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your app is not in english? how do we understand what are you offering? can you make a video to explain? how does this app connect to instagram? instagram API or private API? do we have to host the PHP API ?

Example app is turkish but this app is english

OK but do we have to host the instagram PHP API on our own hosting ?

all api and php files on your hosting.

Can you add other social platforms such as twitter and g+

hello, still waiting for your response. Can you add twitter and g+ as custom now?

I can’t add a long time. Because I’m having a busy time.

okay, why the price increase so much? I was going to buy but why now so expensive?

Very Amazing Work! GLWS :)

Interesting Work!

I downloaded the app for Iphone and could not use the feature for instagram. One question … do you have documentation to install? Is it possible to change the language? I await response to make the purchase.

Hi, Instagram requests confirmation for login. So you need to enter your instagram account and confirm this entry. It has documentation for intall and has language file for changing.

Dear, is this value correct? I would make the purchase now and changed the value. I await contact.

I made the purchase, but the documentation is very simple. I need more detailed documentation. It would be interesting an installation video. I await contact.

I bought the script and until now I got no response from the support !!

Eline sağlık güzel olmuş dostum

I spent the whole weekend to get this working and it didn’t. Seems like I’m the one of the only two buyers