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Can i create any custom Competitions or just have to use the Competitions available to import ?

Yes, custom competitions can be created. The import is just a feature not a restriction. Even you can edit data of an imported competition.

Soccer Engine Shortcodes

// Competition
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2]
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2 fixture_per_page=4]
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2 fixture_per_page=4 result_per_page=3]
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2 fixture_per_page=4 result_per_page=3 limit=5]
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2 fixture_per_page=4 result_per_page=3 limit=5 active=standing]
[wpse_competition id=35299 per_page=2 fixture_per_page=4 result_per_page=3 limit=5 active=standing tabs='standing, live']

// Multiple Competitions
[wpse_competitions id='35299, 35298'] – and same as above

// Multiple Matches
[wpse_matches competition='35299, 35298' status='fixture|result|cancelled|live' match='1,2,3,4']

// Standing Table
[wpse_standing id=35299 limit=5 offset=2 team_id=55]

// Team Template
[wpse_team id=team id title='0/1']

// Team Form
[wpse_team_form id=team id title='0/1']

Soccer Engine – Available Football Competitions to Import

  1. English Premier League
  2. Spanish Premier League
  3. German Bundesliga
  4. UEFA Champions League
  5. Italian Series A
  6. French Ligue 1

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