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epicplugins supports this item


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It’s in the works.

We would like to add this plugin on our marketplace ? Will it work on our product page ?

as long as your theme uses the_content filter then it will work. We use that filter to add the social sharing and graphs to the posts. With that if there is specific support you require after installing it we can assist by submitting a request here: http://epicplugins.com/help.

Whats the status on the new release for Facebook shares?

It’s now in the review queue

Hello, I have been waiting for your fix for a while now. What is the status????

This is now in the review queue

does your plugin work with wordpress multi site (wordpress mu)?

Hi – work in what way? The share counts are logged against the post meta – so it should work.


Hi, a pre-purchase question, is the plugin compatible with The Fox Theme?
I’ ve asked the creator and he told me to ask you.
Thank you in advance.


We can’t test with premium themes sorry. The plugin uses the_content filter so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be compatible


Am I able to install this plugin on a custom website built on Smarty CMS?

Hi, not to resell no

Hi epicplugins, I am not reselling my software. My website script is used for my own use, not for resell and will never be for resell.

OK – that’s fine but it’s not something we support / can help with

Just a quick pre-sales comments; the last time the plugin was updated was 2014 as per the logs – so wondering if this is still under active development?

Also, how is the graph generated? would it only show the trends graph based on who clicks on the share button which is part of the plugin or would it take into account shares directly posted on facebook or twitter?

Hi – it’s still actively SUPPORTED.

It still works and doesn’t need an update just for gaming the ‘last updated’.

How it works? It gets the share counts from facebook, so however many shares the URL has had, it’ll count them (regardless of how they happen)

Hi. Pre-Purchase question:

- Is it possible to Manipulate the share count for each post?

Say for example I have 10 different posts. Can I open each post and key in a random number of shares for each post?

Will the graph& share count show accordingly on each post?


It’s held in a custom field so you can, but it then checks the socials and will update with actual.

There’s an option to hide the number until [x] shares if you’re worried about it showing 0