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can this be made to work with woocommerce?

any plans of adding pinterest to this? The only other Pinterest button for jigo doesn’t work. I’d pay 15 if it had it.

Yes, we’ll be uploading it today.

Added the Pinterest button and Global Settings to the plugin.


This plugin isnt working with Jigoshop 1.3. Have you had any issues with it? I am running jigo and PageLines 2?


Can you please send you site link so we can take a look.

This isn’t working on my Jigoshop 1.3 site either. it should be showing up on this page:

Please advise.

Have you done the settings under Settings => Jigoshop Share Buttons

Hi , this is not working on my site, followed instructions as it says, its showing the social tab is coming up in the wp admin but nothing on the site. one example page below

We checked it and the buttons are there did you got resolved.

Installed this plugin and the icons are not showing up on the iPhone or iPad. It’s working great otherwise. Did I miss something?

Never mind. Operator error. Bad links. Everything works like a charm. Love this plugin. Thanks.

The FB pop up for recomendation gets cut of the page! Can you please help?



Resolved through email. Problem was related to the css overflow settings and removing it resolved the problem.

Hi, loving this plugin it. What is Recommend and send? Is that the same as like and share buttons? I guess i’ll give that a google..

I am wondering is there a way to auto shorten or decide what gets tweeted as what you click on ‘tweet’ the tweet is actually too long to send. Any fixes?

Here’s a link.


Currently there are no shortening available in the plugin but we’ll consider this for the next update and also the tweet customization.


I’m using jigoshop plugin for an online store and I just purchased your plugin. The “send” button doesn’t open the facebook send window. It doesn’t do anything. Could you please help me to solve this problem? Also I hit “Recommend” button, I go and check my facebook page to see whether it’ll show up. The product name appears correctly but the thumbnail of the product is not the one I liked! It’s randomly chosen one. Do you have any idea why this would happen?

Any prompt help is appreciated!


Resolved through email.

Sorry, I forgot to attach the store link. Here it’s:

Please go and check any one of the product page for the “Send” button!



Resolved through email.

Hi , this is not working on my site, followed instructions as it says, its nothing on the site. This is the web address :


It seems you got it working. Let us know if you have any problem.

Can I use this plugin on the Compare Theme?



Is this Theme for Jigoshop.

Nope, it isn’t.


Sorry but you won’t be able to use with it.


Will these plug in be updated. I had to manually delete as it conflicted with the new Jigoshop v1.6?

I think it was line 369 if I remember rightly but it came up with a error saying something was missing on this line. Coudln’t access wordpress back admin so had to go into Cpanel to delete this plug in?



Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page.

Can this support Facebook in other languages. I can manually change the “Recommend” text, but the send portion is tougher.

The Google hover text seems to only be in English as well.

Otherwise this works well. I just need the language changed.

It looks like the app controlling the Send button and the Javascript text in the popup.

I need this for Japanese.


Have mailed you the update.

I purchased this plugin and it works well. Are you able to add Linkedin to it? It’s very important for corporate websites.

Many thanks :)

How did you get on with adding Linkedin? Are you going to add it?


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page at so we could mail the update.

Just sent an email thanks!

I just purchased the plugin and it doesn’t work for me. The Buttons show up nowhere…


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page at and also please send in login to your site so we could check it.


What was the css overflow change that had to be made to stop the send pop-up being cut-off?

cheers Gary


That is related the theme css most themes set the overflow to hidden and because of this the fb box gets cut whenever it is near the edge of the any column and to get rid of box being cut one has to change the affecting css to overflow visible which allows to box to be displayed correctly.

I just got Social Buttons for Jigoshop I am using wordpess 3.6.1 & Jigoshop 1.7.3 I installed the plugin then went into All products I can see the social buttons tab when I clicked on it everything was enabled, so I then updated the page but they dont show on my site.


Please read the plugin documentation and if you still couldn’t get it working contact us over the contact form on our profile page at