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One of the best interface elements! :)


(This is a pre-purchase question) Hi.. I love your plugin.. I would like to know whether I can use this one for a rainy season too?? And, if u have a video demo for the customization ; Can u please reply me with the link so that I can have a look at it.


Hello Sarangan_S,

You can setup whatever “weather” you want. The only thing needed is the actual “precipitation”. If you want rainfall, you need to provide the rain drops. As you see in the examples I added for the gifts and valentines day pages. Of course the best images are PNG files with transparency. Also you need to keep in mind to provide small images not to overload the page. With the snowflakes I made for the purpose of creating a snowfall I tested the page on an LG G3 and Iphone 4S and 6 and they worked great even with 1000 flakes on page.

it’s all up to you to set the weather.

Also here is the link for the demo video. it’s a bit long but the part about having your own custom “weather” is around 2:12 in the video.



Totally cheesy and useless, so it’s a must have :p

I thinks it’s a easy and cheap way to animate your wordpress on custom events or date, even if it’s make your pages a little longer to load.

Well done, i’m sure some of my client will love that :)

Hello Brockway,

just let it snow :-)

Hi there! I left you a message a few days ago when I purchased the item (on your support system). I have a problem, and I haven’t heard back yet.

Basically, the plugin is not working with my website. Upon activation, no new icon appears with the settings in my admin area, and my site (for logged in users such as myself) on the front end loses the admin panel at the top; where the admin panel was becomes invisible, and you just see the website through it. Also, I couldn’t delete the plugin from the admin area, but instead I had to delete the files via FTP, as there was some error. This happened on two different sites (I tested it on a second site I own to be sure that it wasn’t me).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Hello Christian,

I have answered your ticket but there was no reply to that. Please check your email as I send you one just now. and we will get this solved.


Hi, my site is mostly white, is there a way to change the colour of the flakes without uploading my own flakes?

Strange… The second issue was caused by me not selecting enable… that was silly of me!!

The first issue was also resolved by selecting enable. There must be something going on there though and I will not have the plugin enabled all the time so this will cause issues at some point.

Great plugin by the way, very easy to do when you are not being stupid and forgetting to enable!!


I would be interested to investigate any behavior that is strange. if you want I will be available if you open a ticket.

I’ve submitted a ticket now for you

the red hearts graphic only showing, so when you press let it snow, we have love hearts! lovely but i was looking forward to the snow flakes!


Thank you for submitting the ticket. Please check your email to ready my answer so I can get this sorted out.

Cheers, wp-roots

Sorry, but your ticket system does not work. So I have to post my question here. Hi!

If I use your plugin the adminbar in the top of the pages is gone. I just see the backgroundcolor of the page. Only on the pages where I let ist snow the adminbar ist there. For example if I let it snow on the homepage. Only there I can use the adminbar of Wordpress. All other pages just show the background color of the page instead the adminbar.

Any idea to solve this?

hello Stefan, I have received your first ticket and answered same. But I see you did not receive my answer.

Please send me an email at wproots@gmail.com and I will get back to you in order to fix your problem.


I have sent an email to your address

Hello Stefan, Please check email


I installed this plugin and it does not work. The snowflakes move quickly only at the top of the page and that it. Please help.

Hello Lajumni, if you will open a ticket and provide me with some login details I will be more than happy to help you out.


Hi, pre-sale question. Would it be possible to trigger the snowfall based on specific inputs? For example, if a user presses a specific keyboard combination, then the plugin will trigger/start?

I’m trying to copy what’s described in this article.

There are other wordpress plugins that trigger videos, sound clips, or redirect to another URL, but none of them trigger other plugins or do what your plugin does. Do you think there might be a way to combine the functionality?