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hi there please can tell me if it is works on vBulletin forums

Its a standalone php version and can work with any php system. I can provide customization cost for vbulletin. Pm me more details. Thx

Possible Facebook connection issue. It is working I just checked.

Wil it work on a magento template?

Customization needed. I can make it work though. Please let me know your requirements. Thanks.

how to fix jquery v1.8.3 facebook like box auto refresh problem?

Hi this is my situation:

I need made the like to the domain name but the script will be in specif url Ex: like to : and the script will be sit in

the second situation is: if somebody click like doesn’t show in the facebook wall, the only way is they use the popup box for type something and hit “post to facebook”, the reload page is so fast and no let the people hit that box.

How I can fix that?

Still Waiting for Answer, If you d=not gone to do your customer service I think, you have to be reported to Envato !

By the way, after people like the content not get unlock when they revisit later, like your demo page (at least in Chrome)

I need help , what code for facebook .. only i see twitter , google

Can you please PM me? I will reply back ASAP. Thank you.

I’m having the same problem as others.

Facebook like is too fast and it doesn’t show in users profile.

The download did not contain any setup instructions. Can you provide please?

Documentation is there. What’s the issue are you facing?

All of it actually. I am a novice, and assumed it would come with instructions. Where to put the folders I downloaded, where to insert the php included in the doc folder, how to designate the content you want locked, etc. It looks like a great product, I’m just not familiar enough with php to figure it out without some guidance.

Please send me details via PM and I will provide you a quick demo.


So if I get this correct, I can get the $isliked to return a true value and write my own function?

$isLiked = $oLocker->isLiked($share_url); if($isLiked) { run my function } else { // Display Social Buttons }


I am trying to add the script to my website and I want it to like my facebook page instead of the site link , how can I do that so the user only once get promoted once and not many times

Please advice with a sample code since the documentation is very bad

Please send PM via my profile. Documentation is good enough who has PHP knowledge :) I am here to help.

If I am understanding this correctly, this code allows us to choose what individual social media portals can be used to unlock the content. If that is the case, would I be able to extrapolate how to set up any connection by studying your facebook/google+/twitter documentation. So for example say I want a connection to youtube or reddit, could I set up those connections on my own after some study and experimentation? (I’m assuming you don’t already show how to set up reddit and youtube follow/share buttons)

It depends if you are good at PHP. You can use the same flow to do the same. It’s all about how you use the abstraction :) Hope it helps.

do you know how we can get this to work on mobile?

I will revert back.

ok let me know when i can test a demo on mobile. if it works we’ll buy it :)

heyo is it still working ? Does it work with mobiles ? That they like over facebook app ?

yes it works..

i need the same script as sharing not as like for example when some one comes to my site it should give error and “share us on your timeline to see the site” can u do that for me?

Sorry. It works with like button

i have a alert popup system can u help me too set cookie to show only for 1 time? when u help me i will donate u sir

Yes, I can. But its a customization request. Please PM me via my profile. Thank you.. and sorry for the delayed response.

i have a website that i wont to lock a part of the site how … ? i want to lock the part ” where they put bitcoin address and click claim

Please refer to the document. You can do this in easy steps. PM us if any issue. Thanks

Tutorial I tried and failed, can you send me demo i like try?

Hellp me refun me money


this script works or not works?

Any updates coming?

i’m bought if work in CMS Datalife Engine or Xenforo, please respon comment