Discussion on Social followers bar for WordPress – Foller

Discussion on Social followers bar for WordPress – Foller

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Hello developer! I am looking for a way to show followers numbers (twitch and twitter) for a carousel of team members, please check the screenshot below and let me know if its possible with your plugin? Thank you!

Hello! Unfortunately, the plugin does not provide for such a use case. You can only have one tracking account per social network. We can offer you the implementation of the required feature as a custom service. Please contact us via if you are interested.

Like this a lot! I would definitely buy if this also had patreon, subscribestar, and as those are ones I use most for my sites.

Hello! For now, it is not provided, but this feature can be considered as a custom service

I’m using version 1.1.6 but Instagram isn’t working

Thanks a lot for fixing it, I have V 1.2.0, but I don’t see this option at all.

It should be in the Networks settings. Please try to uninstall the plugin with all settings > and then install the latest plugin version. Perhaps not all data has been updated.

Thanks a million! It worked after following these steps ❤

Presale Question – Keen to buy but…..does this work on WP5.5 and Page builder 6.2? Any known issues? Will it kill my site if I install it?


  • Yes, the plugin works perfectly with WP 5.5+
  • If you mean WPBakery Page Builder, then yes – plugin works with WPB 6.1
  • You can explore comments for all known issues. But most likely all of them have already been fixed.
  • I don’t see your website :grin: But so far Foller’s account is 0 killed websites.

Hi, I use elementor, I wanted to know if I can set the social links dynamically? I have a listing site and I need to set up dynamic links or dynamic links based on what subscribers have set up in their user area. Normally I do it with elementor, I wanted to know if it can also be done with your plugin?

Hello! Unfortunately, the plugin does not provide such functionality.

I need to display a set of follow icons for social media on my site however I need different sets for different staff members, is this possible with your plugin?

Hello! This feature is not provided, you can add the same set of icons for all pages.

Hi. I have a pre-sales question. You say that the icons are customizable – would I be able to load my own custom icon then to replace a standard social icon? Thanks

Hello! You can customize the shape of the icons, but can’t change the type of icons since each social network has an appropriate icon.

Hello merkulove, please don’t miss to solve “Links do not have discernible name” error in Lighthouse! Thanks again for your work!

Hello, ok, we have noted this.

I have the latest update, but twitter and youtube count is not showing. What should I do?

Hello! To work with YouTube you need to enter the API key in the plugin settings As for the twitter, we just got permission to use API Twitter for our plugin and we will implement all the necessary changes as soon as possible and release the new version.

Latest update made this error on Lighthouse: any idea on how to solve it?

it is not related to the Foller update, most likely, Lighthouse has been updated and start checking this point as well. In any way, it will be added in the next plugin update.

The latest update have also broke the twitter counter…Im waiting for an update to solve this, now i have changed to “button” instead “counter” because twitter counter is broken.

Yes, now it only works as a button. Twitter changed the conditions and we need to pass verification to use the API. We are going through now. Once approved Twitter will work correctly in the Foller

Is there any update on this? Thank you

Hello, we are still waiting for an answer from Twitter

When I try to get latest update i get this when click on plugin details:

Hi, we can’t reproduce this issue on our side. If this happens again, contact us via to consider it in more detail.

Hello, according to my facebook page I have 101 Follower but the plugin counter stopped at 90. Any idea?

Hello! It looks like data caching, please try to disable the HTML caching.

Hello, I have done all options deleted cache, disabled html caching, deleted cache from browser, deactivated plugin, uninstalled plugin. The problem still here. No problem with twitter. If i change facebook page with other page..90 still here no update.

Done problem solved by sweeping all cache with a wp sweep plugin! Thanks for support

Hello merkulove I have a communication problem via email with you. A sort of STAFF there any way to increase speed by using the standard SVG font (for icons image) on foller plugin? Screenshot:

Hello! The plugin includes three font types: ttf, svg, woff. The browser uses supported and the most optimal type. So, in this case, we have done our best.

Just installed this on a website. All the networks work apart from Facebook, which worked when I initially installed the plugin but stopped working overnight. No matter what Facebook page I try and use the counter won’t show. Also doesn’t matter if it’s Do you have any suggestions as to why and how I can fix it?

Hello! There might be some problem with your server settings or WordPress settings. Unfortunately, I can not give you detailed advice about your issue. We provide technical support only to CodeCanyon customers.

This is the best plugin I ever tested for Social. Easy to use, clean code. Awesome work

Thank you so much!

Hello merkulove can in the future updates add an option to make the inside icon more bigger? I want full control. And If someone use Type: “Button” instead of “Counter” it would be great if we have a paypal button, Discord button, Print button, Reddit button..

Hello. We do not plan to add buttons that cannot be used in counter mode, for example PayPal or Print button. Perhaps we will add Discord and Reddit if it is possible to receive some kind of comment or message counter.

As for the font size and icons, this is a great idea – we will add it in future updates.

Please take a look at this screenshot: please merkulove add rel noopener

Fixed! What tool did you use to inspect the code in the screenshot?

Ok I click again “Save Changes” and everything now work as expected no more errors. (Probably some cache errors). No more big dashboard icon and solved the Link problem. Thank you merkulove good Work!

Same problem as “revealer” plugin the icon on light WordPress Dashboard need to be changed…thanks merkulove

Good work!!! Good luck with the sales! :)

Thank you!


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