Social App UI Template for Xamarin Forms

Social App UI Template for Xamarin Forms

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This product is a user interface template developed using Xamarin Forms. If you want to develop a social media application, you can save time by using the codes of this item in the presentation layer. So you can focus on business layer and backend service. You’ll not only have XAML code, but also helper classes, custom views, and converters. File and class names are nicely named and organized so that you can easily find what you are looking for in the source code.

The strings in the project are not hard coded. All strings has added as resource. So you can easily localize it. Also you can easily add support for multiple languages.

The project has 14 color themes created using the Material color palette. Each theme supports both light and dark mode.

There is a mock data source and service in the project. So you can run the application immediately to test without doing anything.


  • Account Details
  • Change Password
  • Home Page
  • LogIn Page
  • Messages
  • Messaging Page
  • My Account
  • Notifications
  • Person Detail
  • Persons
  • Photo Browser Page
  • Post Detail
  • Posts Page
  • Reset Password
  • SignUp Page

Demo Video

Demo Application

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