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Looked like a good idea and simple enough. Would have paid a few bucks for this but really glad I got a shot at the free download. Endless waste of time filled with errors on local and remote install that should have taken minutes. Giving up.

If you uploaded it on remote server send me ftp so I can take a look, maybe some server configuration is interfering with the script and I’m not aware of it. I tested it on multiple servers and can’t find any error. If you followed instructions in documentation everything should be fine.

I am not sure how to install. Is this a plugin

It’s a stand-alone application, you have instructions in Documentation folder (after your unpack archive)

I’ve downloaded the file but there is definitely no documentation in the zipped file. How do I get this?

There is documentation, I just redownloaded file, when you download the script you’ll get one zip file, just unzip it and you’ll see documentation inside unzipped folder.

Hi Alenn, that’s strange. There is not one for me. I can send a screen shot if you like. The download contains the license.pdf and another zipped file which contains just the snippeter folder. I’m on a Mac – I wonder if that has any bearing on this? It shouldn’t.

Did you unpack that snippeter folder, documentation is inside.

High hopes for this… but could not get it going with the instructions provided. Giving up after 15 mins.

Awesome work! The installation worked and also registering a user but I cannot add a snippet. I’ve created a Group and filled in all the informations. When I click on save nothing happens. The cancel button works but not the save button.

Do you know what can cause this error?

Greets from Austria, Fabian


One of the users had a problem with server, for some reason his server injected backslash ”\” in every ajax request so that created some problems, you can send me ftp using Support button so I’ll take a look.

Where do I find the Support button?

Sorry, you don’t see it since you downloaded for free, just send me email on:

I´ve download the file but there are no instructions. Is there any place I can look for them

Unzip it and you’ll see documentation folder

Thanks very much Alen and sorry I didn´t see it

I’d like to try but I do not get the registration email. Been waiting for an hour now :-(

You can login to demo site with admin / admin

No I installed it locally and then registered. The program promised to send me a mail so I’m still waiting…

then you don’t have mail server installed. go to admin-login.php, login with admin / admin and create user manually.

Hey man, how to install it? No documentation in the downloaded file.

Sorry! my bad. got it

Hi Guys The demo is not working. can you check?

What’s wrong with the demo, I just checked and it’s ok.

it didn’t work earlier. now it is working. Thanks

Glad this script is free, need something like this now I have it on my own server :) ty! Im using https would that be problem? i see no css is showing.

I never test it with https, all css files uses relative paths so https shouldn’t be a problem, although I use jquery and some fonts from cdn, that could be a problem. Try to remove “http:” from those files

Set this bad boy up on a webserver. Has potential. Lacks a way to configure mail settings so that didn’t work. Had to phpmyadmin and activate myself there. Look forward to testing it and hope that it works ok. If so, will use it. There are a plethera of better and cheaper solutions for this however and am so far pretty disappointed that the author has not made any meaningful updates since it’s inception. But again, it might have a purpose somewhere.

I would buy if it had gist import, and github login.

So far I find this to be useful. Good job! However, one thing I find irritating is that any time I edit a snippet, I have to re-select my group again. Any way to keep that from happening?

Maybe I release an update to fix this. This script is not profitable anymore so it’s not my priority but I will try to update it as soon as possible.

I would like to enable everyone reading all content without login – is it possible? Thanks!

It’s not possible, sorry.

Can I customize this script with a programmer?

Yes, of course

Do you offer customization service? I need to change these things:

1. When I see a code snippet there is a show/hide details above it. I need this details always visible (no show/hide option) and the code snippet below the details.

2. I need Visual Basic syntax for snippets

How complex can be these customizations?


I really don’t have time for customizations. The first requirement is really easy to make so any developer can make it, for the second, I believe Snippeter already have Visual Basic support, you can find full list of supported languages here:

please, create other script for personal notes, with wysiwyg editor, :) and public option. ! :)

thanks for suggestion, will make it when I find some time.

Fast and easy setup – very cool tool – will save me a lot of time, thanks for it. The only thing that is missing is a function to add files to a code snippet (files you need to make the code snippet work, i.e. jquery files, php classes etc.)

Thanks for your good comment :)