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Does Snippet Bin log everything I type?

Short answer: It doesn’t.

But why trust the short answer, right? For those interested, here’s a sneak peak under Snippet Bins hood:
We use a popular method, enabling us to ‘hear’ the keys your keyboard records, without logging Anything.

What happens if you type a shortcut?
- If the first character of the trigger (default trigger: ’//’) is entered, we’ll listen closer for the char that follows. Only if that one also checks out we’ll temporarily store what follows.
- You then type w/e you want, but when a certain key is pressed(space or enter), we compare what we find between ’//’ and ‘space ’.
- If the library contains a value, we replace, if it doesn’t, we discard anything we had stored and just return to the hearing state.
We build this process to be very lightweight, so you will never notice when these checks are going on until you need it.