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Can users login to the wordpress site and post pictures?

The items are posts – so if you allow users to create posts then yes.


Plugin allows to limit votes from user per day/hours, etc?

This is a third party voting plugin that is incorporated into the plugin. Please see the plugin page for a list of limitations for voting. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi! I already bought the plugin. Like 2 weeks ago. It have been working perfectly as I wanted. But now I would like to disable the right scrolling section and also make that when you click a gallery element it open up a new tab.

It’s that possible?

Let me know.. thanks!

So you want to hide the right section and link each gallery item to its post page? If so I could probably tweak it to do this for you since there is no built in options to do this. Send me an email to

Admin panel pics to see how to choose which posts? Would this pull the fields for custom post types?

The gallery items(posts) are populated by category set in the shortcode parameters. So all posts in the “cars” category would be displayed if using the category_name=”cars” in the shortcode parameters. You can set post type in the shortcode as well.
[soapbox category_name="your category name here" type="custom post type name here" ]
Hope this helps, -Nolan

Possible to have the page public, but voting for members only?


How can I make the right part fixed? I don’t want it to follow along when you scroll but can’t get it to work.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

You could force an absolute positioning in the css if you want it to stay put on scroll. You can edit the “top” property in the line 112 Add a !important after the top property like so:
.soapright {

    top: 50px !important;

Hope this helps, -Nolan

Is it possible to have a slider with all the pictures in it from every post. Ex: Lets say I have 10 post, with 2 images on each post. Thats 20 images, and whenever someone clicks on the image, it directs the reader to the post where the image came from. Is that possible with your plugin ??? And will it be in a image slider ?? Thanks

Not exactly – this is a gallery plugin that shows the featured image in the gallery and when clicked on shows the posts content in the right sidebar within the gallery. -Nolan