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alph286 Purchased

Hallo, after the last upgrade the plugin lost his text-responsiveness, making the team names disappear if they’re more long than a certain number of characters. you can see this bug here where you can see the logo only and not the name (that is hidden under the logo row). Please help me to resolve this issue.

Alright, i see that. Will fix it & push update. thanks for notifying.


alph286 Purchased

you’re welcome. please update it soon, i’m having many troubles with my readers and my boss!


alph286 Purchased

waiting for the update, if you have the same issue, you can append this to your custom css

.wpse_mt.wpse_tmd .team2 .team_wrap {padding-left: 0px !important;}

.wpse_mt.wpse_tmd .team1 .team_wrap {padding-right:0px !important;}

.wpse_mt.wpse_tmd { width: 33%; } .wpse_matches td.meta { width: 12%; }

.wpse_matches td.score { width: 10%; }


ilranno Purchased

Hi, i’ve purchased the SOCCER ENGINE plugin and when i’ve to add it to my server and insert your server Api endpoint i receive an “Invalid API server”. What’s the problem and how can I solve it?


ilranno Purchased

Hello, Yesterday I purchased a license for your plugin, but a problem occurred. Even though I put the right credentials in the Import Feed page (API endpoint + my purchase code in access key) it keeps saying the API server is invalid. Could it be related to my plugin version? It’s Soccer Engine 4.7. What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, First The plugin is great and very useful. I have one problem on my website I post highlights and the match details I want it to be hidden so users can not see the scores straight away. So, can I make the match hidden and when users click the button then only the details will be shown?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for your inspiration.

The plugin doesn’t have a built-in solution for that, but it can be achieved with a few line of codes.

Please contact me privately (here’s a form –, and i will send you the code.

I have sent you an email


I took over the website from another webdesigner who stopped with his business.

The whole website was reinstalled on another server and I renewed the licence. But I keep on receiving the following error message:

API Error: Api subscription expired. To access api data, you will need to have an active item envato support pack for soccer engine. Time Expires.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steven Motmans

Ok, in that case, please delete the import server, and create again.

Hello Shazzad,

The connection/import with the server works fine now.

I am facing some display/shortcode problems for the Enlish Premier English Premier League 17/18.

1) The general competition page [wpse_competition id=”9484”] works great. See

2) Now I want to display the season results of Chelsea on the page and therefor I used the code [wpse_competition id=”9484” team id=”6265”]. This does not work.

3) Also the page of the competition standings on page doesn’t work. This short code was used. [wpse_standing id=”9484”]

Remark. The tables already available on the pages mentioned in point 2. and 3. where already there and made by the previous web designer. Unfortunately there is no trace of the used short codes on those pages.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steven Motmans

Hi Steven,

2. To display completed matches of a single team, of a single competition, please use this -

3. Can you please check on the code editor if there’s any code wrapping the shortcode attribute. Sometime when you copy id, an additional attribute gets also copied. On your WordPress page edit page, click on the Text editor to see what is there.


The plugin dont update the player stats.


This player scored yesterday in the champions league. But it stand @ 0 goals.



1. You can edit player stats from player edit page, or team edit page. The Import feed doesn’t provide player stats. Check these -

2. Player stats are also auto created. Right after a match end, all of it’s player stats are updated. (this only works if your site have enough visitor, and cronjob is working at it’s scheduled time.)

3. You can also auto generate player stats. Just go to WordPress Admin -> Soccer Engine -> Teams page, then filter teams by a competition. After that, you should see a button. Check this -

can you answer on our email? We want the dutch eredivisie!


I would like to know if this plugin supports the Dutch EreDivisie. And if yes, how can I buy the Dutch Eredisie version. I need this asap.

Thanks in advance.

hello i bought the plugin and installed it on my website .working perfectly thanks, but i have some questions

is there an arabic version ? i mean names in arabic, words in arabic.. like first half and full time.. because its hard to enter and edit every item into arabic.. its about more than 5000 items

another question

i realized some players doesnt have number.. like umtiti..his shirt number is 0 …

this should be updated by us ? or by ur side


I found the more teams we added the more time it was taking to edit a competition, to the point where just 32 teams would time out. After chasing the code I found that the issue was with get_standing_form() on line 654 of addons/competition-standings.php

wpse_get_competition isn’t a quick operation and you were running it twice for every team once on line 671 and then again on line 672 instead of reusing the $comp_opt you had just created. In addition there is no need to call it from every team as it’s at the competition level and is already called in the function before get_standings_form().

So what I did is change

public static function get_standing_form( $comp_id, $data = array() )
public static function get_standing_form( $comp_id, $data = array(), $comp_opt=false )

then replaced line 671 and 672 with:

$comp_opt = ($comp_opt===false) ? wpse_get_competition( $comp_id ) : $comp_opt;
if( isset($comp_id) && $comp_opt ){

then in get_standings_form() I replaced all

self::get_standing_form( $comp_id, $standing );


self::get_standing_form( $comp_id, $standing, $comp_opt );

And it made a significant difference

If that doesn’t make sense or you need any further clarification let me know.

I meant for each standing rather than each team.


ilranno Purchased

I want to show on site the Champions league’s groups standing. I send a mail a couple of days ago but i didn’t get any reply. Please tell me the shortcode.

The shortcode is relative to you competition id.


ilranno Purchased

when i insert this shortcode [wpse_standing competition=CHAMPIONS LEAGUE] i receive the standing of all round. I want to show only the groups standing

In that case there’s two way.

User round ids (separated by comma)
[wpse_standing competition="1" round="1,4,2,3"]

Or go to competition edit page, and click on each round, and set the option “Disable Standings” to true.


ilranno Purchased

I think your plugin is great.I wanna know just a thing. When i insert this shortcode [wpse_competition id=”1575” tabs=teams title=1] and i click on one of the teams i receive 404 page error and not the team’s info. Where is the error?

Visit Settings -> Permalink page, and update your permalink. Then try again.


alph286 Purchased

Hallo, everytime i update a results (i.e. Napoli – Torino 5:3) i have to set the winning and losing team. Is there a feature that can calculate who win and who lose without my intervention? thank you in advance

Any chance post any video how work “matchday” and how “generate this”. be happy to buy.

Hello! Can you please assist me to solve this problem with “Invalid License” I have a valid license and its not expired. I am not able to validate it in my WP dashboard. Any ideas how to solve this so I could use the plugin with the new data???

Hi, I bought your plugin that is great but im not using because when its small it just dont appear the name of the team. Just appear the three letters. How to fix it?

i miss your plugin. please update for WP 4.9

shortcode Outputs are very very wired


lucasimon Purchased

I need that you respond about this issue: “Hi, I bought your plugin that is great but im not using because when its small it just dont appear the name of the team. Just appear the three letters. How to fix it?