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Endless ore levels?

project Eclipse?

Yes , Eclipse project easy to reskin.

Hello sir i got and error when i tried on genymotion it says: unfortunately snow skating has stoped

logcat and PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml screenshot**

i sent it thank you

Problem resolved :)

So are we allowed to put it on the goggle play store once we have reskinned it?

yes, contact us @skype wapoystudio to rekin it for you

how much is it going to cost for you guys to reskin it for me?

please contact us at @skype : wapoystudio or cyberspaceneo@gmail.com

was it developed using buildbox?

Hi I have this great app loaded in Android Studio and running on a Sony Xperia. I’m new to Android Studio and work primarily with Xcode and Unity. It’s the Atlases in Photoshop that is the problem for me. I use Corel PaintShop and learning to make sprite sheets and prefabs in Unity. How can I open the images to change the source files if I don’t use Photoshop or illustrator? is there a folder with the individual .png files? I read the instructions regarding the atlases but would appreciate a little help. Thank you.

Hey Buxfiz, Contact me on skype: wapoystudio will definitely help you :)

Hello!! in the documentation does not explain anywhere how to change the option “no ADS”. Help!!

you have to setup in-app in your dev account with product id “removeads”

Hi, i ‘m interesting to your app , how much cost reskin? And how in -app purchase works? i already send a email.

will take long?

Hey brdn, need some info to complete your game. Please mail me cyberspaceneo@gmail.com or skype: wapoystudio

Hey Wapoystudio, if is going to take a long let me know please

Can I use this on AndroidStudio? If not how can I setup Eclipse for android?

you have to just import to eclipse and change some graphics.

Hi, will this work with simply importing the project or much more modification needed

you just need to import project and replace ids with yours and you are good to go. Let me know if you need any help cyberspaceneo@gmail.com

hi, is the buildbox file included with this purchase?

is possible without shop feature?

Does this support consumable In-App purchases or fixed?