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I think its wise anytime you create a php script to “always” at the least allow basic registration/login. Just FB and other social networks may just deter some people (like me) from using it as they may not really use those social networks for day to day life like the majority.:S

So I am clicking on your Create or Login buttons on HomePage…and nothing is happening. I am using FF browser, just tried latest IE and same results too

“Create and Login” buttons are doing nothing, they are just for show, future buyer should change them as he wants.

:( good luck with sales

Is there any admin panel?

Not yet

I’m working on a web-app which I have a simple image upload button (will just save uploaded photo somewhere on server) Is it possible to link the main part of your code with my “upload image” button in the form, so people see your codes interface after clicking that button and have the flexibility to either upload from their hard drive, or from FB or Instagram, then do some edits and then instead of publish, it just saves the resulting image somewhere on my server and redirect to another page…

I have some basic PHP knowdledge, do you think I can manage to do that myself (If possible of course)


I know, my upload button now is just a simple upload from users hard drive, I need to add ability to upload from FB and instagram

yes, you can move uploading form into another view file.

Great I’ll get back to you soon.

Hi! Nice work. How to customize the image watermark position?


in: application/public/assets/js/canvas.js

on 631th line, following function:

    copyright = new fabric.Text(canvas_copyright, { 
    left: img_width - 160, 
    top: img_height - 40,


So please change “left, top” values according to your requirements.

Thanks. :)

nice script but there is a couple of things that makes it not good

1- on mobile devices you cants resize objects on the screen so if you drop an object to a picture then it cants be resized …... mabe you can add some controll out side the box where it can be used to resize object after touching it

2- you need a signup and login , facebook and instagram is not enought

hope you fix those issue because this is a greate script

How can I make it so that anyone can upload without signing in?

can do keep photo resolution ? thanks ( 300dpi )

hello guys, can u use this script to provide me somthing like this site ? i can pay up to 50$ for this one Regards

Is the author still there?

i cant make the login with facebook to work it just redirects back and forth with no end..

Live demo please? Thank

there are no answer for each question ?

demo not working

good work, all the best for your sales !

demo not working

Demo not working! :(

Want to buy, send demo!