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hello from Greece, I am interested in your plugin. Currently i am using the social publisher plugin i bought before 2 years from themeforest but yours, seems to be better in all the way + scheduling option. May i ask if i can use as many facebook accounts and pages as i want? Regards Takis

Good to know. Yes, you can use as many facebook account and pages. Let me know if you have any other queries.

will this work on a multi-site network install?

Yes, plugin will work with multisite

Hi Good Day How are you?

We purchase you great plugin but just recently it’s not working anymore. Can you please help us?

We can send you to our wordpress dashboard panel. Please let me know and we will send your our login details to check the error or bug.

Thank you. Please help us.

Fine, thanks Please contact us on support helpdesk. Our support team will help you there.

Hi can you please send the website or link to your support helpdesk?

Hi, Is it possible to repost old posts to social media using this?

Yes, you can repost old post to social media.

Hi, nice plugin. I have a pre-sale question. Is there a way to schedule the plugin to only post contents to social media pages 48 hours after I post something rather than posting it immidiately?

You can schedule post to Hourly, Twice Daily, Daily, Weekly. There is no option to schedule post after 48 hours but that can be easily added using custom code.

Okay, my other question is, is it possible to not have the plugin reposting old posts? Any time I publish a new post, I just want it to automatically post that to my social media accounts. If I don’t publish a new post in like a year, it should not post to my social media account. Is that possible?

Old post only posted to social media if you select option for posting. When you create new post then it will automatically post that to your social media account. For this plugin have setting that you need to enable.

Hi. just bought this plugin. Don´t get howto: Each Post, Page, or Custom Post Type on your blog have individual settings in Metabox to set different title, account, text, template, link etc.

Found it :)

A can only post to FB -pages and groups i own, right?

If you are admin of page and groups then you can post to that pages and groups. You can check documentation to see how plugins works – http://wpweb.co.in/documents/social-auto-poster/

Pre-Purchase Question:

I want to share my products on social media and actually i’m a little bit lazy. So I’m searching a plugin which allows to share all products automaticly and randomly. Is this possible with this plugin ?

Yes, Plugin support automatic posting of product. Plugin provides scheduling features like Hourly, Daily, Twice Daily, Weekly. So you just need to schedule products that you want to share on social media.

Purchased the plugin. First tell me how to submit old post through this plugin. I setup only Facebook Account easily and convert all old post unpublished to schedule. But nothing post to my FB account. Ii select schedule wall post as “hourly” and maximum posting per schedule is “10”. so it’s mean it will submit 10 post in a hour? Please tell me what it’s mean. If possible send me video link of tutorial to learn how it works as i said facebook is already setup but posting not submitted in FB Account. One more thing let me know how to select multiple pages or profiles to post?

please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that for support related questions.

Is your support system broken?

no it is not broken, we reply regularly over there. you have send message there, email and also positing here so it takes more time for us to manage. either keep talking at one place only.


Does goo.gl support Link abbreviation service?

I could not be sure

No, It doesn’t support as of now.

It doesn’t seems this plugin is working reading through the comments. I would like to purchase the plugin but is there any assurance that it gonna work and any money-back guarantee if it’s not.

Yes it works well. no money back guarantee but if your reason is valid for refund we can surely make the refund. I am also not sure why you feel plugin is not working

I test run a null version but it never works

okay, then you please dont buy this plugin. we are not supporting any null version copies.

Is a great plugin but guys is really hard to type one by one to define all the post…Like me i have a woocommerce website with over 2000 products… will be awesome if you add the option of autopost the post with “tag(s)” or “cateogorie(s)... If you do this update i will buy the plugin, is a promise…Make me Happy :)

ill be awesome if you add the option of autopost the post by “tag(s)” or “cateogorie(s)... If you do this update i will buy the plugin, is a promise…Make me Happy :)

We will try to do that, we cant promise when.

Thanks for your quick answer!

Hi, We are going to use this plugin to publish several posts made by several users, can this plugin support several user accounts? in that case how many?


you can add multiple users account to the Auto poster setting and when you create a post then it will be post to multiple Social account based on setting.

You can add unlimited user accounts to auto poster setting. but on one account there is a limitation for get all pages and user profiles.

Thanks Jigar Shah

Do you have a demo in order to see. I need to test before buy asap. If this meets my needs I will buy it right now.

hello, when will your plugin allow posting to ( google plus pages/business ) ? thanks

Not sure.

I can´t Tribe Events (plugin), to get events posted in my FB -group, any idea?

please create a support ticket and we may able to help you via that.


For example I.post content like this on ma tweet page.. Like I tweet it directly from twitter app..

M U S I C V i d e o : D a t i n ( D a t i n _ T r i p l e ) H a d E n o u g h ( f t . M y N a m e I s B i z z l e ) – tiny.com/hdns

M U S I C   V i d e o :   T o n y   R i  C h a r d   ( @ T o n y R i _ c h a r d )      L e t t e r   F r o m   H e a v e n   -   
@ V i k t o r y R 4   T a l k s   G o d  s   P r o m i s e s ,   A n s w e r e d   P r a y e r   &

wpweb Author

Sorry I don’t understand your question. can you please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

It’s as simple as anything.. my question is can this plugin for recurring repost for each tweet. That’s all. Pls take ur tyn and go tru it. Don’t rush n read message because you have a lot of ppl to attend to. It look me over an hour to sent u that message so pls revert with a positive response. Gr8ful..


wpweb Author

no, sorry thats not possible.

Hello, does your plugin support ( vc_composer ) as i make my posts with it. thanks, currently the plugin i am using shows the shortcodes when i post.


wpweb Author

We need to check this, you need to create support ticket for this and we can help you via that.