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Hello, I’m highly interested in purchasing your plugin. I currently sell a WordPress theme for viral sites and I believe your plugin would be a perfect fit. I have a few queries.

1) If I purchase an extended license, will you allow me to bundle this plugin with my theme? 2) How does the scheduler work? Can I specify a certain time & date for it to post on Facebook?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

1) No, sorry.

2) you get option to certain time in post meta, but for that you need to go to each post/page and edit them and set the time.


Hello, I’m highly interested in purchasing your plugin, but first I have a question: I want to autopost woocommerce products. I have over 5.000 products in my shop and I want to schedule my existing products (not new) like this for example: 1 product in a our. Is this possible with your plugin?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks! Thomas

hi question before i buy, can you set minut with this posts instead of only hours??

no, sorry. we cant do it because then we need to run cron every minute which will load on server too much. if you need we can do that with custom addon.

Hi wpweb,

I setup everything as you guide and after 2 days, there is no post to facebook page.

All posts are in schedule, I set post twice a day, but no posts created…

Please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that. please confirm you are using latest version of the plugin.


sriprai Purchased

Hi, Thanks for cool plugin. I used external url image featured for woocommerce products. How to integrate with your plugin because now still show only default image.

please create a support ticket and we can help you with such questions within 24 hours. instead of posting that here as we are not regularly checking comments section. sorry for the delay in response.

Can I use this plugin to post to facebook groups I’m a member of? or just admin?

Just admin.

Presales Question: Can the autopost run only on specific time ? we have analyze our fanpage engagement and will be post on specific hour which had most online viewer

Yes you can set posting hourly.


PECNET Purchased


I schedule multiple Articles, but it no longer works and I have several Articles pending.

Can you tell me how I can reset all articles to schedule?


please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Hi!, Is this plugin compatible with noo job monster theme. As I am planning to use it with the theme. Please advice.

sorry we have tested plugin with that theme, if theme coded well as per wordpress standards there should not be a problem.

Hi, I have 2 questions before purchasing:

1. Does Facebook Auto post work for scheduled Wordpress posts?

2. My Facebook account has several client accounts that I am managing. They have added me as an admin and I access their pages through my account. Does this plugin have the ability to post to those individual accounts by simply accessing my Facebook? Or do I need to access separate Facebook accounts?

1. Yes.

2. Yes, if you are admin of the pages, you can post to those pages.

Hi, I am interested to buy this plugin, but I need to auto post based on categories. So posts in this category go to this facebook page, and posts from that category, go to that facebook page. I can see lots of questions in the comments about this option. will you be adding this option soon? thanks

not at this stage ,we will see if we can do that in future.


pat615 Purchased

Hi, If I buy the Extended License, All my website can use this plugin?

yes, you can.

Whether Groups that I have joined is supported to share or only that I manage will be enabled?


wpweb Author

only that you manage will be enabled.


skajic Purchased

Do you have fixed the bug that your plugin can’t import more then 25 FB pages?

The bug is already a long time present and I didn’t see any bugfix for it till now.