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Awesome script ! Wish you many sales.

This is awesome, nice script!

Awesome! Was looking for a nice xmas idea :) Cheers!

Think I found it… in save.php line 23: $flake = new Imagick(); is causing the problem, this class is missing.

As I mentioned in the description – the script needs ImageMagick installed on the server, as it is used to generate the final share image.

Yes! That solved the problem! Thanks so much!

did you get my request for help?

Hello. Sorry for the late answer. I did not get any e-mail request for help. Can you, please write it here?

I’m having a lot issues getting the share save button works… Nothing happens!!


The server has ImageMagick installed, I need another configuration? maybe not included in the _readme folder?

Please, change the line:
shareLink: '/share/save.php'
shareLink: '/navidad/share/save.php'
in the index.html as the save.php file is located there. It’s mentioned in the read me too.

not working…

I lost my money an time needlessly with this shop!... before to buy this item, please think about it twice!!.

Awesome script!

Unfortunately I have the same problem like the post above. Saving an image does not work.

- ImageMagick is installed

- This: exec(”/usr/bin/convert -version”,$out,$returnval); print_r($out0); says this: ImageMagick 6.8.8-5 Q16×86_64 2014-02-12 http://www.imagemagick.org

- share/flakes is 0777

- shareLink: has right path

A click on ‘Save’ does not give any reaction, nothing happens.

Any idea of what could be the reason? Thanks for your help!

Could you please send me the link where it is installed to check what problem could that be? If that’s not for public eyes, please use the support form: http://codecanyon.net/item/snowflake-creator/9673763/support

Hi Your demo link of this is not working. Looking for Christmas stuff!

Hey, I updated the demo link. It’s back again.

i buy it and the save don’t work, why is that ? i used your readme file and still it doesn’t work , please answe me