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Can i use it on FB Group pages?

This allows you to pull images from an album, so I think if you pass the page ID in place of the album ID it will work. If it does not then let me know and I will have it fixed.


I got problem with your plugin. I have bought flow gallery and social feed plugin but I cant make it to work. Can you tell me how exactly JS should look to display facebook and instagram albums? Also when I set folder for the gallery it dont display any photos from this folder.

Thank you

The documentation provided with the extension explains how you need to initialize it in order to pull photos from various social media.

If you still can’t make it work then contact me through my profile page message box and give me the link to your page where you have embedded the gallery.

Hello i bought the social feed extension, but flowGallerySocialFeed don’t work, is possible upgrade the guide with better examples? thx

I sended a private mail

THX!! WORKED BUT i have a question is possible implements instagram ,facebook and pinterest in the same gallery?

Replied to your email.

can i merge or select multiple album to display ? i mean
1.if i have 1 fb page, But want to show just 2-3 album of my page in webfeed
2.if i have 2-3 fb page,I want to merge to show 4-5 album in webfeed
3.this code can select file type to feed ? if i want to feed just video only.

If you upload a video file into your FB account then it will be available for pulling in the gallery.

The gallery supports pulling items from an user, album or albums. This has also been mentioned in the item description.

and it support fb fanpage ? or just fb user

mean this code can connect and feed photo+vdo in other fanpage (in case i not owner,admin of fanpage)

if support can you sample to test feed in this fb fanpage

You can pull photos/videos form any FB user account as long as you provide the correct username associated with that account and also if the owner of that account has allowed the pulling of photos/videos.

is possible in the future implements Twitter Feed?

I have no plans to include Twitter feed.

another question, i implemented Instagram but only show 33 images, and putting 100 in the limit.

Instagram has a maximum limit of 33 items per request.

hi instead of photo zoom can we link our instagram url where the photo location is

No, that is not supported. You can leave links in the captions.

Is file needs a database?

No database is required. You just need to provide the necessary plugin parameters when initializing.

Information you mean User and User ID only

Please go over the documentation where everything has been explained in detail.


This is my transaction code: 9921842b-0c69-4c2e-8e5d-7d4749f453c9

I cant display facebook albums in social feed plugin because I get this error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) facebook albums

There is no problem with photos and videos.

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Website is on local server so I cant give you the url. I can send you the configuration of the plugin.

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –


is it possible to implements instagram ,facebook and pinterest in the same gallery ? and it’s possible, there is the possibility to display 2 different instagram account in the same time ?

thank you

No, this is not possible.

for my first or second question ? Or both of them ;)

mmm… not easy at all lol, i’ve juste bough the pulgin and this extension but can’t make it work… sorry my english ‘im french

I don’t exactly see where you have embedded the gallery, but you are initializing the gallery plugin before you have included the scripts or even jQuery. Please check the provided demos to see where to place the initialization code.

Hello i’ve added it , because flowaggery working but not social feed

You are still including the initialization code (present in init.js) before the Flow Gallery and Social Feed extensions are included in your page. Also why are you including both the minified and un-minified versions of the Social Feed script?


Is this plugin still supported? Because instagram has stopped working and I didnt changed anything.

Console log: [flowGallery] Instagram request failed

The only thing that has changed is the way to get the access token. You need to register an app in Instagram, and then with the generated client_id you need to generate a access_token which you will need to provide to the plugin settings. Check the section called “Client-Side (Implicit) Authentication” in here –

So how my userID and sourcetype should look like? There is not enough information in the documentation.

EDIT: Ok now I get it. I cant display not my instagram feed as before. Now I think its working. Thank you for your help.

Good to know you got it working.

Hello, I bought this product. how I can use my product to download files. I use jQuery it fails. font errors. Please help me Thanks!

That extension also needs the Flow Gallery jquery plugin (, so have you bought that?

I do not understand I do buy this product. it’s nothing. Can you help me. I want to refund the Social Feed – Flow Gallery Exension. I will buy the product and Flow Gallery – HTML5 Multimedia Gallery. please help me.

It has been clearly explained in the item description of Social Feed that it is an extension for the Flow Gallery jQuery plugin and will only work when you use the extension with the Flow Gallery plugin. So you need to buy Flow Gallery and only then you can use the Social Feed extension.

We purchased your Social Feed – Flow Gallery Extension along with Flow Gallery day before yesterday. What I cannot figure out is how to get rid of the information button and to get rid of what looks like a mistype. The only modifications i have made are to change the directory for the cache and removed CSS that i didn’t need.

To hide the info button you will need to use css and set that button to display: none

I am not able to locate the typo that you are referring. Can you tell me which file and line number? Also sometimes the content from the social media api have formatting errors and typos.

I removed the button by removing the line in the js file. What you are saying is that the facebook api has a formatting error?

The api itself does not have any errors, but the content for the posts that it returns sometimes have bad formatting. So do you think this is happening here, or is the typo generating directly from the plugin’s js file?

Hello, Instagram: How can I use sourceType = tag or popular. I tried but it does not work, you can help me. Thanks!

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –

I sent via “Email cosmocoder”

Replied to your email.

Hi, can I filter events only for facebook?

Do you mean if you can only have Facebook items in the gallery? If so then you can have that, as this extension supports utilizing only one social media per gallery instance.

I want to get rid of normal posts, like photos, videos or text and only show events. Is there a way to filter like this?

Filtering like that is not supported. The extension lets you pull feeds that are of the type “photos”, “videos”, “album” or “albums”

Hi again,

I think the instagram feed has stopped working.. Looking forwar for update.


You should check your browser console for errors