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Hope can work with Instagram , already are some plugins that can work already to post in instagram

please drop email for this and we can talk via email : wpweb101@gmail.com

Hello, we schedule wordpress posts and in Social Auto Poster settings we have set Schedule Wall Posts: Instantly, post to Facebook wall, we have enabled debug mode. However some posts are not published, when we go to Edit post Social Autoposter status: Unpublished. In debug mode we have no errors. Would it be possible that there is some issues with wordpress cron? Or maybe some issues with files/folder permissions?

We are on VPS hosting.


you need to create a support ticket for this, and we can help you via that by checking your log files and etc details.

Hi there, I keep trying to lodge a support ticket but i dont get an email response . i am having some problems getting the Plugin to work…

This was my support ticket: #651099…

Hi please check your spam email folder. we have replied on a same day. Here is the screenshot :


Does you plugin, when publish to Twitter, convert tags in the post to hashtag for Twitter?

That is: I have a post with tags1, tags2, tags3 and so on.. When your plugin auto publish to Twitter, this tags become #tags1, #tags2, #tags3 and so on?


Can you please let me know which tags you are talking about. Are you talking about the tags in post content or post tags. Right now no tag is converted to hashtag.

I’m talking of post tags

that wont be converted to hashtag.

Hello. I have purchased several plugins that should automatically share, but unfortunately in the end fail. For reasons unknown to me, and apparently unknown reasons even by the plugin creators.

I would need to know for sure if this plugin is able to automatically wrapped to share the post that I I program.

I would also ask if you can try it before you buy yet another plugin that maybe does not do his duty.

sorry I don’t understand your questions, but our plugin works well. sometime it may be issue with server or something that might not allow to work or may be problem with your configuration. but I can assure you that there is no bug is the plugin and it works well with latest WordPress version as well.

Can you take a look at this ticket plz? #944924 :D Thanks!!


no problem. please rate the product on codecanyon if you satisfied with the support.

Hey there, I wanna buy this plugin…but before i do…could you please edit your documentation on how to connect to facebook…since the instructions on your current documentation seem to be old. When I open facebook apps now, it doesnt look like in your instructions….


I setup everything for Facebook page and everything working fine. but, after 2 days, there is no post to Facebook page.

All posts are in schedule, I set post twice a day, but no posts created.

please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

I can’t create a support ticket, please solve it here

sorry we cant solve here we only provide support to purchased users and who have support active. this is not the place where we can verify it and also we dont provide support via comment system.


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Twitter has been failing to share more and more these past few days. Any clue to why this could happen? Facebook works fine, yet tweets stay on unpublished about 1/5 of the times. It is’nt the character length or anything else.

you can create support ticket with your site details and we are happy to check in detail on your site.

Hey there, I wanna buy this plugin…but before i do I have a question; can we share posts in multiple groups or pages on (facebook) or just on one page ?


wpweb Author

Yes you can posts in multiple groups .

What platforms does the $29 version post to??


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Sorry I dont understand your question.


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Hi there,

I don’t use your plugin yet, but you have several deprecated functions in your code. And today I just tried to desactivate/reactivate the plugin, but Wordpress don’t let me do it :

Backtrace from fatal error ‘Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Wpw_Auto_Poster_Meta_Box_Validate has a deprecated constructor’ at /my-website-path/social-auto-poster/includes/meta-boxes/meta-box-validate-class.php 16:

1. /wp-admin/plugins.php 164 calling plugin_sandbox_scrape()

2. /wp-admin/includes/plugin.php 1943 calling include()

3. /social-auto-poster/social-auto-poster.php 1113 calling require_once()

4. /social-auto-poster/includes/meta-boxes/class-wpw-auto-poster-meta.php 16 calling require_once()

5. /social-auto-poster/includes/meta-boxes/meta-box-class.php 19 calling require_once()


wpweb Author

which php version you are using ?


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wpweb Author

okay we will resolve this in next version. if you need urgent, create a support ticket and we can share updated plugin zip with you.