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Can this be used with Wordpress?

Also, does this plugin require setting up with a 3rd party before it works? Or, does it function out of the box within my own Wordpress installation independently?

This is not a wordpress plugin

It looks like your demo is not working with Twitter. Among many login screens I’ve tested I like this one becaus of the easy and clean design. May I know the information returned when a user is logged in? Do you plan to add Google+ login as well? Thanks in advance /Maurizio

After user login the following information returned , Email,name.Instead of GOOGLE + Login we have GOOGLE OPEN ID LOGIN.

Twitter login isn’t working in your demo.

will rectify it soon !! sorrry !!

Hi, I am having a problem with Twitter, I have entered my oauth_token correctly from twitter, along with my consumer key and consumer private, but I keep getting message that my request_token is not found…

What should I check? I double checked i have the correct values in the configs.php file in src directory…

Here is the exact message I am getting:

Whoa there! There is no request token for this page. That’s the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake.

But I am using correct oauth_token per twitters instructions…

Did you update your twitter login or still not working ? I want to purchase your code but i was reading many comments here that said it’s not working with twitter! Only the demo is not working ?

twitter works from my side but seems to be an minor error.. u can buy the code and twitter update will be soon

I am interested in buying also, but it looks like there are problems, and last guy asked 9 days ago, and no response?

sorry ! an small physical accident..

I’ve purchased this item and Twitter Login does not work? Could you solve this problem, please…

I can see that this problem has been reported 4 months ago by other purchasers.

Hello, I just purchase this item but I don’t find where to configure google login in configs.php file. Please give me a hand


Can we use this in Code Igniter Framework…?

Hi, I have just purchased your plugin and having one problem. I am trying to login via yahoo for that I checked src/configs.php but there is only one line code for Yahoo credentials and i.e //Callback url for yahoo. e.g. $conf_yahoo[‘return_url’] = ’ ’;

What about customer Key and secrete key? just need to pass callback and its working?

looking elsewhere due to lack of recent Author responses.

no comments anymore! you are alive? that`s not professional

Yet another dead account with unsupported software. Envato really needs to police its accounts as there are sooooo many just like this one. They need to remove these dead accounts that waste our time.

Attention all buyers: GOOGLE LOGIN NOT WORKING.

This plugin is already updated with new social APIs? still working?