plugin

can I automatically load images from the Media Library by parent Info (e.g. parent=637) ?


Thank you for your interest in Epic Plugins. You’ll have to run the scanner on your library first, but I’m not really sure I understand what you mean. Could you please elaborate?

Have a good day.

I have a group of images that are uploaded by the public directly to my media library, each one of them because they come from the same page will have “parent info = 637” below the description. I will have thousands of images, so I’d like to create a gallery of these images that automatically load on my front page without me having to do anything because of the “parent info” shortcode or something similar.

I have two galleries on my underconstruction site look at the bottom one that starts with the yellow car it is calling the parent, it works like I’m describing but unfortunately its not responsive.


this plugin is a lightbox viewer – it displays the images on your page in a Social Lightbox.

How you display those images on your page isn’t something the lightbox plugin does (since it’s an image viewer – not a gallery display plugin)