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Hi. Can I style the login with LinkedIn button differently? I mean, can I use a different Linkedin button?

And can I only show the LinkedIn button?

Yes you can use custom linkedin button and modify to decide which icons should be shown

I’m having some issues with Linkedin and Google due API version changes.

When do you think are you going to release a new version?

Hi, Can this plugin be integrated into form builder plugins like Formidable Pro or Ninja forms? also, when a user logs in using social media, does he gets registered in the website too? (i.e. added to the website users)? with his email added? thanks

Not tested on custom plugins

Is there a way to make this work with GravityForms Registration Add-on?

Unfortunately no.

1. Support doesn’t work

2. This plugin is not working. After user is loging nothing is happen

How can I redirect the user to a specific page ?

Facebook is not working properly ….

Also Google login is not working I’m so sorry I bought this plugin, I should have done it from 0

May I see your demo page?

Hello Sir

i am getting error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in D:\wamp\www\xxx\wp-content\plugins\socialauth\src\linkedin\OAuth.php on line 8

Could you please try it on remote host, and please be sure that you have successfully setup your social application

i am facing same problem in live server and the social api keys and secret are correct


after clicking on linked button it shows me

“An Error occurred during authorization, please try again later.”

May I see your demo?

Hi I get a notice when using this plugin to register a new user in firefox

this will scare away people.

What should be done about it?

“Submit for Login Review Some of the permissions below have not been approved for use by Facebook. Submit for review now or learn more.”

“You are using a display type of ‘page’ in a small browser window or popup. For a better user experience, show this dialog with our JavaScript SDK without specifying an explicit display type. The SDK will choose the best display type for each environment. Alternatively, use display type ‘popup’ if you have special requirements precluding you from using the SDK. This message is only visible to developers of your application.”

Dear sir,

Your plug will support latest wordpress and ultimatum theme builder ?


Hi, Would I be able to add the login to any page on a website with an image? I don’t want it on the wp-login page.

Hi there,

would it be easy to paste a Json API POST call into the plugin for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo to add the new WP user to our CRM with the correct tag?


How can I get this working with xtheme? are there any codes I can put to make it show? the widget appears blank my website is

No update in 2 years. I find it hard to believe that all login APIs are the same in that time frame. Makes me nervous to purchase. What reassurance can you offer?

Hello, I bought the plugin SocialAuth Wordpress Plugin v3.3, but nothing seems to work! There is no video to follow, the site has no demo, social networks do not work! Please, I want to cancel.

Development seems to be DEAD

No update on any of the three plugins by this author. No sale is happening with me.

I am asking you from the last few days to just tell me if this plugin has shortcode as i am looking for some social login plugin with short code. Please reply so i buy this and finish with what i’m stucked. Thanks