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anybody home? posted to support 6 days ago. Is the author around? Thanks

REALLY UPSET I BOUGHT THIS PLUGIN. The reason I chose it was because of the shortcode ability so that I could add the discount share feature on one particular product and not have it apply to all products. But the ‘share on product page’ feature doesn’t work, regardless if it is applied to all products or just one. It allows you to share and it says that the discount has been applied to the cart but when you go to the cart page, the discount does not get added. I was going to post in the support forum but I see the developer isn’t replying to anyone there and nor has he replied to comments here in the past 9 Months. Hope he’s OK but I recommend not buying this plugin.

looks like this plugin is dead.

i bought these plugin and been emailing author…......The Author isn’t around, so don`t buy these plugin there is no one replying…. ENVANTO pls take it down before someone buy it again…..

Presale Question: Is this any good? shall I use this Plugin for my Online-Marketing?

It looked quite ok, but reading all the responses here made me anxious…

Hello! I’ve read negative comments about this plugin and that the author does not respond… let’s see! I have a problem, when sharing the product page, on facebook no image appears, just a white block and the text….! I hope somebody will answer…

Plugin killed my site and also author’s site has the same problem. http://tyler.tc/ takes ages to load. Avoid.


facebook share button is not working, it’s giving me an error. http://prntscr.com/bdzqkj. How to fix that?

Hi Tyler,

I’m searching for a plugin like this but I have a last question before buying it: is it possible to apply the coupon based on a like and not only on a share?

“If the customer has liked our fanpage, he will get a discount”

best regards


We are interested in this product. But we are not sure which coupon code generator we should use to make it compatible with your plugin/add on.

Actually we are thinking of using coupon for: - Signup and get discount coupon by email…we will link this with email plugin. - Coupon for social share for your plugin/add on.

So we need one coupon generator for both above.

Can you advise please?

regards Ratan

I’m about to buy this and was wondering if the customer has a coupon already applied, and then shares – will they receive another discount (if both coupons are set to allow other coupons)?

Hi, I just bought and already have troubles. When activated, all products are disappearing from shop (using theme Atelier). Then trying to register for support, I received: Sorry, this key is already in the database or is for a different Envato item. If you think this is a mistake, please contact us to resolve the issue. Time is money, I see you don’t bother answering for months, I want refund right now!

Dear Author, I encountered a major problem with this plugin, when you click FB share it pops up with the approve / post pop up, on the top left there is an “X” if the customer clicks it, it applies the discount without posting. Meaning it doesn’t work, and could lose me money, can you look into this please ?

I just bought this and it doesnt work…

Hello! Could you show where I can change discount amount? I can’t find it.. I have only social coupon page with social settings. That is all. Can I set discount manually?

Can you please add Instagram for us?

With latest woocommerce coupon applied only if cart is not empty How to fix this bug?


WARNING: Do not purchase! Does not work! No support! No refunds!

WARNING: Do not purchase! Does not work! No support! No refunds!

WARNING: Do not purchase! Does not work! No support! No refunds!

WARNING: Do not purchase! Does not work! No support! No refunds!

Any alternatives to this plugin which do work?

REFUND PLEASE ! Plugin does not work!!!