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sayyab1 Purchased

Hi shazzad. I am in love with your Plugin :D

I just have a short inquiry. I select a couple of Matches daily to display on my website, but the problem is when I am using this shortcode: [wpse_match id=’ 5235’ status = ‘result’] or [wpse_match id=’ 5235’ status = ‘live’]

The matches Live time is there but the scores don´t change :( :(

Also when the match is finished the Result always stays 0-0

Can you please help me with that?

Thanks Best Regards looking forward for your reply :)

You didnt responded me at all. I shouldnt have bought this code, i want my money back.


alph286 Purchased

Hallo i have a problem setting punishment points on championship standings. Every time i add a team with the punishment point (using i.e. -6), i click save and reload the page. But then the team is missing and it didn’t add any punishment point. please help me


alph286 Purchased

thank you, waiting :)

Hi, i have added a patch to the plugin. Please upgrade the plugin to v.4.7.3. You can upgrade from the plugins build it Upgrade page. Thanks.


alph286 Purchased

thank you!

Hey shazzad, on my results if the team scores 0 nothing is displayed. You can see here. Liverpool lost 1-0 but nothing is there. My site is please get back to me soon.

Hey shazzad, on my results if the team scores 0 nothing is displayed. You can see here. Liverpool lost 1-0 but nothing is there. My site is please get back to me soon.


I want your plug in with thai premier league what is extracost.

hello want to buy your plugin. and i see that i can have thai premier league with extra cost plz tell me how

Yes, you can have it. For subscription, please check –


On certain matches I keep getting this (Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/itskickoff/public_html/wp-content/plugins/soccer-engine/functions.php on line 92 Played: FT 0 – 0)

I don’t know if it’s because I went from http to https in the last week, any help would be great! and also live matches don’t appear to be updating either.

Never mind, I just re-imported everything and it works now! lol silly me.

Looks like you missed my comment?

Hey shazzad, on my results, if the team scores 0 nothing is displayed. You can see here. Liverpool lost 1-0 but nothing is there for there score. My site is please get back to me soon.


I got this message when I try to update the plugin. Please, can you fix that for me?

The purchase code related to the envato username is not valid.

Best regards,

Can you send me the code though private messaging to check ? Use the form on my profile page –

hi… i’ve just finished the installation. what should i do next? d9b6331c-8b88-4ed2-9cd3-bf177217d85c

Next, you can start creating your competition, teams, matches, and display them on frontend pages.

Hello there,

I’ve imported a few feeds, but however some players have a wrong number, see the following picture for more details:

sajib1223 at gmail.

Thank you. I sent you an E-Mail. :)

Got you mail. Will reply with updates.

hello there, how do i disable / hide the Appearances column in Top scorer tab? Whats the Css code for that? Thanks.

Hello, The css would be -
.wpse_top_scorers th.appearance,
.wpse_top_scorers td.appearance{display:none !important;}

Also, how do i show the positions ranking in mobile? Also how to show 0 goals scored in mobile? when the result is 3-0 it shows 3 and (blank)

The rank is displayed on mobile by default. Yet, can you provide a link to check ?

Hi, i have released an update solving the issue.


stivan Purchased

can i please have help to my previous questions? Also, can i configure the fixtures tab to order fixtures by GROUP NAME when there are 2 or more fixtures at the same date and time, instead of FIRST TEAM NAME? thanks.

You can’t do this.


7diasweb Purchased

Hi, is there any code to show all classifications of all competitions

Sorry, can’t provide support for that.


7diasweb Purchased

I get by deep color but it will appear on all classificaçõe the same pattern, and what pertendo is several ratings with other colors


7diasweb Purchased

don’t get me at least 1 example? I from hence, I think I can


drvt Purchased

Hi, is there anyway we can access the JSON file directly so we can style the output (HTML properly)?

Hi, which json file are you pointing to ?

If you are indicating plugin frontend templates, we are calling html templates there through ajax. You can edit the template by editing files inside the templates folder of soccer engine plugin.


alph286 Purchased

Hallo the standings showd in widget doesn’t show penalties… can you fix it?

i.e. the team ALPHA has 43 points minus 4 penalty points. Using the shortcode in a page shows ALPHA 39 PTS; the shortcode in widget shows ALPHA 43 PTS.

I already updated the plugin at its latest version and cleared the cache many times.

Thank you.